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Avatar m tn So if 5 days ago you engaged in that oral sex and suddenly you've got a sore on your lip, it probably has more to do with the beer bottle you shared with your buddy 6 months ago than the poor chick you went down on who you're now blaming (she's probably now got Herpes from you). Furthermore, oral herpes is no big deal like the last guy said. Getting tested for it is a waste of time and I don't understand why anyone would bother because the symptoms are so explicitly obvious.
Avatar n tn He said that if I didn't use Abreva right away, it could blister and that I was lucky it did not. If you have this dry spot on your lip that feels like a piece of tape is stuck to it, go to your local drugstore right away and get some Abreva. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. That was when I figured I was developing an allergy to lip balm. Over time, I also realized I was getting the same reaction even faster from lipstick and lipgloss. That meant I was allergic to all lip products across the board. I began researching into the symptoms and the ingredients in lip products, especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions.
Avatar m tn I now have three of them, one slightly bigger than the other two. I've been putting everything (from Abriva to lip balms to someone suggested honey)on it, to make it go away but nothing has helped. My upper lip looks very dry and you can not see the patches, but as soon as I put lip balm they turn pink and slightly raised. I have no idea what it is. I am going to see the doctor again on August 16th, hopefully she'll know what it is. Does anyone have any answers?
Avatar f tn Through lots and lots of experimentation, I found out I am allergic to almost every brand of lip balm including Burt's Bees, Carmex, Blistex, etc. After that happened all hell just broke loose, my lips began getting tiny tiny red bumps which also had this yellow liquid seeping out. I would put Aquaphor (one thing I was not allergic to at the time) on it but it looked like it'd only get worse. so I just let it dry out and that seemed to help.
1187071 tn?1279373298 are looking for the Vicodin and the Percocets and the ones that they can get a BUZZ from. You don't get that from the Methadone, I don't believe. They, also , want the Fentanyl Patches, because they can chew them and cut them up and make BIG BUCKS for them on the street!! I told you earlier that it will take you years for the Methadone to quit working for you. You don't need to worry about that. What strength did he start you with?
Avatar m tn as an adult, you aren't likely to contract oral herpes from sharing food and drinks.It's almost exclusively transmitted from romantic type kisses.
Avatar f tn It is very treatable .If he uses a bottle at all it may be good to express your milk and use a bottle till you get the meds, doc will advise you ..all will be well ...
Avatar f tn I took a sip from a friend's bottle of beer and gave him a back massage. He has HSV-1&2, but he hasn't had cold sores since middle school. we didn't kiss or have any sexual behavior, what's the chance to get oral herpes and genital heroes? I'm so worried and whenever there is a pimple near my lips i couldn't stop checking on it.
290867 tn?1333572878 Second I am scared that he may have a problem with his lip. Eveyone keeps telling me that it is where his nipple to his bottle sits but I wanted some input! On the inside of his lip is a clear bump. It has been there for a while and I dont know what its from. I will bring it up to his ped when I go but it makes me nervous! Do you guys agree it is from the nipple or something else?
Avatar m tn They look like a cluster of 6 or 7 about the size of a pin head. They are only visible when I push my tongue on it from the inside of my lip. He said the first episode could They are not blisters but a group of little white dots the size of a pin head. The doctor told me the first time could take a while. There on the lip. Don't know what else it could be? I did give and recieve oral but again no kissing. If it is herpes on my lip most likely it's 2 right?
Avatar n tn I have a very small bump on the vermillion border of my lip. It looks like a tiny blister, it's hard, painless and there were no prodromal symptoms. What could this be besides a cold sore?
Avatar m tn I'm not sure about going from bottle to breast but the milk supply will stay up as long as your wife is pumping. The milk is a 'supply and demand' kind of thing from what I understand. If your wife continues to pump, there is a demand for it and her body should continue to make milk. My son had a hard time latching on at first and I was in pain. His upper lip would curl under his gums - he even got a blister on his lip.
Avatar m tn a) she finally admitted when she was pregnant 8 years ago she had some sort of blister in her girl area- she believes was a blood blister and b) she was showing me pics in her phone last Wed and accidentally showed her most recent pic:a bottle of Lysine pills. I think she might be hiding the truth from me. 1.Do girls really get blood blisters in/around their vagina during pregnancy or could that have been a herpetic manifestation? 2.Why would anyone take Lysine except for HSV? 3.
Avatar m tn I doubt the lip burning is from biting my lip. it seems to move from top to bottom lips and is sometimes quite intense. However sometimes it can feel strange like a piece of tape stuck to my lip. Another symptom that started yesterday, my index finger started itching with the occasional faint pain on the side near the knuckle. It doesn't look too severe but i can see and feel a rash under the surface. Almost like the beginning of poison ivy. It has not gotten worse since my discovery yesterday.
