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147426 tn?1317269232 It will be the lame helping the lame. Ha. My husband and I will be hosting our Sunday School Class Party at our home on Saturday. Since he's injured, looks like I'll have to have a friend come clean the house. I'm signing up for the Little Rock, AR MS Walk which is on April 11. Hope to raise alot of money. I hope you all have a great week!!!!
1140169 tn?1370188676 Pathologist thinks it's not a tumor, maybe something like MS, sending sample to Vancouver for further testing March '09 got a rash all over at the hospital (suspected from reaction to Morphene, swithed to T6, but rash got worse at home) Dr prescribed Prednozone 30mg for 3 days and Benadryl March '09 frequent headaches April '09 report from Vancouver says not a tumor, it's a demyelinating, MS type of disease April '09 RPR test- negative April '09 blood tests sent to Centre of Disease
Avatar n tn I will answer very briefly, but you need to do your homework. Please read the article about HPV/warts in the link at the top of this forum, "STD Quick Facts and Articles"; and the HPV information available from CDC ( You can also search this forum, using search terms "HPV", "human papillomavirus", and "genital warts". All your questions have been addresed many times. 1) Your HPV infection probably has long since cleared up.
Avatar n tn There is prominent degenerative spurring at C5-6 intervertebral disk space narrowing anteriorly at this level. There is mild encroachment upon the right neural foramen at C5-6. Postoperative changes involving the mandible. IMPRESSION: Cervical spondylosis at C5-6. TITLE: CAT 0013 CT BRAIN/HEAD WO CONTRAST* Mar 5 2009 11:29PM PROCEDURE REASON: NUMBNESS IN FACE DIAGNOSIS: NUMBNESS IN FACE ?
Avatar f tn perhaps someone else will make better lifestyle choices that your allow to enter into your home and the home of your kids. But I do understand overcrowding of jails and that a life sentence doesn't sound appropriate for that crime. At all. But, that doesn't mean I think she doesn't deserve some action taken against her.
1414195 tn?1281893944 minimal posterior disc bulge is seen at L5/S1 level with mild disc desiccation, no significant central canal or neural foraminal stenosis, note is made of 6x8 mm high T2 structure within the right neural foramen at T12/L1 which does not demonstreate enhancement most compatible with perineural sheath cyst July 3 MR Spine Cerv w&w/o contrast: cerebellar tonsillar ectopia is seen below foramen magnum measuring approx. 8mm and compatible with chiari 1 malformation.
429949 tn?1224695179 I just want to know what it was/is but with MS and other mimics it is not always a clear cut answer at first. At least I know that I have done everything humanly possible to make sure that my doctors look at all of the mimics and have had most of the test to rule them out. That is about all that can be done for now.
Avatar n tn About a month ago, my husband starting having TIA's. In three weeks time, he had 7 of them. 3 of them happened in a short period of time and lasted approx. 8 hours total. The rest didn't last anymore than maybe an hour each. After 4 emergency rooms, 3 hospital admissions, numerous CT scans, MRI and MRA's, blood work, etc., they determined that what ever the problem was, was not neurological so they branded it an "A-typical migraine". They prescribed Calan 180 mg and sent him home.
Avatar f tn I said no as im going back home and i'll do it in my country 2 days after small red dots on the tip and sides of my tongue , so tired and cant do anything and sleeping the whole time , my neck was killing me , for like 10 days , i was able to feel my lymph nods Cancer sores and ulcre all over my mouth that doesnt heal Tested negative for hiv at 5 weeks Negative for hiv at 6 weeks Negative at 8 weeks Negative 10 weeks Neative 13,5 weeks Negative 16 weeks I cant even remember if i d
Avatar f tn I wish I could post more often, but I have to do this at work since we are not on-line at home, and wow, so often at home I wish I could just sit down and type away. But I am blessed with a wonderful and very patient husband, who will listen and hold me when my emotions get pretty raw. We both love Duke beyond belief, so at least we can share in this experience. I am so sorry to hear about your girl Kate ... what happened, if you don't mind me asking?
203342 tn?1328740807 and even gets a chance to find a home, even if it's temporary. The breeder dogs at the mills are bred literally to death. If they get sick or can't breed anymore, they are inhumanely euthanized to get the "cheapest way out," which could be a bullet between the eyes, a blow to the head, poisoning, drowning, hanging, throat thrashing, or...the dog might be sold to dog fighters to use as "bait" for dogs that are being trained to fight.
589816 tn?1332980371 I spoke with NINDS at NIH today and they said they will probably take on my case. I have an epidermoid tumor in my sella turcica which is causing some problems. Have any of you had or know of anyone that's been treated at NIH?
Avatar n tn I'm trying to be as supportive as I can with this, she's had the surgery, I told her before that she's doing this only for herself, not because I had any complaints about her breasts. I like the new ones ok, but liked the old ones better. I was suprised at the feelings I have of betrayal, neglect, almost grieving the loss of my favorite part of her body, feelings of depression. The comments I read from women completely discount the feelings of the men.
Avatar n tn I noticed it when I took sex-ed in highschool. - Not that I didn't take a look at myself before that. I just didn't have anything else to compare it with. lol.
551343 tn?1506834118 He suggested I try at home traction with a pronex unit and a vista collar if I traveled. I will do ANYTHING to make this pain go away! The pronex gave me more pain during and after using it. I had already figured I might go through a stage where I could get worse before I get better, so I continued to use it. After a week I couldn't use the pronex without crying the whole time while using it. I checked with my doctor and he suggested that I stop using it.
Avatar n tn Might consider stopping the neomycin as 10% of people taking it develop allergies to it. Might consider just using the dexamathason for a 7-10 days. I'm assuming you do not wear contacts. If you do the contacts are the cause 99% of the time. There are many things that you could be allergic to that could cause this including cosmetics, hair coloring, nail polish, food allergies, perfumes, etc. If you get no relief consider seeing a cornea/external disease ophthalmologist.