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Avatar f tn Im 14 weeks n 5days preg. Im ready to know what im havin. So i took almost all the online quiz. They all say a girl even the chinese chart. Have these quizes actually worked for any one???
Avatar n tn i missed my period for 2 months me and my boyfriend want a child he is excited that i missed my period but im scared o test b/c i have missed my period b4 and i was not pregnant. so im scared to get the bad news. im also scared that i may have a problem with getting pregnant. i think that i may have pcos or something. i feel no symptoms of being pregnant we have been trying for at least 5 months now and nothing has happened. doctors say to try at least for a yr.
358455 tn?1277437219 and i havent been able to find it and i forgot who wrote it, but it said something about a site that you could go to and take a quiz to see the % of a chance you may be pregnant? anybody know about this?
Avatar n tn My father asked me the same thing am I going to let my baby be a surprise. I told him Im not going to let my baby be a surprise...Im so anxious to know right now if its a boy/girl. I hear you on that one I dont want anybody in my baby face especially if I dont know you. I know Im going to be so overprotective because thats the way my father was with me. Sometimes it was agood thing and sometiomes it wasnt. I would never abandon my child...My eyes will be on my baby 247...
Avatar f tn I had my last period january 1st (way to bring in the new year right,lol) anyways so I was told by my ob not to put in my nuva ring because i had to get an MRI for the ovarian cysts she found...well I waited like she said, but my husband and i had sex 2xs without he pulled out and I know that doesnt really 'protect' me.. we are not trying nor are we stopping pregnancy...
1572558 tn?1295822445 i just have a question could i been having twins they run in my family . i already have a child so i know what its like to be pregnant my first pregnancy was nothing like this . im tired all the time and i cant keep anything down for the last few days everything i eat just comes right back up. i know that every pregnancy is different but for some reason ive just been having this feeling .
Avatar n tn i tried it yesterday for me my sister, my mom and it worked, today for my friend and worked with her 2 years old boy, and it predict a girl on he way, she is 7 weeks pregnant, so it is too early for her to know, she is know hoping that is right, she wants a girl!
Avatar n tn I'm a male and I fingerd a younger girl like 13 years old but she looks like 15-16 with her body and build, and I didnt know if I could have possible gotten her pregnant because like a few hours or an hour befor I went over there I had masturbated and clean myself off by whipping everything I saw off, but I cant remember if I had washed my hands, but now im worried cause were both really young and past few days I have just been feeling like I want to puke.
183933 tn?1290220562 I think she is in the same boat as you. I dont know much about IVF....just what Ive read on here. Im assuming you have already had the implant done. Is that even the correct term..... I have been wondering about Jacquie and hows shes doing. I hope you guys get pregnant!!
Avatar n tn They dont want to do an ultrasound till 36 weeks and my last ultrasound was at 21 weeks. Im worried that something could be wrong and I dont know what to do. Is it normal to be small still? I have gained 20 pounds but I dont even look like it. And its only been in the past few weeks that I gained 10 more pounds. I also feel like im never hungry and I am still having morning sickness (vomiting). My doctor tried giving me medicine for it but it didnt even work.
Avatar n tn At the ER they did an EKG, turns out everything was fine, they monitored my heart for a good 3-4 hours (i dont know if thats enough time to get a definite monitor), but it turned out im under a hell of a lotta stress. My husband is away in Iraq, i don't know if the next call i get is gonna be to tell me something bad happened, we've only been married a year and a half, my family does not live in town here, and we were going through some financial hardship at the time.
1536954 tn?1292600713 though i have heard that you can get pregnant with one fallopian tube as well.. if you get IVF done, then its really easy.. Also, keeping chemical pregnancy in mind, i think they will transfer many embroys so that atleast one/ couple of them survive..PCOS is never a problem , its more of hype created by doctor..
289946 tn?1191297369 ok i took an online quiz and it said high chance but i thought i was pregnant last month i got my period 4 days late and it was sorta heavy for 3 days then was gone i have a gut feeling that im pregnant and im 15 i had a miscarriage in june and yes i know im young i was useing birth control and condoms at all times im scared to take a test because after the miscarriage i have a feeling to replace my baby i miss it .
Avatar n tn Hi I am now 14 weeks pregant when i was 8 weeks I went out to the hospital i had some pain i had never experinced they found my baby it was fine but there was also another sac with nothing in it the doctor said it was above his expertise and then i went to the specialist who told me i had the disapering twin act first of all this is someting i dont understand but im wondering if the doc said i had that so early is it possible he is wrong i have not had another ultrasound then that last one als
1742220 tn?1331360327 ' he says 'im ok im ok' I know something is going on. I think he is nervous about going back to Japan in two months cuz he is not fluent after three years and his folks expect him to be .... I ax Hosh questions about this listening activity he cannot get even the basic ones. I even tease him a little which I never do and he gets upset and embarrassed. sorry. oops. then I joke with him about his eight girlfriends, he likes all these 19 year old girls he will never ever ask out ...
1652894 tn?1322433249 im due Dec 1 also and have my first u/s in 1 hr. Im so excited!!!
1995432 tn?1327134146 Im hoping this is true cuz I want a boy but im sure its not 100%. im 13weeks today and i've thrown up twice since i've been pregnant. What are your experiences and differences being pregnant with boys and girls?
Avatar f tn Has anyone done the Chinese calendar or the baby prediction. If so how accurate has it been. I've done both says girl 4 me.
Avatar f tn My due date was September 4th with my daughter who is almost 5 & I know I got pregnant on December 14th.
628735 tn?1273879377 I spoke with the nurse this morning. she said if i did get pregnant this last cycle he wont do the surgery. she said that if im not and do have surgery than the dr might say 6 weeks to TTC. she also said that the other ovary may kick in double time to take over te loss of hormones and actually ovulate every month rater than every other when there was another ovary. she still couldnt tell me if this is likely to happen to the other ovary. fingers crossed it doesnt!
1303813 tn?1303162962 Well basically haha, I cant go by my other pregnancies, cause the first one which ended in a termination i didnt even know i was, if i didnt take a test for the Hosp for something else then I would have been one of them people who didnt know untill they went into labour. Erm and my second i was just late. I never had morning sickness just feeling sick all day, I eat so much, I could prob eat 3 big roast dinners if I had the chance too haha.
317019 tn?1532969186 I know a lot of people that were pregnant with girls and had bad nausea/morning sickness and I know people that were pregnant with boys and had no symptoms. I'm curious too what others will say that have more than one child.
Avatar f tn If you don't want your mom to know, or if she won't take you(!), you can go to Planned Parenthood. If you don't drive, get a friend to take you or use public transportation. But if your concern with your mother is just that she'll think an infection is from sex, it's not - BV and yeast are not sexually transmitted diseases.
1303813 tn?1303162962 Once again it said girl.. darn things!
7540995 tn?1391795115 If someone was texting your husband in the middle of the night, DANG STRAIGHT you have the right to know. If i was you i would give that girl a piece of my mind. Your husband should know better you are pregnant and married him.
Avatar f tn I am just curious as to what everyone does for a living. If you would like to, please share your occupation. Also, it would be great to know your degree/level of education and how many years you have been doing your job and/or suggestions pertaining to your field.