Avatar n tn WEll I just started levelen a week and a half ago and last night a cold sore popped up (well my lip is HUGE.. hasnt opened up yet) unexpectedly... I had none of the normal symptoms like tingling and stuff so I had NO idea this was coming HOWEVER my lips felt very dry and leather like yesterday Anyhow, I have a dr diagnosed bartholim (sp?
Avatar n tn The blister bump on my penis was bleeding and it looked like an ident sore with a hole in the middle type of thing. If that blister on my penis was not herpes, I am not as worried as much. I touched my lip after I touched that open sore on my penis. I just want this irritation in my throat to go away it has been like 3 months irritations.. It started where I could taste blood in my mouth from my throat and felt like a bump/sore.
Avatar n tn I re-read my post and i get that people might think that i am worried about sharing a glass, it's not that. she drank a bit from my bottle and transferred to my mouth which i spit immediately. the lip-lip contact was hardly for 2 seconds you can say.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I have had them for a few days now, and dthey are on the roof of my mouth, in my cheeks, by the lips, down by my front teeth, I have been using the salt water, and tums, to control acidity, but it does not seem to be working, My lip is starting to tingle now too, so am wondering if I am getting a cold sore too. The last time that I had a bad cold sore, I had a major attack, and am wondering if this might be a warning sign ? Need your smart feed back, please ?
Avatar f tn Lastly last week I started taking Acyclovir as suggested for ob and the bumps on my chin seemed to heal from worst stages quicker. After taking all that I woke up a few days ago and had a place on my nose where I've never had one before then the next day I notice one beside my nose right there near crevice. All while taking meds! I'm taking Valtrex due to running out of old script of acyclovir.
Avatar m tn Isn't it true that HSV-2 can cause frequent urination? and not everyone gets ulcers, lesions, and blister? correct? If this was from hsv-2 would my symptoms last this long. going past 2 weeks of frequent urination? The STD clinic said it could be from that and my heart sank. thank you for your time and i swear i did not mean to imply that i preferred the other doctor. He just knew more about me. I apologize once again.
Avatar n tn I cut my upper lit a tiny bit with my pinky nail yesterday, and woke up with this today. It's already spread from my top lip to a tiny bit on my bottom lip, and I'm keeping my hands away from my mouth now. I've also recently had a cold and was blowing my nose a TON, so it might even be related to the kleenex? Who knows for sure, but it normally goes away in a few days for me and no one can notice it but me anyway, so it's just an obnoxious thing for me.
Avatar f tn 1)How is a canker sore different from a blister (herpes)? Do you get canker sores from oral sex? The 1st time, I worried but I was very cautious,but I'm pretty sure the blister on my facial lower lip was a small group of blisters. The one inside my mouth on the same lip is not fully developed and my entire mouth felt tingling and sensitive the day after and then the next day, it started to develop and I began the acyclovir tablets. (2 - 200mg. am and then pm and now I going to get more).
Avatar n tn Is there anything that I can do to prevent this from getting worse? Do you all think this is genetics? I really don't want to have a zitty face?????
Avatar n tn I also developed a small ulcer in the back of my mouth and rawness in my lips (probably from checking my mouth and tongue licking so much, not sure). My ex has been tested (full panel) and everything came back negative. I've now been on 2 courses of antibitotics, ZPAC first and Sulfameth (forgive me if I got this name wrong) and I still have a sore throat and swollen cervical gland. The rash is dissipating and has lasted about 6 weeks thus far.
Avatar n tn ive struggled with them all thru tx. very painful to have blister like sores on the tip of your tongue. my whole tongue is sensitive and gets raw very easy. i use a solution of food grade peroxide mixed with water that seems to help. ive never bought any of the other products ive seen recommended for it except biotene toothpaste.
Avatar n tn Take 1 sulphur remedy pill and drop it in a ½ of a bottle of water. Take that bottle and beat it on a book that you feel empowers you. Beat it on the book with the vengeance you have in getting rid of the jungle rot. Don’t get ignorant and tear up your book, just mean what you say and put that energy into the water by beating on the book. You may need to think “outside the box” for this one.
2065676 tn?1331426040 I have a blister thing on my gum do you think that is from treatment? Never had it before should I try a medicated mouth wash before I spend tons at the dentist? Hmmm Need advice.
Avatar m tn I asked about the other spots and he said they were from irritation from masturbating. I don't ever remember having irritation like this. I always use lotion and this is NOT a new brand. I have also not changed soap or detergent or anything like that, that I know of. The main lesion I have has never had vesicles that have led to a larger sore and blister.
Avatar f tn The bumps first looked like a rash from me itching so hard and from monistat cream but then now there seems to be more and they are a whitish color and this discharge just keeps coming out and I cant stay dry down there. Im scared to put anymore of the cream on in fear that it will just add to the all the wetness and moisture thats already there. And my vagina and lips are so swollen then it couldnt even dry out if it wanted to because they are swelled up so much.