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Avatar m tn Also, I have hear that excising the endo is better than lasering. I asked Dr. Lie about this and he said that he will be performing laser surgery and that he does do excision also. He said he uses laser which is a tool and that the technique is excision which he also does.... not sure what this means but I want to make sure he does what is necessary. Anyone have any experiences with Dr/. Lie in Toronto?
Avatar n tn You could ask your family doctor for a referral to a doctor or hospital in Toronto. Even the surgeon who is performing traditional surgery can give a reference. You could also ask your friends, pharmacists in the area. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn He told me he is not sure when they are and whether they are going to grow. He recommends me to have the laser surgery. Recently I feel very uncomfortable about my right eye. Is it because the pressure is too high on that eye? I always feel that something presses on my right eye or it is going to be out. My appoint of the surgery is about two months later in Toronto Western Hospital. I am really scared about it though doctor told me I do not even have to rest for that surgery.
1827103 tn?1317684219 As we don't live near a hospital that deals with retinal tears I was rushed to Toronto. I had the gas bubble in the left eye and laser surgery the following day. After a week of sitting up I went back and had laser surgery on the right eye. Had to return the following week for more laser on right. eye. This started in May. I am still having flashes of light and floaters. I have called my doctor and he seems to think everything is ok. I go back to him in 3 weeks. I can't wait.
Avatar f tn I have been thinking about having cosmetic surgery on my face for a couple of years before I decided to make an appointment to see Dr. Cory Torgerson in Toronto. During my initial consultation, I found him to be very friendly and he took his time to explain to me what my options were. Using 3D Vector Imaging he showed me pictures of what I would look like after eyelid surgery, a facelift, injectable filler and laser treatments.
Avatar n tn I am not sure what you mean by after effects. There are approximately 3 million cataract surgery done per year in the U.S. Success is about 98% Almost all complications can be treated. You should discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn Interesting enough they found a giant cell lesion on my bladder flap which is carbon residue from my first surgery when laser was used. However laser had to be used for that area because excision couldn't. So there are side effects of the laser and yes Endometriosis will grow back but if you excise it all out the chances are a lot less and will not come back as severe.
Avatar n tn to have a second opinion. I hope I do not need another surgery. I am sooo scaried. I am in Canada Toronto, I have to find a Dr here.
Avatar n tn Yes - I'm curious what type of surgery you had too. I heard that having laser surgery is a lot easier to recover from than regular surgery. My main concern in doing that is because the gastro doctor said in my case it would be considered cosmetic surgery at this point (doctor code for "not covered by insurance", how much does surgery like that cost if you don't mind me asking.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem, surgery 6 weeks ago with a reputable Toronto ophthalmologist, he says that he doesn't know what is going on and reacted like I'm the first one with this kind of problem. I can't go anywhere without wearing sunglasses, I cancelled the second eye surgery for now. Going for some tests next weeks. Very depressing.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar m tn Apparently the astigmatism I had has been corrected (toric lens) but I am now slightly shortsighted (I had hoped for good vision overall). It has been suggested I could have laser surgery to correct this. My main worry is that I have what I feel is quite bad flaring from car headlights at night and also lots of circles around the lights, presume this is haloing. I see you talk about haloing and I am wondering if this has diminished/improved for you as time passes after the surgery.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your prompt response. My dad has been taking Flomax for a few years. His ophthamologist told him that he should do the Laser PI before the cataract surgery. We were very worried as we don't want to have unnecessary complication from the PI sine his eye pressure is normal and the PI was just for prevention. Do you think we should seek another specialist? We live in Toronto.
Avatar f tn im 40 years old and ihave been adviced to have keratoconus surgery with one visit to the bochner institute in toronto at a very high cost NOT COVER BY OHIP is there a hospital in ontario that does the surgery like toronto east general example is there any hospital that can give a second opinon apart from surgery at this time i do not wish to continue with the bochner instititute at allplease help me
Avatar f tn ' The name of the procedure is a bit misleading, as it's not 'laser eye surgery' like LASIK. Rather, the laser is used to perform certain early steps of the cataract surgery, but it can be safer for high myopes and yield better results than the traditional surgery method - in the hands of a doctor who is experienced with the laser method of cataract surgery. The improvement in retina safety derives from the use of laser energy to 'break up' or 'soften' the cataract before it is removed.
Avatar m tn I live in toronto ontario canada and a little while ago i was looking into having a scar revision done on a old scar on my forehead by a doctor in Texas (due to his experience with african american patients). So after seeing my photos during the online consultation he recommended that rather than pursue the revision surgery that i go about trying to flatten the scar with 5fu injections instead under the practice of a doctor locally.
Avatar n tn Hello, How can I get a second opinion about my eyes from a specialist who isn't biased towards surgery? I visited a couple of laser clinics and they say that I'm a good candidate. But I have to sign a consent form that basically waves all my rights. I'd like to talk to a professional who is not going to say I am ok to do the surgery just because he's getting paid to do it. How can I arrange this? Thank you, Des ps I live in Toronto, Canada.
