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Avatar m tn Hello, I just had emergency laser eye surgery for a torn retina. (Sunday, June 21st). I have a schedule vacation for July 5th and will be flying (7 hour flight). Will this be possible? I do have a follow with my surgeon, however if the common census is " no way", then I will want to cancel and break the news to the grandchildren now rather than wait to the appointment.
Avatar m tn Hello, Today I am going to go through Laser surgery to fix my Retina Thinning ,I am concerned about followings, if someone can share their experience or give some advise, I would greatly appreciated 1>Will doing Laser Surgery to fix Retina thinning will prevent RD in future or will that still could be an problem down the road ?
Avatar m tn 5 (R) cyl -1.25 and Left is -8 cyl 0.25. He had a retina tear in 2013 in Right eye and had undergone laser treatment. Now after 1 year doctor found hole in right eye and done Barrage laser today. What are the things he need to be careful about and is it possible to go for LASIK vision restore? What would be worst scenario incase this repeats ? Will it reslut in permanent blindness. ? ..
Avatar f tn My doctor just performed laser surgery on my retina. I didn't have a tear, but he felt that I had a high risk of detachment from my upcoming cataract surgery. Is this normally done? My eye feels fine now, but I'm of course wondering if this was really needed.
Avatar f tn Make sure you are seeing a retina specialist to look for holes etc. If the laser is adequate 2-4 weeks after it was done and there are no other holes present, you are likely OK to proceed with cataract surgery taking into consideration that you are at slightly increased risk of further holes and tears in the retina after cataract surgery.
Avatar m tn The retinal surgeon who examined me recommended laser retinopexy for a tiny flap tear on the periphery. When I went back for the laser a different guy was there to do the laser (I found out later he was a retinal "fellow" or student). He told me that he and the surgeon "divide up the patients." He lasered the flap tear but then said he noticed a thin spot and recommended lasering that too. I said OK and he did it.
Avatar f tn I have had two laser surgeries and one trabeculectomy on the same eye. No surgeries were done on the other eye. After each surgery, my floater content increased. This was contrary to the eye doctors' comments that such changes would not occur. The other eye, in my same baby boomer body, has never had floaters. My research on the net indicates there is a possibility of vitreous change after laser treatments.
Avatar n tn The doctor suggest a laser treatment at the 3 o'clock position of periphery of retina which is a weaken area due to the high myopia. Does it worth to do the surgery and any long-term complication after the surgery?
Avatar n tn A retina specialist performed preventive laser surgery on both my eyes this last Tuesday, 3 days ago. I had previously had a cataract surgery with a corrective lens implant on my right eye. After the surgery, my doctor said that I had to have stitches in my right eye during the preventive laser surgery. My question is: Is this normal to have stitches with this procedure?
Avatar n tn Saturday morning to the optometrist then retina specialist who injected a gas bubble to push the retina back into place (it was 'dangling' in front of the macula). Wednesday I had the laser part of the surgery and was told everything went 'great'. He said I could resume contact lens wear as soon as I cared to, and I could drive as long as I was aware that I would be seeing reflections off the gas bubble for a while...
Avatar f tn my father had laser reattatchement surgery on tuesday. The doctor did laser of 360 degrees because he did not find the tear. He put the gas and he is face down for 5 days, until monday. Friday he started having hallucinations, is this normal?
Avatar m tn One week after laser surgery I started having arc or circle shaped flashes in treated eye. These were not present before surgery. It then increased in frequency for next 2-3 days and now the frequency started decreasing. Can someone explain this phenomenon? and how these flashes developed after surgery?
Avatar n tn Hello Dr. I had a laser surgery on both eyes for retina holes at New England eye center 2 weeks back. I still see lots and lots of floaters in my right eye which annoys me very much. I know that laser surgery doesn't cure floaters but i was wondering in your experience did you happen to see that floater fade as the time goes or is it going to be worse. I am 26y old. Thanks Kris This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn The U-shaped tear is also called a Horshoe Tear. If retina doc is recommending laser (aka "barrier laser" to form a barrier of laser around the tear), then I'd do it. Sure, there are risks. Nothing is risk free, but the risk of not treating is much much higher than the risk of doing the procedure. Sincerely, Timothy D. McGarity, M.D.
