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Avatar f tn Hello, I’ve been dealing with chronic pain in my left knee from torn cartilage and meniscus. Instead of surgery I opted for Stem Cell Treatment. Since then I’m still experiencing pain and spasming in my calf which are basically 24/7. Any suggestions on what I should do next? I’ve seen many pain management and homeopathic doctors and nothing is working.
1134609 tn?1269272200 I have seen a nutritionist who specializes in MI and she has helped out immensely. I have thought about homeopathic treatment, but the one experience I had was not acceptable. When I went in to see her, she was very much wrapped up in Eastern medicine and didn't have anything good to say about Western treatment. She never specifically said to discontinue medication, but she was very negative about Western medicine, medications, and treatment.
Avatar n tn I experience constant headache pain with significant pain happening in my extremities. The pain seems to navigate through my body and manifests for several days in one spot such as a shoulder or knee. My hands are swollen and ache. I have a constant ringing in my ears that has never stopped. My faith in my doctors is dwindling fast, I have been on a gammat of drugs through the years and have not been on any narcotics in over 1 year.
3122657 tn?1357432602 I've not heard of rubbing alcohol helping joint pain before. I'd be worried about the drying effect on the skin given the treatment meds. I use a roll on menthol type analgesic on my ankle, which has arthritis.
Avatar f tn My dog has a bad knee in the back left.Our vet says he needs surgery.But We can't afford it.I am on disablity and my son is my cargiver.And the state doesn't pay much.But he is sick with liver and kidney trouble.And he can't do regular work right now. Our vet gave us rimdyl but it puts him to sleep all the time and he wouldn't eat or drink.She said we could get more if we wanted at 5 pills for $8.00. Is there anything we can give him that isn't by prescripcion?
Avatar m tn I was wondering that for the treatment of GW, if homeopathic medicine such as Wartol is any effective? I heard that it can work for some people but not as well for others, i was just curious and wanted an opinion before proceed with the treatment. Also, what treatments do you usually use that you find the most effective?
Avatar f tn Hi Again Katie, I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I also see that your mood says, "I'm pregnant." You will need to discuss your pain and pain management with your PCP. I assume at this point you will have to include your OB Physician also. At 17 your plate is full. You'll need some support from your family, friends and physicians. I wish you the best and hope that you can find some homeopathic solutions to your pain.
Avatar m tn This is a homeopathic formula containing several commonly used homeopathic remedies. It is used for back pain caused by bad discs and such. This is not typically how homeopathy is used to cure, rather this is a symptomatic relief. Cures would usually be one constitutional remedy, applied through trial and error, in much higher dilutions than the ones used in formulas. This might give you some relief, it might not -- homeopathy is very hit and miss.
902056 tn?1242094871 What can I do for knee pain? I don't have insurance or a doctor anymore so I can't go to therapy or have surgery again on my knees and I was wondering if anyone could give me any remedies or something for it. I have 3 or 4 plica bands in both knees.
Avatar m tn can anyone tell me how successful is homeopathic treatment in treating STD's.......
Avatar m tn He is going through pain in his right testicle and he mentioned about the swelling of a vein just under the appendix area which is reckon is groin area leading to testicle. The thing started about 8 months ago after consuming ustilago maydis drops for about few months. He was recommended by the homeopathic doctor those drops to reduce the nightfall.
Avatar m tn I had a meniscus injury almost 2years ago a tear in left knee due to gym exercise while doing thighs exercise and from that time I was exercising my legs and their was no more pain after nearly 8 month , just yesterday I did the same movement once again and I hearted a pop in the same knee and a little pain with a bending movement in the same place after examining it by my self by pressing on the spot is it possible that the tear had happened once again ...
Avatar n tn I thought I had a mosquito on my bite because it started itching about 3 or 4 days ago. Now there is about a 2 cm (diameter) scab but it is itching like crazy and all around my knee. What bit me and do I need medical attention if it won't stop? I don't have health insurance so any advice or even homeopathic remedy would be fantastic!
Avatar f tn I have had a really painful right knee under the knee cap,its gradually becoming worse when I kneel down or go up and downstairs(particular going upstairs) I have to hold the rail going up as the pain is really knee does give way at times and if I turn awkwardly I get a severe shooting pain in my knee.I have seen my doc who is sending me to a specialist and arranged physio.what is a knee wash and what does it entail ,she also thinks my menisca is damaged.what treatment can I expect?
Avatar m tn Then after a week I suffered from loose motions for 5 days and lost 6 kgs in my weight (from 64 kgs to 58kgs) . Then after I suffered from little joint pain in the middle of my knee joint like there is some insect crawling in the middle of the knee joint of right leg. After a week both the knee joints started paining. After 6 months these joint pains became severe and they pain every day, every minute during sleeping time or any time all the day.
Avatar m tn was just wondering if anybody has tried any homeopathic treatment for chronic hep b?? i've come across this web site: i've contacted them and they told me to send them a copy of my blood work and from that they would be able to create some pills that are going to lower my viral load. i've also read quite a few testimonials and a lot of people were satisfied with the results from these pills.
Avatar f tn I generally apply this treatment daily, each time the knee feels even better…I know it’s not going to remedy the situation 100%, but has made my life much better.. Castor Oil Pack. Materials Needed: Castor oil - preferably cold-pressed or expeller-pressed, about 16 - 32 oz.
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my right knee under the knee cap.its gradually getting worse and kneeling or going up and downstairs(particularly going upstairs ) causes quite severe pain .it has given way at times as well.I've seen my doc who is sending me for physio and to see a specialist where she said he will probably have to perform a knee wash .does anyone know what might case this pain is and what a knee wash is?
Avatar f tn Hello- After many, many acupuncture treatments, last week I had a treatment for knee arthritis in which I felt excruciating pain with a needle insertion below my knee and my foot kicked up simultaneously. Four days later, I have increasing burning and electricity pains radiating down the front of my shin along the tops of my feet. It also feels as though someone were slicing into my ankle or a very, very bad ankle sprain.
Avatar f tn Biking too much hurt my knees, and my body just collapsed. Since then I have had debilitating knee pain, wrist problems, TMJ...pretty much all my joints are messed up. No Drs know whats wrong with me. My blood tests have all turned out negative, for Lyme's, rhumatoid arthritis, etc. X-rays of my wrists and knees are perfectly normal. Over the last year the pain has been ongoing, often so I can barely walk. I can't write or use my hands, or play violin anymore.
Avatar n tn Really can't stick this pain much longer !! Having really bad pain in both knees can't walk up stairs or down hurts to bed or even sit someone help !!