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Avatar m tn Hi, I have very severe dark circles around my eyes! It's getting worst and worst, i'm really self-conscious about it and i notice people are always giving me weird looks. I have so many health problems in my life, skin, bone, etc, you name it, i have it. I have been battling these illness my entire life, it's like i am born to battle illness.
Avatar m tn The first step is consulting with a qualified surgeon or dermatologist to determine the cause and then go over your options for a solution. For instance, you may be a candidate for hydroquinone use in hyperpigmentations but not laser resurfacing. Some may only need medication cessation or substitution.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone here can give me some suggestions please because i have sinus problems I have dark circles under my eyes not looking for any cosmetic surgery suggestions but if anyone knows of any old wives tales or over the counter products that actually work I have heard of oil of olay eye difinity but it is 24.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 21 yrs old , am facing a problem of dark armpits and dark circles under eye.. have fed up of this... pl help me, need your health terribly! Awaiting for a response from u wrt to a medication which will me resolve my issues..
Avatar f tn Hello, Under eye dark circles can be due to many factors like inadequate sleep, low haemoglobin, increased sun tan, cosmetics, allergies to some face creams or powders, poor nutrition, smoking. Therefore if you are able to identify the cause you could treat it accordingly. Make sure you get complete 8-10 hours of sleep. Have a proper diet compiling of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Drink adequate water (8-10 glasses per day). Apply a sun block whenever you step out.
Avatar n tn I saw your post and found this site afterwards so I came back to send it to you. It is a likely cause for my sons eye circles, but I will have to try and reduce his sugars to know for certain...thought you might want to read it: Take Care and Good Luck!
Avatar m tn On January 4 2011 I had an IPL laser treatment done under my eyes to help reduce dark circles, the skin is very thin due to damage from sun exposure. The next day, my left eye started twitching on the bottom corner lid of the eye near the nose. I ignored it and attributed it to stress, but after a month with no let up I called my dermatologist and was assured these non ablative lasers cannot penetrate deeply enough to cause any nerve damage. So I let it go.
Avatar n tn Those being a high % TCA peel and laser treatment for the spider veins. I recently started using sugar cane and citrus acid mix to peel the top most layer of skin trying to promote growth but all I've found it doing so far is just making the skin much softer. Another sign at least to me that the skin is below the level it should be is when I don't wash my face for a day (dead skin builds slightly) the eye area evens out a bit and the spider veins diminish.
Avatar n tn Hence I agree with your dermatologist that laser treatment is required for complete clearance. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Warm regards.
Avatar n tn Hi, Dark circles under the eyes are most often caused by allergies, illness, a lack of sleep, or heredity. If your dark circles are caused by heredity, you may find that they are almost impossible to completely eliminate. In the morning, wash your face with cold water to help blood vessels constrict. Then, apply an eye cream that contains Retinol and vitamin K. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to prevent the vitamin deficiencies that can affect your skin’s appearance.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar m tn I've seen a local dermatologist for an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment to reduce both the redness of the scar and the dark circle under my left eye. I plan on seeing him again and am considering a treatment called Deep FX in case I'm not satisfied with IPL. I just wanted to see some opinions on this and also if there is anything else I should be concerned about that might be causing the dark circle under my eye.
Avatar m tn On January 4 2011 I had an IPL laser treatment done under my eyes to help reduce dark circles, the skin is very thin due to damage from sun exposure. The next day, my left eye started twitching on the bottom corner lid of the eye near the nose. I ignored it and attributed it to stress, but after a month with no let up I called my dermatologist and was assured these non ablative lasers cannot penetrate deeply enough to cause any nerve damage. So I let it go.
Avatar n tn Been on Xalatan for eye pressure in my left eye of 32 for a week, no glaucoma yet, but a "suspect" w/pseudoexfoliation diagnosis. My left eye is irritated and itchy. Really want to stay on these drops as I don't want laser surgery this soon as I am only 63. Is there something I can use to help the irritation? Will it diminish with time on the drops, and what is the success rate with these drops and pseudoexfoliation.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm very sorry to hear that you are going through this. :( I too have been experiencing a very similar, if not the same problem. I have seen several doctors including both a Ophthalmologist and Neuro-Ophthalmologist, but they're answers were it is some kind of migraine and that I shouldn't be worried about it. I am though, especially since my vision keeps getting worse day by day and I do have severe Myopia.