Avatar n tn How do you care for self after surgery for detached retina? can you drivr? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Bleeding after laser retinal reattach lsurgery</a>.
Avatar n tn My granddaughter was hit in the eye with a football and tore her retina. She had laser surgery in September to correct it. Ever since then she has been having headaches around her temple area next to the eye she had surgery on. She has had a CT scan and it came back normal. Could these headaches be a result from the surgery? What could be causing the headaches? We are really concerned and worried. Please help me find an answer for her headaches. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn fluid may have worked behind the retina if indeed it was a tear. Is it possible that he may have just pulled on a vessel without tearing anything? I wasn't sure if I asked him this directly that I would actually get a forthright answer since he knew that I knew the laser machine broke down . I just want to know for my piece of mind. If you can share anymore insight on this, I would GREATLY appreciat it. Thank you !
Avatar n tn My eye sight is quiet weak around -6 for both left and right. I wanted to get my laser eye surgery done to get rid of glasses forever. I went to the dr yesterday, he did few tests and then he told me that I can never ever have my laser done because my cornea is very thin and they cant make it more thinner. Another thing he told me is that my Retina is weak as well, which he meant by spots. I did have this in my mind that he would say this because I knew about it already.
Avatar m tn Thank you for the clarification, Dr. McGarity. I especially appreciate your specific citation of the equipment you feel gives the most accurate preoperative measurements (the LenStar). With regard to your comment concerning toric lenses being more reliable than corneal limbal relaxing incisions, is it possible to obtain toric implants for patients with a contact lens prescription of -16?
Avatar n tn Can someone who has had laser cataract surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser please describe their experience and the long term results of that procedure. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if they had a laser surgery for removing a scar from the retina? I heard there was a new procedure called laser ablation that would do this. If not what can I find out about removing this scar from my eye?
274009 tn?1224438067 I had a retina detachment last year (Aug 06). I had a buckle put on and the Dr. put silicone oil in my eye. My vision returned right away. This year the silicone broke down and attached itself to the inside lining of my eye which casued murky vision and was changing my brown eyes to a color like coffee with cream. (I refered to it as my creepy eye) I had a vitrectomy with laser membrane peel and air/gas/fluid exchange.
Avatar n tn I had laser surgery for a retina tear 6 days ago. Can I resume exercising such as swimming, yoga and weight training?
Avatar m tn Slicon oil removal (anterior approach) was done on 13/10/2010. Last reviewed on 11/11/2010 when the retina was flat. The eye was soft and the visual acuity was "counting finger @ 1 ft. I am currently aphakic. 7. My current IOP is very low (0 or 1 mm Hg). May I ask if there is treatment available for my condition?
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
1759338 tn?1326398967 Back on March 16th 2011 I had surgery for a detached retina and when my Dr. got in the eye I had a hole in the retina and alot of scar tissue. He put a Sclera buckel and left a gas bubble in the eye and I was not told to lay facing down at all. I had trouble and had streaks of light start up in my eye they did an ultra sound on the eye and thought it had detached again. So my Dr. tried to to fix by refilling the gas bubble.
Avatar n tn I am a 38 year old female.I had surgery to repair a detached retina (also had a hole) to my left eye five weeks ago. I had laser (prior to surgery) as well as the Gas bubble and the Scleral (sp) buckle. My question is, I experienced really bad episodes of vertigo about a week after surgery. My doctor thought maybe it was related to the drops I was prescribed. Ofloxacin, Atropine and Prednisolone. Is this an usual reaction or is this to be expected after surgery?
Avatar m tn I Have had Yag Laser Surgery on my left eye on 7/27/12 I am Stll Cloudy in that eye and reading is wavey Can you tell me if this is normal ????