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Avatar m tn Dear Memebers, Could you please suggest/advice best Hepatologist in Chennai India for Hepatitis B Treatment.
Avatar m tn No cure
1980771 tn?1326279497 she cant breath without oxygen supply and walk or move a distance finally she got Pulmanory endarterectomy surgery in banglore.after surgery still she cant breath well without oxygen.her saturation 70-80% at sitting and 40-50% at walking. Doctors told that it can be improved by physicaligcal treatment only. You people having any idea to overcome it or is the ongoing treatment will help for us. . Pls tell me any suggestion . .
Avatar m tn t suggest arthritis to me, I have arthritis of the knee and I get pain in the knee, also in muscles that work the knee. I don't get numbness anywhere else. I'm not medically qualiified but a doctor should check this out, whatever it is you will be better off with treatment.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor, this is Rupali 25 years old from New Delhi I am seriously suffering from acidity which is accompanied by breathelessness,chest pain lot of burps and sometimes vomiting also.i get married since 1year 6 months now i am trying to conceive since 6 months but not able to. Sir, please help me to cure my disease..i have gone through several tests like endoscopy ,ultrasounds etc gone treatment with Dr.Randhir Sood ,but still i found no cure my situation is pathetic.
Avatar m tn contact "Charaka- the speciality ayurveda" in Hyderabad. they have good experience in treating MND cases. log in to for contact details.
Avatar m tn We are currently placed in chennai, could you please suggest me the best pediatric neurologist in chennai or wherever in country. I have heard that bangalore has the best pediatric neurologist hospital. Thank you v much.
Avatar m tn whether the drained knee bursa sac obsorbs in the body on its own. Any medicinal treatment is required. Please advise me.
Avatar m tn The location of the knee pain can be a useful guide. Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact.
Avatar m tn Hi, Can you anyone please suggest who is the best experienced doctor for HBV in Chennai.India. A early response is appreciated.
Avatar f tn Does it have any impact on my future conjugal life (I mean sex life of course)? 4. Where should i go for best treatment, ? Chennai (India) or Dhaka (Bangladesh)? (preferably where surgery can be avoided) I ask to all the good souls here with related expertise for suggestions? Sorry for the long post. Please let me know if i need to share anymore info. Regards.
Avatar m tn Since then I have still been in pain, knee is catching and locking, and and limp all the time. My right knee is now hurting from compensating for the left knee. I went for another MRI last Wed. and it showas as I said another ter of the posterior horn medial meniscus at the inferior meniscal surface, and says "unchanged from the 4/21/10 MRI" Does this mean they missed a tear then or is this a retear?? The conservative treatment hasn't worked.
Avatar f tn s an intense pain centered in my knee. It is in the front of my leg and in the soft points on my knee. Sometimes in the back but not so often. Sometimes it's in my calf on the back. It makes me limp and have to sit down pretty often. I cannot spend much time on my feet or else my feet fall asleep. I had Xrays and nothing showed up. My knee does not have fluid. That's why it gets swollen, right? My legs have no fractrures (I had fallen on a cement pad 3 years ago).
Avatar f tn m having a numbness and pain in the area below where the injection was taken . it will be severe at sometimes and will be minor at sometimes. i consulted a docter and took vitamin B12 medicine for 1 month. it was not cured, after which i took the tablets Gabantin 100 and other two(names i forgot) for 15 days.please advise me the reason for this condition.
Avatar n tn I injured my right knee (injured knee as it sharply moved laterally to the right) in 05. I initially had pain below my knee cap and to the right of it as well as in the IT band area. One yr later, mild, occasional tingling in bottom of right foot started but only when I “stressed” my knee (run, swim, bike etc). From the beginning when I injured it, pain in my knee was very mild unless I exercised then it was much worse to the point of not being able to exercise at all.
Avatar m tn I had a meniscus injury almost 2years ago a tear in left knee due to gym exercise while doing thighs exercise and from that time I was exercising my legs and their was no more pain after nearly 8 month , just yesterday I did the same movement once again and I hearted a pop in the same knee and a little pain with a bending movement in the same place after examining it by my self by pressing on the spot is it possible that the tear had happened once again ...
Avatar f tn I have had a really painful right knee under the knee cap,its gradually becoming worse when I kneel down or go up and downstairs(particular going upstairs) I have to hold the rail going up as the pain is really knee does give way at times and if I turn awkwardly I get a severe shooting pain in my knee.I have seen my doc who is sending me to a specialist and arranged physio.what is a knee wash and what does it entail ,she also thinks my menisca is damaged.what treatment can I expect?
Avatar f tn For PCOS a specialized treatment is usually necessary. This will be in the form of weight loss (if overweight), and hormonal therapy for induction of ovulation. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn Having recently torn the cartilage in my left knee and simultaneously diagnosed ‘with a little arthritis’ in the same, and with swelling behind the knee. My Sport’s Ortho said that the swelling was common with the torn cartilage but should go down in time. I began searching on the Web for a magical pain relief remedy (other than my already supplementation of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondrotin, Taurine, Collagen, HA, Cats Claw, Bromelain, MSM, etc., etc., etc….