Avatar m tn Encante Serum is one of its effective and natural anti aging cream that awesomely fights against the signs of scars, fine linings, wrinkles and dark circles. It is a great composition of natural antioxidants, mineral sources and all plant extracts for making out best possible outcomes. This formula has tendency to fill up the holes appearing inside the cheek areas and also repairs the dark circles presence naturally.
Avatar f tn I've read about laser treatment for a variety of vague undereye problems. any home remedies? I'm worried that I'll keep promoting this problem without even realizing it. I will say that i've used products under my eye which I shouldn't have but now that I'm older I am using under eye creams and will be esp. careful with this area from now on. What ingredients will be most helpful in improving the condition of my under eye area?
1403795 tn?1282571267 Hello, Yes it is true that microdermabrasion is expensive but laser treatment is much more expensive that that. Regarding the dark eye circles, Dark circles under the eyes can be hereditary and thus if it runs in the family, very little can be done. Vitamin B6 (Niacin) & folic acid deficiency can also lead to this problem and thus can be taken. Some allergens can also give rise to the same and thus need to be avoided.
Avatar n tn I just got this eye cream from Aveda - Tourmaline Charged eye cream - it is fantastic for dark, tired looking eyes. It is soo worth the $32...a little goes a long way! On the topic of red, dry, painful looking under eye patch, I just recently developed the same in the past few weeks.
Avatar f tn Scratch my above response. I've found an effective treatment for this problem. The brownish staining from the bruising I got following multiple surgeries on my right eye was completely removed by a single treatment with a Q-switched laser. This is the same laser used to remove tattoos. I had previously been told that the problem was untreatable, since no cream could penetrate that deeply.
Avatar m tn Have experienced this symptom for years, my flashes tend to be mainly in the left eye occasionally in the right, I too have many floaters. Would agree with the tension thing in the shoulders and neck and like others on here I'm a worrier. Have had an eye exam all seems OK, I think that there is truth in the fact that the brain does seem to draw attention to them and may well be a psychological thing/stress thing.
Avatar n tn is there any treatment for seacious cysts on the scrotum?
233488 tn?1310696703 There are many tests for OSD, some of them quite expensive, but the diagnosis can usually be made by a careful symptom review and examination of the eye and eyelids. For persistent problems a complete medical eye examination by an Eye MD ophthalmologist is needed plus telling the Eye MD about your symptoms and how troublesome you find them. Self education on OSD is extremely important.
Avatar f tn And after 2 weeks of using it, the rashes did not go away, and i found 2 brown patches under my eyes (they are not dark circles, they look like light bruises, and cover the areas from my under eye-both eyes, towards ear). So i went to see another dermatologist and was prescribed with another cream. This time my rashes cleared up. But the brown patches remain. Had tried lightening cream, and many other products and home remedies but none works. Can i know what are the brown patches?
Avatar f tn re: "but I must wear glasses (+1,50/2,00) to write for instance now." Your eye is still healing from the surgery (which may cause some visual glitches) and getting used to having a new lens, my near vision was poor for a couple of days before it became good. (and with multifocals it can take a number of weeks/months for the best near vision to come in, which may be true with some patients with the Symfony as well).
Avatar f tn blepharoplasty upper eyelid- $3k fat transfer -over 1k laser treatment for craters- over 1k laser treatment for dark circles- over 1k conjunctivitis- $300.000 wrinkle remove- TBD pain and suffering? NOTHING Anyways, I know that "some respond differently to certain products" the dosage may have been too high" I used it too frequently".... Its been 2 weeks since I stopped using it- My side effects are still present. My question is.
Avatar m tn What I first noticed was two things- since the normal eye is a great case-control for the other eye. The visual field in my let eye looked about between 1/3 to 1/2 smaller than my r eye. second, when I kept my left eye open, and moved my head side to side, there was a lace like texture to my L viisual field.
Avatar n tn I'm one of the lucky majority of cataract patients who is much better off post-surgery than before. I only had one cataract, which developed as the result of a vitrectomy in January '06. My vision in that eye was still correctable to 20/20 prior to my cataract surgery last September, but my prescription seemed to become stronger every week in the cataract eye. (It went from -5.50 to -7.50.
Avatar f tn So if they do not resolve, I may get a different lenses for other eye. Luckily cataract in other eye is just starting to form and I'm thinking I'm 3-4 months away from that decision. When you have FOV the cataracts form pretty quickly when they start. So my question again is how long before vision gets to 95 percent of where it will stay and will the floaters go away?