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Avatar f tn I had spotting from it from where the scars were coming out for about 5 days. Then a week after the surgery my husband and I had sex. About 3 days later I started mt perios, and had cramps. And have been on for over a week. I have an iud. And my normal period would be every 4 months for about 3-4 days. Is this normal after surgery?
Avatar m tn One week after laser surgery I started having arc or circle shaped flashes in treated eye. These were not present before surgery. It then increased in frequency for next 2-3 days and now the frequency started decreasing. Can someone explain this phenomenon? and how these flashes developed after surgery?
1539436 tn?1292873471 i once visited an aunt of mine who went for a laser surgery in India. I got very excited about the idea but before i take a step, could you please advice me if my age is the ryt age to get a laser eye surgery, as my aunt warned me of my age to be very young. she advised me to be atleast 24+.
Avatar m tn I've never dealt with that sort of surgery before myself, I've merely heard about the gas bubble concerns, but out of curiosity I took a quick glance and multiple sources say to wait until after your doctor looks and tells you the bubble has gone before going to a much higher elevation or flying.
Avatar n tn I have always head that you will have to wear glasses when you get older, anyway, and that you may still need glasses after the surgery. In other words, the surgery might fix most of the problem, but not all. I'm just curious, has anyone here had laser surgery done for astigmatism? What were your results? Has anyone experienced any dangerous complications from this surgery? Thank you for you input.
Avatar f tn I discontinued this treatment shortly after because my ophtalmologist simply retired and I started going to another doctor. Some months ago, I have noticed that my right eye vision is weak. I kept my glasses on and simply covered my left eye and tried to read with my right eye, I simply couldn't do it easily and colors were a bit dimmer than in the left eye (I can only notice that in full bright sunlight). I think I have amblyopia but I am not sure of it. Can anybody help in this??
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
Avatar n tn Can someone who has had laser cataract surgery with the use of the femtosecond laser please describe their experience and the long term results of that procedure. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Please if anyone who have a thin cornea and still went for laser with hight numbers , share your views and experience and any experience dr to provide some useful information in this regard. As the technology is moving so fast, I was just wondering may be after couple of years people with thin cornea can still get Laser? No? Help me. I am really depressed and sad to know this.
Avatar f tn It is six months since cataract surgery. Had severe haloes and flares, especially pronounced at 11 and 5 on the clock. I still have them in a softer form. Halo is not as bright, more cloud like. Flare is now evenly diffuse around the clock all 360 degrees. Not a total solution, still not comfortable after dark and no real help in the rain. So my driving limitations still remain...I am almost as fearful.after dark as I was before the cat surgery. Dr..wants to see me in three months. Now what?
Avatar n tn Should there be pain after laser tx to repair lattice degeneration.I had laser tx yesterday & have had a dull ache in my eye, along with an ongoing headache.
Avatar n tn He's not considered suitable for further laser surgery and It has now been suggested that he have an operation to remove his own lens and replace them with prescription lenses to correct his vision. I've read about lenses being available that will give him both long, middle and close sight improvement as well as those which will only improve his distance sight which will mean that he'll have to wear reading glasses.
Avatar m tn Since I never had the procedure done on my left eye, I still see the same way as I did after the surgery (halos), with perhaps a bit more haziness as time has passed. I am afraid to have the procedure done on my left eye, because if it creates starbursts like the ones in the right eye, I will be effectively blind at night. My starbursts also rotate as I move my eyes, kind of like I'm looking up at a light source from underwater.
Avatar n tn After a head injury in August this year had retinal tear in left eye in October which was treated via laser. A week after surgery started seeing a lot of floaters and haze. Had it checked by retinal specialist - who treated me in 2002. He discharged me with a return in 4 months. 3 weeks after laser surgery I still have loads of floaters in left eye, with a haze. Are these normal side effects of laser surgery ? And will they go away? It is disturbing my vision.
Avatar n tn If you need some one as a model for the chemical peel before and after photo for a current and or new procedure for a web site/commrcial willyou perform a chemical peel for them for free? I have no time for sleep with work and college and the lack of sleep has aged me. I have no money to afford a chemical peel. I was interested in pro-bono or clinical-trial participation is this available?
Avatar m tn ) To be honest I am reluctant to have additional surgery in the left eye for two reasons. Firstly because it is surgery and I believe it is better to avoid it if possible and secondary because I now realise that lens exchange is a compromise at best - my short range vision with my right eye is very poor and I do not want two eyes without short range vision. So to give me better eye balance is some sort of laser eye surgery in the left eye an option?
Avatar n tn diagnosed it and I've since gone to dermatologists and podiatrists for treatment. I've had liquid nitrogen treatments, laser surgery and I've tried acid applications many times in my ongoing battle with this one nasty wart. It is located right between the balls of my right foot and, as such, often causes me distress when I am unable to keep weight off of it. If I inadvertently step on a pebble, I get a shooting pain up my right leg and a burning sensation for a few minutes afterwards.
Avatar m tn I assumed that a stent was inserted after laser. The laser is set to the right frequency to obliterate plaque into microscopic particles which are they naturally flushed away by the body. I believe they use a saline solution now with laser to get the particles moving. Sometimes a balloon is used before the laser to assist with the process and obtain better results.
Avatar m tn It is also very likekly you IOP will go down after the LPI. You can use the search feature and archives to read about laser iridotomies (iridectomies). It's also painless and generally can be done is less than a minute or two. I make my openings at 3 or 9 oclock to minimize complaints of "arc-ing" post operative. Discuss with your surgeons. Again this new team has done you a real favor finding this problem.
Avatar n tn Have you ever had YAG surgery after the cataract surgery? Everything was fine after the cataract surgery. Problems occured after the YAG surgery for me.
Avatar n tn i had a cataract surgery 3 moths back in September after the sugery i experienced halos at night around the lights and in december the doc performed a yag laser instead of removing the halos it just made them worse than before they irritate me a lot especially at night i woul lyk to know that can a laser be done repeatedly to remove these hallos or wat else can be done to remove these halos plz help
Avatar n tn They keep mentioning how great the surgery is and how amazing your vision will be after and you can get rid of contacts/glasses forever!!! I think that should be illegal. It seems like a conflict of interest to me.
Avatar m tn The next day after right eye cateract surgery, I could read without reading glasses. How soon will distance vision improve? The replacement lens is supposed to be close to my left eye distance seeing. The replacement lens is Alcon Acrysof IQ model: SN60WF power: 22.0 D UV, is this lens for distance vision?
Avatar m tn The doctor did laser repair surgery two days after an emergency gas bubble installation. Three days after surgery I had some of gas removed after eye pressure spiked at 38. Now I'm getting periodic grey-outs in my vision, usually lasting 5 to 10 seconds before clearing away. Expressed concern to the doctor but he hasn't resolved my worries. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn If it moves it may be a floater related to tissue from the iris being 'popped' back into the vitreous. If it does not move it may be a visual abberation caused by the hole in the iris. You can use the search feature to read about the problems some people experience with abberations, archs, flares, ghosting, etc after the hole is put in the iris. It tends to get better with time.