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Avatar n tn I am an Australian expat living in Shanghai China and was diagnosed in the Shanghai 'New Vision Eye Clinic'. I have also been scheduled for laser surgery to treat this degeneration. I was told I have thinning of the retina but asked little questions as I had no idea what this disorder was. After reading into it on the net, I found that it is very common and usually requires no surgical attention until holes, tears or detachments occur.
Avatar n tn In 2008 I developed really bad floaters in my right eye. They came up very quickly. I went to several eye doctors including the surgeon who did the cataract work. I was told repeatedly that this was just something I had to live with. I did my own research and then went back to my eye doctor this winter (2010). I had already concluded that the laser option was dicey. I asked about vitrectomy. He told me that it was very risky (10% chance of major problems).
Avatar f tn Shape of the eyeball is not permanent & it changes according to your viewing habits,for example if one focuses on near objects & ignore (or loss interest) viewing long distant objects then he or she's eyeball elongates & become myopic when age passes on.
7603294 tn?1392768827 He is 42 years of age . please could you tell us if laser treatment will have an effect on his eye as far as appearance is concerned ?
Avatar m tn I heard that 6 to 8% of people have this issue. My eye doctor mentioned that I may choose to do laser to fix it. I would like to know 1.) Using laser to fix the thin area will form a scar in the retinal. How long will it takes to recover ? Will there any side effect to the vision after the treatment 2) How successful will this treatment to avoid to the thin area to form tears. 3) In general, do people do the laser treatment to fix thin area or rather wait until there are tear is formed.
Avatar n tn me neither. thats what i'm saying.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I had yag laser treatment (by another surgeon) of one eye. It went from pre-laser treatment 20/15 distance vision to post-laser treatment of 20/25 distance vision. The second surgeon is not sure why that happened. I do recall the first surgeon saying he was going to do slight monovision although I don't recall which eye that was -- I thought it was the other eye.
Avatar f tn If a person decides to get anesthesia into the top tissue layer or in the space behind your ease the pain of the PRP laser treatment, would this be done in the OR or in a office room at the Hospital? And what are risks and benefits? What is more comfortable if PRP laser treatment would cause pain - Direct PASCAL or Indirect PASCAL PRP laser treatment? .
Avatar f tn I had a laser iridotomy a few days ago (in the right eye) and have noticed that the colors seem muted (not as bright or vivid) and darker when I look out of that eye as opposed to the crispness of the colors in the left eye. Could this be a possible side-effect of the procedure? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn I am happy to reports that like I was hoping he has to do the YAG laser treatment again. He thinks because of the oil in my eye that it is pushing on whatever and not letting the haze come out. He wants to do some research and consult with my retina surgeon and Perform the procedure in 10 days.
Avatar n tn Hi, First, thank you for this very informative forum. Second, my situation is as follows. I had a vitrectomy about 1 year ago for severe floaters. The vitrectomy included a 360 degree prophylactic endolaser cerclage of about 1000 burns on on the peripheral retina in order to avoid retinal detachment. The problem is that since the operation the laser burns have been causing several very disturbing problems, including: 1.
Avatar m tn Due to worsening vision due to cataracts am having this surgery done in two weeks. My ophthalmologist recommends an ECP laser treatment at same time. I am looking for more input from those who have had this done (the ECP part). Tje left eye has worst cataract but right eye is dominant. He reommends left first, should I go for best distance vision in both? I wany best available vision, and can tolerate glasses except for bicycling and running.
Avatar n tn I know, there is not a safe treatment for floaters at this time, but will there ever be one? I mean that I can hardly imagine carring on if my floaters go on getting worse as they have been doing till now. Knowing that there is a good chance of a safe treatment in (let`s say) 5 years, it would be much easier to cope with the problem. 2. The second question is quite the same.
Avatar n tn occurred 4 days after laser treatment to stop vessel bleeding and also to prevent the retina from detaching. Now with the holidays all the offices are closed till Jan, My eye start to bleed again and in aprox 45 minutes my vision went to almost none, not been able to go to see the doctor that performed the surgery, I went the Hospital ER , they called the eye Dr that was on call, he said to go to his office today .
