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1157141 tn?1262455298 My other eye is now starting to do the same thing, but the eye has to get to a certain point, the same as with your original cataract for the laser treatment to be effective...Was then told that this should not have to be repeated again... hope this helps....
Avatar f tn My main opthamalogist is a macula specialist and he recommends that I do have the laser treatment on my Right eye. My QUESTION is, would you recommend that I have laser treatment on my lattice in hopes that it will prevent my retina from detaching or do you think I should leave it alone and just hope for the best? I also have glaucoma which is controlled with Xalatan. Thanks so much in advance for your reply!
Avatar m tn I would not recommend laser treatment for area of retinal thinning. Get a second opinion from a retinal specialist. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn I also havea progressive eyeglass prescription to wear at the computer at work Just had a recent retina exam and tiny hole was spotted in one eye. I had laser treatment that same office visit. At my follow up visit to specialist, what questions do I need to be asking? I think I need more information about my retina health before deciding to proceed with cataract surgery this year. Am I at higher risk of detachment because of this hole?
Avatar n tn I developed cataracts in my early 50's. Had surgery on my right eye in 2004 and my left in 2007. In 2008 I developed really bad floaters in my right eye. They came up very quickly. I went to several eye doctors including the surgeon who did the cataract work. I was told repeatedly that this was just something I had to live with. I did my own research and then went back to my eye doctor this winter (2010). I had already concluded that the laser option was dicey. I asked about vitrectomy.
Avatar f tn I have had cancer treatments and my body is not the same healthy body, could that liken the chances of tramatic cataracts? My prescription for my lens changed 5 times last years. I was told I had cataracts and had the procedure done. Now I have secondary cataracts and can't see out of my new lens after 1 months out of surgery from the first time. I am at my ends wit. Is there a chance I could be lossing my sight?
Avatar f tn He had never done someone with my severe myopia and wanted to be extra careful. You can always ask for that kind of treatment. While I still wear glasses (for the first 3 or so years I didn't, but my myopia continues to progress), I still think it is the best thing I ever did. I can read without my glasses in bed; I actually learned how to swim because now I can see the edge of the pool (before I was too afraid I would bash my head against the side and die).
574673 tn?1234129578 I am exploring the option of laser surgery as a method of controlling eye pressure for open angle glaucoma. Can any one speak to the effectiveness, risks and benefits of this procedure. Does it only last for a while and can it cause cataracts? I have had two cataract surgeries in my left eye, one was an explant of a restor lens in January 2009. My right eye has a small cataract and has not yet been operated on, I am wearing a distance contact in it.
Avatar f tn Both doctors said the same thing and prescribe me to get a laser treatment for a preventive action of retinal thorn even though my minus in both eyes are just 3.75. Actually, I have no complaints or discomfort in my eyes. I went to the (first) doctor was to have a regular check up. I did experience many floaters but it was temporary perhaps about less than a month.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am having laser treatment for a couple retina tears in my right eye tomorrow and I am a little nervous. I just have a few questions for anyone that have had the procedure done. During the treatment: 1. Does it hurt/is it uncomfortable for you? 2. How long did it take? 3. Was there something to focus on? I'm assuming moving the eye would not be a good idea. After the treatment: 1. Was there discomfort about the treatment? How about the next day after the treatment?
7603294 tn?1392768827 He is 42 years of age . please could you tell us if laser treatment will have an effect on his eye as far as appearance is concerned ?
Avatar f tn Second there is no good treatment for floaters. Vitrectomy is expensive, risky and always causes cataracts to for and grown. Yag laser break up of floaters has not been successful. There is a new laser and laser lens but its new, untested, doesn't always work and some parts of the eye and some types of floaters can't be treated. Better precious time, money, resources and research be spent on the major causes of poor vision and blindness.
Avatar n tn Until last year, my eyes were similar in farsightedness. Is my left eye ready for cataract removal with the -4? Should I get a second opinion? My doctor is retiring in a few weeks....I'm anxious.....What preparations are necessary for cataract removal? Thanks for any information you can offer.....
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, - Two years back I was diagnosed open angle glaucoma in RIGHT EYE and now I am using Xalacom & Alphagan P to lower eye pressure. - 6 months begore I started feeling blurry near vision problem while reading newspaper, books, reading from near. I visited Optometrist doctor and he informed me that I am presbyopic and he gave me new bifocal prescryption which I am using now.
Avatar m tn He is being told by his eye doctor and retina specialist that he is at greater risk for retinal damage if he has laser treatment to remove the after cataract scar tissue. Is this true, and if so, what can be done to lower the risk and still perform the laser treatment?
