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Avatar m tn I have had a "blood blister" on my bottom lip for more than a year now. It sort of gets better in the winter time. I remember going to a dermatologist once when I was younger and him giving me steroids for it and it kind of went away, but not all the way. My bottom lip is very sensitive to foods that are acidic and spicy. Toothpaste kills! I do have Polymorphous light eruption and I am wondering if it has anything to do with it? Or maybe if it's Bullous Pemphigoid?
Avatar n tn The endless blister-pop-reblister cycle began after a lip injury resulted in stitches to my lip. Spicy food or high temperature food expands the blistering. Thank you!
Avatar n tn It seems to get worse when I eat spicy/acidic food like curry or apples, but sometimes it will happen after I eat something more simple like a bowl of cereal, etc. I usually get it about every other day, although for the past week it seems like it has been popping up every day. Idk how long it lasts because within half an hour of feeling it I pop it. I'm just glad it's not more serious (We've had throat pollup problems in our family and so my mind automatically went to that).
Avatar n tn Hi Just avoid any hot beverages, spicy food, lipsticks and lip balm over the area. If this has fibrosed or turned into a thickened skin, then your dermatologist may decide to cauterize or freeze this. Another differential I forgot to mention is a wart. However, warts are skin colored and they have rough edges unlike mucoceles which are shiny with well outlined edges. This may be infected , so you may need antibiotics nevertheless. Do keep us updated regarding your progress.
Avatar m tn Three weeks ago, I deviated from my normal salad dressing at lunch and decided to add about a tablespoon of green Tobasco sauce to my ranch dressing. I always eat spicy food so thought nothing of it and love the taste of green Tobasco. That afternoon, my bottom lip (and only my bottom lip) felt a little swollen and stingy, so I kept rubbing them together (I had lipstick on, so there was some moisturizing going on as well). By that evening I had a few blisters.
Avatar n tn oh and another thing is when i eat salty food or spicy food my lip would get really red and swollen and around my lips use to peel...looks gross!!! flakey!!! If anyone know of other hypoallergenic makeup please let me know. So fluoride toothpaste & 100% pure petroleum jelly!!! I can't even use mint dental floss;( burns my lip I hope this help u guys!!!
4333925 tn?1359106042 Many people who have recurring fever blisters feel itching, tingling or burning in the lip 1 to 3 days before the blister appears. Several factors weaken the body's defenses and trigger an outbreak of herpes. These include emotional stress, fever, illness, injury and exposure to sunlight. Many women have recurrences only during menstruation. One study indicates that susceptibility to herpes recurrences is inherited.
Avatar m tn other side still it's on yellow/white shaded spots... i do take spicy food never had burning/itchy/sore feeling.... as doctor mentioned like still 3 more days to go for 14 days ... suppose if the symptom stays after 14 days .is that some else? anything serious? , do i need to worry about that?
Avatar n tn Most of the time when i eat it will, sometimes when I drink, sometimes just completely out of no where it turns red. (spicy food and toothpaste for sure irritate it). I was believing it to be an allergic reaction to my lip balms because i was an addict ( now cold turkey ) but it has not gotten any better! For a few days it seemed to be cooling down and not getting as red but today after work i get home and drink a glass of water and BOOM. Full blown red and tingles. I am a healthy person.
Avatar n tn have you had any spicy food or anything with like acid in it.. sometimes gum or candy or even energy drinks can cause it.. i had a white blister on the inside of my lip.. and thats what my doctor said it was..
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Aphthous_ulcer The primary cause for this varies from stress, fatigue, illness, poor dental hygiene, spicy food, change in bowel habits and vitamin deficiencies. The management for Apthous Ulcers includes maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding spicy foods, using OTC oral rises, mouthwashes and local anesthetic. Also in sever cases the doctor may advise corticosteroids.
Avatar f tn I only notice when Im eating food or candy and the notice a blister in my jaw or on my lip. They are always on the inside of my mouth. Its usually one sometime 2 but never cause much pain until i bust them and even then its not really painful. Who should I see? OBGYN or Dentist?
Avatar f tn On Sun 12/20 I burn the top of my mouth with hot food (and i have a blister on roof of mouth) and same day I started using a new chapstick I have never used before. Plus I have been extremely stressed lately. Now my question is does this sound like a type of STD? (HSV-1 or HSV-2 or something else) Could it be just soreness just the deep throating? Fordyce's condition? PLEASE HELP!!!! I am going to the doctors tomorrow, but this is very much stressing me out, and worrying me.
Avatar f tn With regards to your lip condition, angular cheilitis appears to be likely here. Applying antifungal gel on the area, avoiding spicy food and hot beverages will help. Also, use a mild toothpaste. Choose a toothpaste with no fluoride as there are cases of hypersenstivity to fluoride. Avoid biting the lip or licking the lips. Observe good oral hygiene. Other differentials will be exfoliative cheilitis. But this is likely present in immunosuppressed indviduals.
