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Avatar m tn On a routine retinal exam today it was discovered today that I have a detached retina in my left eye. I had three tears repaired with a laser prior to this. My surgeon whom I have been seeing for two years (I had a detachment in the right eye in 2010 which required a victrectomy/endolaser/gas to repair) said he could fix the new detachment with a gas bubble which I had today and laser on Tuesday. Nothing was said about physical restrictions other sleeping with my head inclined about 40degrees.
Avatar n tn I was just told I need to have the buckle removed for a detached retina I had in 1995. I have had redness and can actually see the buckle when I look to the left, it is separating. The Dr said he would remove it and laser. He said I will be very myopic after words. I am nervous I will have another detatchment and about the recovery. Sooo painful and long last time. - over three months for the swelling to go down. Has anyone had a buckel removal - any issues.concerns? Thanks so much!!
Avatar n tn I am writing for a friend who had cataract surgery on one eye and later had a detached retina in that eye. She had several surgeries to repair but none were completely successful. She has recently had cataract sugery on the other eye and now has a small hole in this retina (discovered Friday 10/10/08) and they fear another detached retina.
203589 tn?1267478770 Several week ago I had surgery to correct an almost completely detached retina, and was treated with both a sceral buckle and a gas bubble injectioin. However the retina specialist I go to is worried that my retina is starting to detach again, but all the tests that were done proved inconclusive, so I was told to return for a visit in a week and in the mean time should I see any floaters in my vision I should call the doctor's office immediately.
Avatar n tn How do you care for self after surgery for detached retina? can you drivr? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Bleeding after laser retinal reattach lsurgery</a>.
Avatar n tn My Husband just had surgery on his left eye for a detached Retina. Is is normal for him to be having double vision after the surgery? It is the weekend and we are not sure if we should call the doctor to let him know.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had detached retina after cataract surgery? I had cataract surgery in one eye and one month later had the other eye done. My vision after the surgery was 20/20 in one eye and 20/25 in the other! No glasses. 2 weeks later one eye developed a detached retina and the other retina tears. Had to have a vitrectomy and gas bubble in one eye and laser in the other. Told by the cataract surgeon that I was one of the unlucky 1%, has this ever happened to any one else.
Avatar n tn My husband has just had a detached retina operation. Does anyone know how long before he can see again and his eye will not be so painful and bloodshot.
Avatar f tn Initially when i came there were holes all around retina and doctor said that my case is very rare since usually people have only 1-2retina tears. The doctor used laser and either gas bubble or oil to fix the retina but it keeps getting detached thru the tears 1-2weeks after the surgery. I loose hope at this point and not sure what to do. Are these old tears that were not caught during the surgery that keep leaking or is it possible that new tears appear?
Avatar m tn I had retina surgery in 2008 on my right eye. I, unfortunately didn't get the surgery for 6 weeks after I got the initial "flash" , "floaters" and gray clouded area in eye. The surgery turned out to be intensive with scural buckle, gas bubble and periferal vision loss.
Avatar n tn My retina detached October 25, 2007 resulting in having laser surgery December 16, 2007 to repair a hole in my macula resulting from the detachment. My vision is still blurry and I suffer what I call "orb" aches--intense pain around the eye that was affected. Sometimes the pain travels down to my jaw, sometimes to my ear, sometimes to my forehead. Is this pain sinus? Is there any connection to having a detached retina and increased sinus pain?
Avatar f tn Yesterday we went to a new doctor and he told us that the retina is mostly detached and that there's no need to stay in upright position or avoid movement. what are your thoughts on this? should she still avoid movement or not and is there a chance for her vision to be saved? do you recommend anything? Thank You.
Avatar f tn However, I am interested in knowing if there are any statistic regarding risks that make you more predisposed for detached retina with all the related problems that can follow for those that are over 50 (or 60 and over) AND are nearsighted.
Avatar m tn It depends on whether this surgery involved injecting a gas bubble, which some types of retinal surgery do, which is the major cause for concern regarding flying afterwards. If you didn't have a gas bubble then I'd suggest giving specifics on the procedure, but that its likely either flying isn't restricted, or is only restricted for a few days (depending on how cautious the doctor is) during the initial healing. .
Avatar m tn How active can I be at full recovery of detached retina surgery. I had a buckle applied, the air bubble, and laser repair of three tears and seperation. Now two months from surgery, pain subsided after 5 weeks, bubble disappeared at 6 weeks. Previous nearsightedness (5.0 diopter) went to 7.25 and can't get back to 20/20, Perhaps due to cataract forming as side effect. Dr says retina is flat and surgery looks good.
Avatar n tn Further, it sounds like you don't need major surgery inside the eye in a hospital, but possibly laser surgery in the office to weld down the retina and prevent the tear from getting worse. In addition to looking for help from outside supporters, you can ask to "pay the medicare rate" for any treatments. Most offices will be more likely to give you a cash-pay-up-front discount than to give you a discount AND a payment plan.
Avatar n tn The problem occurs if someone has had retinal detachment surgery AND had a gas (SF6) put in the eye to hold the retina in the lower atomospheric pressure the gas can expand and increase the pressure in the eye dangerously.
Avatar n tn Has anyone out there had any positive results with the surgery for detached retina? the surgery consists of a phneumatic retinopexy, schleral buckel, vitrectomy and gas bubble. Also, one of my main concerns was the water line I can see when looking into the mirror. It is as if my eye is filled with water and I can see it swishing around in my head! I get sharp pains now and again, and waking up in the morning is dreadful!
Avatar n tn I have had three surgeries for detached retina since March 09. All surgeries were laser surgeries and each time after a period of four to six weeks scar tissue would grow and cause the detachment. The last surgery conducted oin Septmeber 09, the scar tissue was removed, sclara band placed aroung the eye and the retina was welded back via laser and two types of silicone oils were also placed in the eye to assist in holding the retina in place.
Avatar n tn Dear bcoz, Usually one undergoes laser vision correction due to a refractive error such as nearsightedness of the eye. Nearsighted individuals are at an increased risk for retinal detachments. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn End of Nov I had a detachment of the right eye and had an immediate surgey again. I scheduled the laser for the following week and the retina detached again. This time I had a scleral buckle vitrecmy. The gas in the eye caused a cataract and the surgeon could not see below the lens and removed it. I followed up the next day and the patch was removed. I had severe headaches for only a few days but still get an occasiona minor headache above thr rt eye.
Avatar m tn He is in his early 40's and is otherwise healthy. I had a partially detached retina that was reattached with laser surgery. I have no idea if his issues can be resolved with that kind of surgery. Thanks for any and all suggestions. :) This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1184722'>Partically Detached Retina - No insurance...</a>.
Avatar n tn I had a detached retina in my left eye almost 2 years ago that was repaired through surgery. I have seen different opthamalogists since then and some recommend doing the 360 degree laser cerclage on my other eye as they estimate I have a 15-20% chance of getting a detached retina in the other eye. I am 43 and near sighted (-4.50) Is this standard procedure in the US (I am American but live in France) ? do most doctors recommend this laser surgery after a detachment in one eye ?