Avatar n tn There is no medication or laser or surgical treatment for the common floater. The best thing is to "tune them out" and ignore them. Floaters have no effect on cataract surgery.
Avatar n tn The consultant ophthalmic surgeon, who is well qualified, did all the various tests etc and I was told because I had previous eye laser surgery for distance that I would have a 2 out of 3 chance of the operation being successful and therefore that he would only consider mono vision IOL, one for distance and one for near. I did have a short trial of wearing daily contact lens, one short and one long sighted but did not like the result.
Avatar f tn I had cataract surgery with ACRY Sof IQ IOL by Alcon implanted in my bad right eye on 1/23/012, 20/20 vision post surgery, with no issue, a year later same surgeon said he can easily take care of the secondary cataract in my right eye, with laser surgery in his office, now 19 months later, I am deliberating the pros and cons of YAG laser capsulotomy, and found this in depth article by New York Times about cataract surgery, if it was available two years ago, at the time when I was researching b
Avatar n tn I have been receiving laser hair removal treatments around my aerolae. About an inch away from my aerola one of my breasts is a flat mole, about a centimeter big, with a lighter shade of brown surrounding a darker brown in the center of the mole. The mole has been there my entire life with no change in character. The laser techs told me they would just work around this mole to prevent burning it. During a treatment on 1/17/11, I was told the laser would be "turned up".
Avatar n tn Thanks for your advice. I found am eye Floater Treatment Center with laser. Based on your experience, do you think this can help my fathers condition? I really appreciate your help. P.S. I went to and the M.D. who treated my father before is one of the recommended M.D. so I guess he really knows what he is doing.
Avatar f tn Seems stupid to stay with the Restor lens and and hope for a lucky laser treatment and still have all the night issues?????????? How could measurements be so far off when I know I am using one of the best Dr's in town? If I get a second opinion will they compare the measurements to my other Dr's office and split the difference?
Avatar n tn At first someone suggested that it was because I haven't been sleeping right but since then I have started getting my sleep and it still twitches. I have also been under an incredible amount of stress over the past few months; I'm not sure if that would have anything to do with this... What causes this? How could I treat it?
Avatar f tn Typically this awakes a person from sleep or they awake with sharp pain, waterning and sensitivity to light than can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to as long as several days of pain. Treatment consists of using an ophthalmic ointment at bedtime in the symptomatic eye such as Refresh-PM, or Duratears. Do not sleep with air moving across your face (fan or air conditioning). Do not run the air conditioner in your car blowing in your face.
Avatar n tn I haven't heard of anyone else having eye problems except vision changes that worsen and improve. It seems my right eye has accommodated for the left and actually improved.
Avatar f tn He encouraged having laser treatment on both eyes...4-6 weeks apart. Since I am now paranoid about having cataract surgery, is it advisable to have these lattices treated with a laser ? After reading this forum, it appears that laser surgery destroys healthy retinal tissue. I am having PVDs in the left eye and the cataract is blurring my vision. Thank you. I am very confused.
Avatar m tn I think most doctors recommend antivirals because it has minimal side effects and easier to tolerate long term as opposed to Peg Interferon (some on the HepC forum referred to Interferon as doing hard time). Combo treatment is taking 2 antivirals to cross protect against resistance. It attacks the virus on 2 fronts to reduce it adaptive abilities. Important because you may may to take antivirals for the rest of your life. Always think of the long term.
Avatar n tn said his eye was doing great but now there was cholesterol in that eye and wants to do laser on eye..i am very concerned because i can not find anyone that can tell me about it..i have tried to talk to Dr.
Avatar n tn I've read that it takes around 20-40 minutes to complete the laser treatment. What sort of recovery time is normally expected assuming it's a tear and not a detatchment? Sorry to keep bugging you but i've never had a surgery in my life and the whole idea of this scares me a lot.
Avatar f tn I wondered if an Optometrist could answer this question for me not quite sure whats been occuring I have worn contact lenses since I was 18 was with same Optician not much change in my prescriptions over time with lenses I didn't have a back up pair of glasses just coped well with lenses then I switched to another Optician who gave me lenses and a glasses prescription which the lenses suffocated my corneas they were too tight fitting i ended up at eye hospital had treatment for non bacterial ker