Avatar n tn Her right eye has an astigmatism and is 20/40. Her left eye is 20/20. We just recently went in for her yearly checkup and found that she also has a cataract in her right eye. Everything I have read online says that cataracts at this age are caused by disease such as diabetes. But my daughter is very healthy and hasn't had any disease or sickness. It is really bothering me that I can't find an answer and we won't be able to get her into the specialist until the end of the month.
Avatar m tn Due to worsening vision due to cataracts am having this surgery done in two weeks. My ophthalmologist recommends an ECP laser treatment at same time. I am looking for more input from those who have had this done (the ECP part). Tje left eye has worst cataract but right eye is dominant. He reommends left first, should I go for best distance vision in both? I wany best available vision, and can tolerate glasses except for bicycling and running.
Avatar f tn I'm being treated for Glaucoma and have been using Azopt 3 times a day in my right eye and one drop of Travatan in the same eye at bedtime. I'm being treated by a Glaucoma Specialist in Mich recommended by Dr. Anderson at Bascom Palmer. Since starting eye drops about 7 years ago I started to develop Cataracts. The one in the eye being treated with drops is larger then the one in the eye not being treated One of my questions is do Glaucoma Drops cause Cataract formation? I see my Dr.
Avatar f tn What are the side effects of laser treatment, detachment, pucker, cataracts, vitreous detachment? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I've read the risks to the eye for vitrectomy is 5%, and far less in the case of an FOV that does not require sutures. There are enzymes now available that will liquify the vitreous (vitrase) making it even easier to remove. I don't understand why we will go to incredible lengths to correct vision (a worthy cause, don't get me wrong), but blocked vision from floaters is irrelevant. I appreciate doctors do what I cannot.
Avatar n tn I have far sighted visition in the right eye, and near sighted in the left (and the left is progressing more near) and the right is now at plano.....My husband who is 9 years younger and does not have cataracts as stated from his recent eye exam sees some glare as I do and we compare what we see which seems very close as best as we can determine. I sometimes feel that because of age they expect you should have certain procedures done.
Avatar f tn My pressure was normal in both eyes, but my doctor recommended that I have the laser surgery for this condition. I had the last laser surgery done on my left eye on May 19, 2009. Since then I have noticed that when I am in bright light or it is shining in my eyes, I see what looks like a piece of fuzz when I blink my left eye. It is only in this eye. At first I thought I actually had a piece of fuzz on my eyelash but realized this was not the case.
284078 tn?1282620298 Melanin targeting lasers are already in use for other procedures. In fact, a laser I use frequently, the Lumenis Selecta II laser, is used to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma. The procedure is called SLT or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. It uses a special wavelengh of 532 of nanometers, to selectively be absorbed by melanin containing cells in the trabecular meshwork of the eye, the outflow channels that control the eye's pressure.
Avatar n tn In 2015, the average premium for LRI for astigmatism correction was $584 per eye... In 2015, the average premium for laser arcuate incisions for astigmatism correction was $1,136 per eye." Though this source cites a 2011 figure of $5096 for what I'm guessing is just monofocal surgery (or average of all surgeries, and most are monofocal): Another source claims:
709537 tn?1232588455 There are surgical and laser treatments for glaucoma as well as eyedrops. Usually, eyedrops are the first form a treatment. Is there a reason that drops cannot be used? Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn Yag laser capsulotomy is the easiest and simplest eye surgery that ophthalmologists perform within the eye. Surgery is generally indicated when vision is unsatisfactory with the eye and the cloudy posterior capsule is the causes. The risk of a retinal detachment for MOST eyes (unless their is a pre-existing major risk factor such as high myopia) is less than 1%. Discuss with your surgeon whether you have any additional risk factors.
Avatar f tn He also decided that my left retina needed reinforcing and I went through a retina laser treatment. Not fun... The dr. is reommending Crystalens for the IOL but after doing some research and reading this forum, I'm thinking of just getting the old style lens and have my near sighted vision fixed and live with reading glasses. I guess my questions are: Would a normal IOL correct my myopia more effectively then the Crystalens?
Avatar f tn Dr Hagan, Thank you very much for your expert and informative comments! The risk of RD after YAG laser should be low for my eye (healthy 61-year young. with myopia only), but dramatic increase of floaters, flashes of light and loss of peripheral vision, seems to be common complaints on this site and other studies. I'd appreciate very much some statistics based on the hundreds of YAG capsulotomies you've done.
Avatar m tn any words of advice would be great, i have another eye app in a few days to take a few more test but till then im searching for someone with more experience , i dont know anybody w cataracts or glaucoma, especially at my age (27) thanks again