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Avatar m tn But there seems to be a lot of talk about laser eye surgery these days. Some say it's the best thing ever and others don't really want to recommend it. Quite frankly I'm really interested in finally ditching glasses after all those years of using them. I started to wear them when I was 9 (I'm 25 now) after being diagnosed with myopia. My glasses are -3/-4 for my left and right eye respectively.
Avatar f tn This has stifled development of new techniques for surgery and research for eye disease. The best solution in the USA would be for Medicare and insurance companies to allow patients to pay extra for these advanced techniques. They already do that in the case of people opting for toric and accommodating/refracting IOLs. If I were having cataract surgery i would pay $1000 dollars extra per eye to have an experiences surgeon use the femtosecond laser.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. I"m sorry if I gave you the impression I'm from UK...I do have an oppointment for Tuft's Eye Center and was concerned if the discrepency in the testing was a valid point to take up. Until I gat validation, I am extremely worried about my ability to maintain sight in my other eye. I do 9 treatments a day with side affects and would like to consider SLT laser therapy to decrease my drop treatment. Your thoughts on safety of such treatment ?
Avatar n tn It is 9 months later now and I am very grateful that the retina has remained attached. However, I am now about +2.5 in the surgery eye or so due to the lens removal and maybe 20/50 or so, so I am having major problems with the difference in the eyes - both when a wear my contact lens in my good eye and when I remove the lens and wear my eyeglasses in the evening. I occlude the surgery eye lens of the eyeglasses.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn After dilating and examining my eyes the doctor did immediate laser surgery as I had a retinal tear. He said if I had symptoms like flashing lights or lots of floaters go to A & E immediately. Those sort of symptoms can indicate a tear or detachment and are not to be ignored! Opticians and optometrists are not qualified to treat serious problems. You need to see an ophthalmologist. Good luck!
Avatar n tn The consultant ophthalmic surgeon, who is well qualified, did all the various tests etc and I was told because I had previous eye laser surgery for distance that I would have a 2 out of 3 chance of the operation being successful and therefore that he would only consider mono vision IOL, one for distance and one for near. I did have a short trial of wearing daily contact lens, one short and one long sighted but did not like the result.
Avatar n tn It's supposed to be a sign of empathy and femininity to have lighter skin tone around the eye - like hairs on your arms is supposed to be a sign of strength..
Avatar f tn As discussed I would be happy if you consider seeing her and doing futher management i terms of surgery for the right eye and cyo tretment for the left eye.' From GP to new doctor 'She had a scleral buckle without drainage of fliud in March 2006.
Avatar f tn I'm seeing my GP soon but wondered if this could be caused by dry eye, developing since the surgery; I stopped taking the prescribed eye drops after 4 weeks (antibiotics & anti inflammatory, I think) Any advice appreciated.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar f tn You should certainly be able to wear a contact lens in the unoperated eye, the image sizing problem is only caused by the glasses in the operated eye vs the unoperated eye focusing away from the eye causing a magnification, because the contact lens sits on the eye there is no magnification to worry about. Another optoin is the have laser eye surgery in the unoperated eye, if you have no cataract in this eye you should get some eye balance this way.
Avatar n tn This effect can be mitigated somewhat if I wear a corrective lens over the eye that did not have surgery. In testing all types of situations, I note that this does not happen at night on well-lit streets, and did some testing to determine that the problem happens when my pupil opens too far to give proper focus. If I do NOT wear a corrective lens over the eye that did not have surgery, I am literally night blind from all of the halos and smears of light. Is there anything I can do?
Avatar m tn I am now 1 week after the surgery in my right eye (Symfony). Left eye clear from cataract - so untouched (myopic: -4.25) - I use a contact lens in this eye. My results - good distant vision (with good contrast - also at night), intermediate - quite good - I can read a computer screen quite well, near - needs to improve - I can not read a newspaper with my right eye. Flickering - I also have it sometimes, most of the time not disturbing.
Avatar n tn Yes - I'm curious what type of surgery you had too. I heard that having laser surgery is a lot easier to recover from than regular surgery. My main concern in doing that is because the gastro doctor said in my case it would be considered cosmetic surgery at this point (doctor code for "not covered by insurance", how much does surgery like that cost if you don't mind me asking.
422120 tn?1203210419 On November 28, 2007, I had Cataract Surgery in my left eye and a Restore lens was inserted. One week later; December 5, 2007, the Surgeon repeated Cataract Surgery, this time in my right eye and inserted; ReZoom.