Avatar n tn and a very small blister will appear below the bottom lip, not on it, like the herpes blister. I take an antihistamine, and put different ointments on, (allergy cream makes them sting ) and it goes away in about 3 days...until I go out in the sun again. My physician is puzzled and says my lips definitley look like an allergic reaction question is....what can I put on them to BLOCK the sun completely??
Avatar m tn the problem is i don t have a typical blister type on my lips i just have a small dot which is white and it is little elevated only feel it when i run my lips over it and i had gone couple of times when i rubbed it with fingers and came back in same spot after a week it does not pain neither itch but some times when i take spicy food it does create burning sensation and some times i rarely feel pins pain on the lips ....
408312 tn?1202062473 Mostly on my upper lip. My lip gets swollen and very tiny blisters around the perimeter (but still on my lip). I have gotten cold sores in the past so I know this is not one. Has anyone found out what this is and what is causing it?
Avatar n tn It was an ulcer when i first noticed. I didnt know it was there until i had a spicy food. When i first noticed there was an ulcer and 4 red dots nearby, these symptoms were in between the gums and inner line of lower lip. Note: I was tested negative for both HSV 1 & 2 after the day i saw the symptoms. So the point is if its something i feared then its new infection.
Avatar m tn Last 5 days - -Powerful flatulence from spicy food and diarrhea. -I ate a bunch of not yet ripe (sour) cherries which also caused diarrhea. -I had one canker sore in the back of my mouth, it has just healed. -Sometimes I turn the temperature up too high on my bidet (water jets for anal cleaning) and scald my *** with the hot water on accident. -Pain for last 4 days when defecating, pain if blister touched -Last 2 days, stool has a small amount of blood in it.
Avatar m tn Burned like crazy when I brushed my teeth or ate spicy food. No blisters or ulcers occurred at this time. After several weeks it moved more to the font of my mouth where I would rapidly form 1-2 tiny red dot like bumps (broken vessels almost) that would quickly turn to very small cut like lesions and disappear within 24 hours or so. Never anything on outside of lips or mouth. Both my Dr. & Dentist told me it is not Herpes despite several repeat visits.
2065676 tn?1331426040 I have seen many people on here with mouth and/or lip problems. It is part of tx for some. I did end up getting the magic mouthwash with nystatin and numbing agents as it really hurt. I also tried every thing I could think of and some days it did not matter what I did. Biotene is also good.
Avatar n tn Is that " Fever Blister " ?- Check out some pics... i got tiny pimples all around my top lip line , few yellow/white spots on inner top lip. & few of them b/w top & bottom lip joining area.....taking pills as per doctor. i never had any pain or itching..
Avatar n tn Pinching, itching in scrotal area and lips. Lip blister begins forming and is the closest to a herpes blister I have seen so far. Valtrex and Abreva make it disappear in 2 hours before it actually forms. Mono test is negative. Day 32 test - Herpes Simplex IgM is up to 1.25 but no IgG present – for HSV1 or HSV2. Neck lymph nodes seem to go down, and not hurt for a full week (7th week). 5.
Avatar n tn When the swelling dissipates on my feet and fingers I actually shed the top layer of skin around the swollen area over a period of days, like a blister on the mend. The lip and neck swelling don't itch, but the finger and feet swelling becomes an insane itch without any relief from over the counter anti- itch products. Taking an anti-histamine slows down the whole process. I'm worn out from this process..........
Avatar n tn its in a green square tin) In extreme cases, apply hydrocortisone ointment under the lip balm. Avoid frequent lip licking. Change lipstick to rule out allergies. Apply lip balm with sunscreen before venturing into the sun. Use a humidifier indoors whenever possible. Increase water intake in the winter months to further hydrate the skin.
Avatar n tn -No hard food like baguettes, chips, nuts, etc.. No sour, spicy, and hot food and drinks. -Sleep on 3 pillows to prevent acid reflux at night. Don't eat late or too much at night. -Stop touching my teeth with my tongue. I am just thrilled! So happy to feel normal again. I thank God and all the people who share their experiences from burning tongue syndrome to iron anemia to Biotene to acid reflux, etc.. Learning from their experiences I am able to make changes for the better. Thanks all.
150807 tn?1194958915 I can't even use black pepper anymore. I just had some food with pepper on it and my bottom lip is burning up. Oh well, except for horseradish, I never liked spicy food too much. I COULDN"T EAT Jerk Chicken at all this year. Just a little taste would swell my tongue and lips. We had lots of room service and pool service. Eating while sitting in the pool is a favorite thing to do. I have gained some weight I think. I had lunch twice one day.
Avatar n tn Have you tried swishing lightly salted warm water in your mouth after every meal? Stay away from spicy foods or acidic foods like O.J., Tomatoes, Bar-B-Q sauce, etc. That's really the only advice I have.
Avatar n tn Also, when I scratch them, more tiny blisters will develop around the original blister, signifying an infection. These broken blisters often leave (little open sores) which can be difficult and slow to heal. These outbreaks seem to come in waves, as I'll often go weeks or even a month or two without a sign of blisters, itching, or infection.