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Avatar f tn s helped me quite a bit. Jumping jacks to get you started, squats, leg lifts, lunges and quick feet for thighs; planks, v-ups and bicycle crunches for belly and love handles. Then jog if the weather's nice and my mood agrees.
Avatar f tn Have anyone tried jumping jacks to speed up labor do they work my cousin did back bends I'm not trying that lol
Avatar f tn I've heard it's really bad to do jumping jacks while pregnant because the babies imbilicol cord can get in the way and wrap around it's neck!!
Avatar f tn So today in class my teacher made me doing jumping jacks for 1 minute, and I'm 24 weeks.. My mom was pissed that he made me do that, cuz she says it hurts the baby.. Is that true? Also this was my health teacher that made me do this...
Avatar f tn I would try something squats, go for some brisk walks, stretch, if you can have sex..
Avatar n tn Yes, jumping jacks are harmful. But also, what causes you to attempt to find out if jumping jacks are harmful, is also harmful. With just a "yes or no" answer about jumping jacks, it leaves the poster (and the reading public) to seek other ways - like, okay, how about castor oil? How about eating baking soda? Babies are very, very inconvenient little folks, and you have to start out your motherhood surrendering to the inconvenience, and surrender to self-sacrifice.
Avatar f tn s so much movement and sometimes it looks like jumping jacks or something on the outside lol.
Avatar f tn Omg definitely don't do jumping jacks you shouldn't be stretching or jumping!
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! Today.. I was doing jumping jacks and about 5 jumps in I thought I peed myself! it was more like a tinkle... Anyways I went to the bathroom and it wasn't pee it was this clear watery discharge with white specs. Does anyone know what this might be? 3 days ago I lost my virginity. My partner wore a condom. It only lasted about three minutes due to pain.
Avatar f tn If you want to speed your labor up take a hot bath and just relax have rougher sex then usual jumping jacks knee squats n a lil flash dance.
Avatar f tn Bahahaha that would be great. They say driving fast over bumps can induce labor so maybe jumping jacks can too. You never know. Shake that baby out!
Avatar f tn So im 40+1 and I was told to do jumping jacks (it worked for my friend).. any input ladies?
9693895 tn?1406125934 Do jumping jacks. And squats?
Avatar f tn I'm almost 36 weeks.. I decided to do jumping Jack's and fluid started coming out of me.. I went inside and changed my underwear and emptied my bladder and then came back outside and continued my jumping jacks. Fluid started leaking out of me again, soaking my pants and underwear. I'm not sure if it's pee or my water breaking.. it doesn't have a smell. Help!?
Avatar n tn Hi about a year ago while i was doing jumping jacks i pulled a muscle in my left leg now i have a pain in my inner groin, when i step a certain way or try to do any jumping exercises.
Avatar f tn m not looking for other induction methods, I just wanted to know about jumping up and down or jumping jacks.
Avatar f tn This sounds silly but I was 39+3 when I had my daughter.. I did jumping jacks and that night my water broke.. my sister in law also did jumping jacks the night before she had get daughter the next day her water broke as well.. lol I tried everything just like u I crawled on all fours, swayed back and forth on a ball, walked, ate pineapple, and especially used my boyfriend as well, only thing that worked were the jumping jack lol I did about 20!
9905230 tn?1409232795 I've heard of jumping jacks.
Avatar n tn My doctor said I had a pulled muscal in my groin area at the top of my left inner thigh (from doing jumping jacks). The pain gets worse when I wear hills, walk, or sit for a long time. I do soft stretches as my doctor told me, but it only gets better when I stay off of it. I work and am trying to lose weight. What can I do to ease the pain so I can work and exercise properly? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/293452'>Groin Pain</a>.
Avatar f tn This may sound crazy but I was never dialated with my first he was 9 days past his due date the night before I went in labor I did an excess amount of jumping jacks and medicine ball bouncing...
266195 tn?1215310411 I did about 40 jumping jacks took a 2 minute breather then ran down stairs and did 45 more, then took my heart rate and it was between 190-200bpm - the jumping jacks took maybe1 minute each time. I checked it again immediately after and it was at 170, 30 seconds later it was 150 and about 5 minutes later it had gone down to about 109. 20 minutes after it was in the 90's. is this normal for my heart rate to jump up so high?