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Avatar n tn It was a comfort to find others describing a similar experience, and without any horror stories of losing vision, etc.. Has anyone ever had other images associated with the flashing?
Avatar f tn If you search the archives of this site, you can find many ReStor horror stories. A female physician, who got ReStors to eliminate her need for reading glasses, reportedly had so many terrible problems with them that she ended up having a nervous breakdown. I've had vision problems myself unrelated to IOLs, and I agree that they can be extremely stressful. After all, our vision affects most aspects of our ability to function.
Avatar f tn Had torn retina last year at your age. Laser treated. Cataract followed soon after in that eye. Also highly myopic. I think myopia is a major contribution. Other factors could be sun UV rays (I’m outdoor-ish person), hereditary, and bad luck. If you search thru’ this site, you will find many ‘young’ folks with cataract. Unless your cataract is really bad, try not to go for surgery just yet. I definitely am not ready for it. Many horror post-cataract surgery stories in here.
Avatar m tn Lasik, Lasek, PRK and limbal relaxing incisions (LRI). I've seen too many horror stories about Lasik to go anywhere near that treatment, and I'm guessing Lasek is similar (but I don't know). So it seems to be a choice between PRK and LRI. But I've heard stories of glare and halos with PRK, and I'm already suffering really badly from this problem with my IOLs (even though they're high-quality monofocals, which aren't usually associated with glare and halo issues).
Avatar m tn The virus can be transmitted to others through tears. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn All of this mess in in my right eye. My left eye sees 20/15 with a -2 correction. The right eye was at -3.75 prior, both eyes have about -1 Cyl. (astigmatism?) I will be attending medical school in Fall 2014, continuing physical therapy until then. I have been doing kind of ok even with the cataract in place. I know the left eye was already dominant before, but am concerned that if I don't get the right one in shape soon, the brain might turn it off altogether.
Avatar n tn Not sure if I'm being overly paranoid and just noticed this because of all the LASIK horror stories and bad side effects I've read about or if this is really a problem with my eyes.
Avatar m tn I did some laser after as well.Twice on the operated left eye, one on the other.Doctor had said I would need some more but till know is all attached, the last was about 3 or 4 months ago. Second time was a little unconfortable cos the eye was already sensitive but I left the place completely HAPPY cause my fear was about my good eye being "ignored' (without treatment,just watched) til that moment.
Avatar n tn Jan796, I would beg you on bended knees not to have any multifocal lens, esp if you have no objection to wearing glasses. Click on my username to see my opinion of the Restor lens, which I am most likely going to get removed very soon at considerable risk and hardship. Many other posters on this forum have had awful problems with the halos, ghosting, and generally poor vision associated with these lenses. You get a greater depth of visual field, but the quality of vision is often awful.
Avatar m tn I had a Toric lens put in my right eye at Mass Eye and Ear a few months ago and that has been great but I wanted it all – the promise of no glasses at all – and that’s why I was taken in by the doctor recommending Re-zoom. I am back to Mass Eye and Ear Monday and see what they say and whether explantation is an option. What are peoples’ experience with Toric and if explantation is recommended is that a big deal?
233488 tn?1310696703 It is important for him to follow up regularly with his ophthalmologist for a dilated retina and peripheral retina exam. He should see the Eye MD immediately with sudden increase of floaters, flashes or loss of peripheral vision. You need to ask he surgeon specifically about activity. As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days.
Avatar n tn This is what I had implanted in my eyes: Left eye: 12.0D Restor SN6AD1 and right eye: 12.50D Crystalens HD520. Both IOL's were targeted @ -0.25D, but achieved plano. My right eye was done 6 weeks ago and my left eye 2 weeks ago. The Restor and CL HD are the latest products available. The Crystalens HD (CL HD) is clearer than the Restor, which is tinted (slightly yellow). My clearest vision is as follows: - 1 to 2 ft vision is best with the Restor - 2 to approx.
4760166 tn?1398360913 This is going to be LONG and possibly dramatic because. Maybe I'm dramatic. Before my first decompression surgery in 2013 ... I literally had no memory of headache free days. None. Apparently I was even a toddler that hit her head before I could explain that my head hurt. So I had a pretty extensive and traumatic workup as a toddler at Texas children's. The only thing they found was retinopathy. I had some laser treatments for blood vessel overgrowth in my retina ...
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for this rather than another tear. And if I was unfortunate to get another tear could it be treated by laser rather than eye surgery again?
Avatar f tn I have completely ruled out multifocal lenses after reading the many horror stories on this site. I will most likely end up making the same decision your wife made. As far as the expense of the toric is concerned, I would only be upset (laughing as I write this) if I were to die before my other eye requires surgery, thereby gaining no degree of glasses independence in return for my $2500 investment. Haha. Have a great day!