Avatar m tn The surgery is exactly the same procedure so I don't see any problem with being the first patient a surgeon implants with the Symfony. If you do get the surgery in Toronto, you should be able to get followups here with no problem, merely check with surgeons in advance to be sure they are ok with it. I did that before I traveled for surgery to be prepared for the 1 week followup after I got back, and most seemed ok with it (one seemed reticent to approve of medical tourism).
136956 tn?1425609872 In 2007 when I was finally Diagnosed with Stage IV Endometriosis I wasn’t expecting anything but “a diagnosis”. When I spoke to the attendee after my surgery she said that there was massive scar tissue from a previous bowel surgery I had when I was seven years old. It had worked its way all the way up to under my ribcage. It took an hour to just cut that all down and that was just part of my Endo surgery. My entire pelvis was frozen solid with adhesions.
Avatar f tn One of my friends had same issue and she got an acne treatment done from a cosmetic surgery clinic, Fairview Laser Clinic in Toronto. It worked well on her. I was so surprised to see her last time with her charming old clear skin again. But I don’t know whether it work shall on for you. So better consult a skin doctor.
Avatar f tn with a high risk specialist in Toronto. With a corneal topography test it was made clear to him that I had dysphotopsia in my right eye and high order aberrations in my left eye. He advised that laser MAY correct the problem but feels a lens exchange would be advisable. He would exchange the Alcon with a Technis ... I have a comparable study on these lenses .. the Technis lens has been developed to combat my conditions.
Avatar f tn My life has been changed in so many ways following my bilateral cataract surgery in '05 including subsequent laser treatment for pco. Finally, after two years ,I am now in the care of a well known surgeon in Toronto and will be going for my consultation with him with respect to removing the existing iol'(s)and replacing them with Technis lens. He diagnosed me with high order aberrations in my left eye and dysphotopsia in my right eye in August. The test is a corneal topography.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 and was diagnosed last November with endometriosis after having a cyst rupture while at work. I had a lot of cysts removed from my ovaries Via davinci assisted surgery. I've tried birth control with no luck, and most recently I've been on norethindrone 10mg a day and again am still having constant bleeding. What are the odds that the cysts have come back already in April? How many surgeries did you have?
Avatar f tn In early 2002 I suffered a serious injury from a fall that resulted in 2 carpel tunnel surgeries, major back surgery including fusion and subsequenlty 2 knee replacements. I was started on oxycontin in 2003 and because the back surgery did not help at all with pain I was started on oxycontin at the pain clinic in Toronto. The doses have gone up and the fentanyl patch was added. I was still never free from pain. I had always been a fitness buff and even was certified to teach yoga.
Avatar m tn Mike's hospital (in Toronto) and only upon pushing down on my eye he was able to see a small Retinal Tare along with abnormal vein growth and an inflamed or previous inflamed retina. They did perform laser surgery that day the tare. My question is what are some possible causes for a torn retina in a healthy young male with no history of Diabetes (I've been checked), retinal problems in the family, or any major head trauma. It is my understanding that this doesn't happen for no reason.
Avatar n tn Clinique also make a good range for blemish prone skin, including a post-blemish formula, which will fade post-blemish marks. Reputable skin clinics should offer you a free consultation to see if laser surgery such as N-Lite could help you. I used to live in toronto now live in rainy England. If i can't find something in my area i look on the net to see if any company deliver it, or i look on ebay. If I'm going somewhere special i use camoflague make up, the brand i use is called Rio.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had Scleral Buckle Surgery on my right eye on February 23, 2009. I was told that the Macular was detached which from what I have learned is the worst kind. Its now been 3 weeks since my surgery, and I can't see much more than shapes out of my right eye. At first I noticed daily improvement in my vision, but it seems to have plateaud in the last week or so. What is realistic as far as my sight coming back? I know this will vary from person to person. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Also sleeping on my side, and putting a pillow behind me so I can't roll on to my back. Does anyone have any experience with the type of surgery I will be having (dye and laser)?
Avatar f tn What most surgeons still believe is that child birth or hysterectomies are the cure to Endo and they are not. If Endometriosis is not Excised from the root and just lasered only the surface will be removed leaving behind Endo to continue to grow. It is quite possible some of the issues you are having has to do with scar tissue however it is also possible the surgeon did not have the expertise to remove the endo during the time of the hysterectomy.
Avatar f tn Prior to my second operation, my doctor had mentioned doing a surgery to create decompression due to spinal stenosis. In recent MRI's I've done, I've read that there is severe stenosis and I was wondering if that could be the cause of my constant daily pain. My left upper leg has been numb for several years now with the inner part of it extremely hypersensitive to touch, or cold, clothing or anything. It also recently seems to be moving down...the feeling of weakness and tingling.