Avatar n tn i hav approched many famous eye and skin specialist for surgery or laser thng but they say that till now in our country there no treatment available...
Avatar m tn Hi, My brother had a RD surgery (Macula off) on 28th Jan with Scleral buckling procedure with a best doctor. His vision started showed symptoms of improvement after 3 weeks of the surgery but Doctor said it will take up to 2- 3 months get the vision stabilised. We understand that the RD surgery was successfull with carefully attached Retina.
Avatar n tn Like many people here I've had a full battery of standard tests that found nothing wrong (UK, NHS, Moorfields Eye Hospital no less). Would love to have the correct diagnosis though. It makes you think, what do most doctors know and how much do they really care? For completeness I am slightly myopic L 0.25; R 0.75. I do not wear my glasses much but using them makes no difference either way for my night vision.
Avatar f tn My mom, like I posted before was seeing a round circle in her left eye after cataract removal surgery whenever she looked at a certain angle. She did visit her eye specialist and he said there isnt any such problem,that people develop such problems after cataract surgery (he didnt find any problem with her retina). its been more than 6 weeks since her phaco surgery nhas been done and that circle formation whenever she tilts her eye toward the left side isnt going.
Avatar f tn If you are serious about having Laser Eye Surgery and you live in the UK you no doubt will have spent hours of time online looking at the pristine clinic web sites and their glossy brochures trying to make up your mind who to entrust with your sight. One of the best 'Independent' web sites around has to be If you search on Google (either .com or ) under Laser Eye Treatment you cannot fail to find this web site up in the top 5 ranked web sites...
Avatar f tn I went through a sinus surgery about 3 month back. I had bits of my inner flesh trimmed of with laser to help me breath better. However after 4 weeks or so. I too began to experience foul smell coming out of my nose. Sometimes even strong enough for people on train to smell it. It was really bad experience. My doctor asked me to flush my nose with salt water. Out of curiosity, I actually took a flash light and looked into my nostril.
Avatar f tn If you are able to, you might consider whether its worth traveling if you need to in order to finds someone with lots of experience and good results. Here is a US News and World Report list of the best eye hospitals (though I don't know what eye surgeons think about the list): http://health.usnews.
Avatar n tn His team has also had a lot of success with endoscopic and laser surgery. You can send all of your stuff to him for evaluation before having to make the trip. I've seen some spectacular cases he's operated on. One guy had no discs in his neck, just one long rod! You only have one neck and that connects to your back which makes up your whole spine..... make the right decision when it comes to who you let cut it open. Another great site is GPN, Global Patient Network.
Avatar n tn Hi , Please could you give me some information to help me understand what has happened to my eye? I noticed an increase in floaters in my right eye after a holiday in Spain. (My eye is very slightly short sighted with a +1.75 for reading). After a week or so I noticed small blind spots when I did close up reading without my glasses- eg .in a word, the letter I’m looking at is only half there. Very annoying.
Avatar n tn That price is very low. Prices seem to very drastically by region from what I'd seen before. I don't have a link offhand showing that well, but out of curiosity, here is one source that seems credible for national averages: "In 2015, the average cost of cataract surgery with a standard IOL performed in the United States for someone without Medicare or private health insurance was $3,542 per eye. ...
Avatar n tn My eyes have become worse this morning,even though I only applied aqeous cream and vaseline to the eye area and face yesterday. The right under eye is especially swollen. Will have to take the day off work again to see the doctor. It still feels very dry. Thanks againfor tour kind help.
Avatar f tn Having a blurry vision after a surgery will be associated with dry eye syndrome, posterior capsular opacification, problems relating to the pupil size, a decentered IOL and many other conditions. The effective treatments include keratorefractive surgery for ametropia, dry eye management, laser modification of the pupil size, YAG capsulotomy for PCO or an IOL exchange for issues intrinsic to the IOL.
233488 tn?1310696703 ” From their point of view, the consulting ophthalmologist who sought evidence of disease and found none has nonetheless failed to address their health and quality-of-life issues. In youth, vitreous is a solid and clear gel filling the center of the eye, firmly attached to the retina. The exquisite transparency of vitreous allows unhindered transmission of light to the retina for photoreception.
Avatar f tn I have subsequently communicated online with a number of other post-retinal surgery patients in the US and UK who have had equally frustrating experiences getting their symptoms (including headaches, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light, spatial disorientation, and constant binocular diplopia) correctly diagnosed and treated.