203589 tn?1267478770 this time another vitrectomy, laser and also a lensectomy, cataract removal with no lens replacement yet, and inserting silicone oil in my eye which stays for at least 6 months. I feel like I am living in a horror movie.
Avatar n tn I know that removing the lenses is probably not possible -- I've read all the horror stories, and YAG would weaken the capsule, quite possibly causing Detached Retinas. He said I may not have a choice and I will have to do the laser procedure. Why would a reputable surgeon do this to a perfectly healthy person, knowing how risky these lenses are? Are they using us as guinea pigs??? Is there anything I can do to see better/not go blind?
233488 tn?1310696703 This is not an exact science and the margin of error is +/- 0.50 but INCREASES with high myopia (long eye) or high hyperopia (short eye), eyes with previous RK, lasik, injury or additional eye diseases. 3. Typically the targeted post op refraction is between 0.00 (not needing glasses for distances of 20 feet (6 meter) or more) and -3.00 which has great vision for tiny detail at reading distance 13-14 inches. Any difference of greater than 1.
Avatar m tn I am really concerned about retaining the acuity at various distances. I have read the horror stories of people needing multiple variations of reading glasses to see at different levels. The other thing I have noticed is how nonchalantly people are about this surgery when I talk about it. "Oh, my grandmother had that done and the next week she was fine!" I am sure for her, it was quite a big change after years of gradual visual decline.
Avatar f tn In that period of time, a bandage contact is placed in each eye to protect the cornea while it heals. While the procedure itself was painless (they put numbing drops in your eyes), after the first few hours, when the drops wear off, you do feel mild to severe discomfort as the cornea heals for a few days, depending on how sensitive your eyes are. I can deal with the pain, especially since I was aware that it would only be for 6 days.
Avatar n tn I did a lot of research here and at other sites, reading all the horror stories and so on; I pestered my doc with a LOT of questions (about the horror stories, the conditions and costs for explantation, and so on); told him what kinds of activities I used my eyes for; and ultimately decided that his years of familiarity with my eyes and his long years of surgical experience would be my best guide.
Avatar f tn I'm fairly happy with my weak/distorted vision considering all the horror stories I've heard. My question is for anyone who has experience with the surgery for removing silicone oil. I will have mine 4 to 6 months after my initial surgery and I'm wondering... What is the recovery like? As swollen and bloody as after the first surgery? Is positioning likely involved afterwards? How long will I have to take off from work?
Avatar n tn prior to reading this forum i was tempted to have Multtifocal or toric Implant...having read the horror stories with regrd to Multifocals..I have decided the best lensses for me are monovision. and if possible will hope for minor astigmatism correction time of surgery using Limbal Relaxing Incisions. This was also the suggestion from a family friend who happens to be an Eye surgeon. However With such a vast choice of Lens manufacturers ....
Avatar m tn Mine does about 40 a week here in Houston. Based on all the horror stories about premium lenses, ie Crystalens, Restor and Rezoom, I would not take a chance on screwing up my vision. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I was petrified to have the surgery after hearing all of the horror stories. I have worn glasses since age 8 and have been very nearsighted all my life so to have an opportunity to be glasses independent was very appealing considering my age. Wanted to post a positive outcome as most posts are negative!
Avatar m tn I have to go back at the beginning of February for a refraction eye test to see how short sighted I am at that time, presumably to assess for laser treatment. I did read it takes about 3 months for the eye to heal following surgery, so will just have to be patient and hope things improve.
Avatar f tn So progesterone only birth control are the only options for me - mini pill, IUD, depo shot etc. I have read horror stories about the Mirena and am really scared about getting it. I am going overseas 4 weeks after my laparoscopy and will be devestated if I am bleeding / in pain etc. from the Mirena! I just want to go overseas and have a good time. My fear is that I will have to go through this Laparoscopy and they won't find any Endo/IC etc.
Avatar n tn Incidently, my eyes have improved hugely over the last 24 hours after the use of some eye drops... I'm thinking it might have been blepharitis as the eye drops I used were supposed to heal it. Thanks again. Alex.
Avatar m tn Sounds really weird but I dont have a clue what it could be related too. If I had to discribe the feeling, imagin someone holding a pin to your eye and slowing moving it forward, your reaction would be to look away, thats the best I can discribe it. Hope you can help.
Avatar m tn I have an issue with bird mites and they are hard to be rid of. Some horror stories I have read state that people have spent thousands of dollars to no avail. After investigating how farmers handle I found something cheap and safe to kill bed bugs, fleas, and bird mites. Food grade diatomaceous earth. Do NOT use pool grade. I actually put this in my hair and in my bed. It dries out the insects and they die. It is not poison. Look it up. It goes well into the carpet.