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Avatar n tn the most I can bend is like 90 degrees, after that, I feel a bad pull in my quadriceps muscles. My quadriceps muscles have swollen just above my knee cap. There is no color or pain. It is just that I feel a bad pull when I bend my knee, its swollen, difficult to walk because of the knee bending problem, there is no pain on the swollen part, but it hurts my quadriceps muscles when I try to bend my knee. Please give me a solution to this problem. I will be more than grateful.
Avatar f tn Get your knee ligaments checked along with quadriceps and hamstrings. The 6 knee ligaments which might get affected are the menisci, collaterals and cruciate ligaments. If you have chronic knee pain in both of your legs then rule out osteoarthritis or other joint problems like Rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic diseases. Go for an X-ray and follow up with an orthopedician for a proper diagnosis. Take care!
603138 tn?1220314934 What is tapped to elicit this reaction is the patellar tendon, the tendon that runs down from the quadriceps muscle in the front of the thigh, over the kneecap (the patella), down to the lower leg. And what happens is that the quadriceps contracts and abruptly brings the lower leg forward. This reaction is involuntary since it occurs without the person willing it to happen.
Avatar n tn In some individuals, the kneecap tends to rub against one side of the knee joint, and the cartilage surface become irritated, and knee pain is the result. Allowing the inflammation of chondromalacia to settle is the first step of treatment. Avoiding painful activities that irritate the knee for several weeks, followed by a gradual return to activity is important. In this time, cross-training activities, such as swimming, can allow an athlete to maintain their fitness while resting the knee.
Avatar f tn I have always had great muscular quadriceps. I had a knee injury last year and now I have arthritis in my right knee. I went through therapy a year ago, but my right quadricep does not look like my left quadricep. My question is: How do I build the muscles back up in my quadriceps (as a matter of fact, my entire thigh area)?
Avatar n tn This essentially means a softening of the cartilage of the knee cap. The anatomical sources of pain in this area is now considered to be from the richly innervated subchondral bone (bone below the articular cartilage), infrapatellar fat pad, or the medial and lateral retinaculum of the joint. “...certain mechanical conditions may predispose you to a mistracking knee cap. ” Cartilage does not have the same blood supply that bone does.
Avatar f tn I am 25 years old and here are my physical issues that cause pain: cysts in my left ankle, previous knee injury/surgery, 'nerve' pain where my quadriceps tendon was removed, 3 herniated thoracic discs, 2 herniated lumbar discs, an 'undiagnosed' right lower quadrant abdominal pain that's been going on fot the past 4 years.
Avatar m tn The outside of my left knee (the left side) clicks whenever I'm bearing weight on it and I bend it more than about 45 degrees. When I touch it, what feels like a bone just above and to the left of the kneecap pops out a little bit. My right knee (which is fine) does something similar but much more subtle and I can't feel it unless I'm actually touching it.
Avatar m tn One of the key components of your rehabilitation programme is pain-free strengthening of your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles and also your calf to improve the control of your knee joint with weight-bearing activities. Discuss with a physiotherapist, learn and practice these at home. If you want faster recovery and do not want to wait for conservative treatment then go for arthroscopic surgical repair. Take care!
Avatar m tn Now I am paying for it, my knee gives way and I have very bad pain every day my leg is half the size of my other and you can see the sutures move in my knee. I have to go for a Camera in my knee in 4 weeks have I damaged my self ? or can i repair this? pls give me some advice I know its my own fault.
Avatar f tn The MCL is intact. LATERAL COMPARTMENT: Allowing for motion artifact, there is fraying to the lateral meniscal posterior horn free edge, and the posterior root is diminutive. Superficial chondral fibrillation is present at the posterior meniscal surface of the tibial plateau without subchondral remodeling. Intact lateral collateral ligament complex and structures of the posterolateral corner. INTERCONDYLAR NOTCH: The anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments are intact.
Avatar m tn After knee replacement surgery the most important thing is the patient should not fall. the 3 falls she had; might be she injured something? May be Quadriceps. Patella is a bone inside the tendon of Quadriceps and she has to be diagnosed with the reason of the failure of surgery she had for knee replacement an year ago. She has to be properly diagnosed of the problem, all parameters explained to your mom before she undergoes repair. Take care!
Avatar f tn bt my knee hurts....i usually suffer frm knee pain...and a nerve near waist and hip hurts me....pain go thru my hurts a days i have started exercising...i use treadmill 30 mins every knee is hurtng more...plz tell me jogging is nt good for me...or wat can i do to t away frm this pain..
Avatar f tn But do you think the pain i have thought was arthritus could actually be pain from having a patellar tendon rupture? If i was to have surgery to realign my patellar would that get rid of the crepitus? Thanks again.
Avatar m tn Triple arthrodesis with tendon transfer of foot performed as a consequence of polio. Calf muscles power 0. Knee going into hyperextension due to weak knee quadriceps. Hip extensors good. Current issue: Since around past 1 month, unable to walk properly/take proper weight on area where the heel meets the achilles tendon. There is bearable pain alongwith little burning sensation in this area. There is no swelling. When calf muscles are sqeezed, foot passively reacts downwards.
Avatar m tn I had partial knee replacement 2.5 months ago. While the pain from the arthritis is mainly gone I am experiencing much tightness and numbness in the knee. Combined with limited strength in my quadricep I have a much difficulty climbing any steps. I am working with a physical therapists but still am frustrated about the limited success. Any thoughts about this. The surgeon looked at the knee through xrays and felt things are going fine.
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Avatar f tn He did an ultrasound and drew off some more fluid and gave him another cortizone shot. The first doctor drew the fluid from under his knee and the second drew it from his knee cap. It has been several weeks now and his pain is back he still has a little swelling but now both his knees hurt. He wears a brace on both his knees now. He has trouble getting up if he has to get down on the ground for something. We are not sure what to do now because both doctors has told him all his test look fine.
Avatar n tn I had a bad fall about a year ago where I landed full force onto my knee which resulted in swelling and bruising that went from my knee down to my foot. I had pain on certain movements from then on. When I would get up sometimes my knee felt like it gave out. Also since then I have not been able to kneel down without pain in the kneecap.
Avatar f tn Hello, If the pain is above the knee cap the most common reason might be due to injury to quadriceps muscle or tendon involvement. As you did not have any injury but as you exercise regularly I still would like to suggest you to rule out ligament or tendon injuries by an MRI of the knee. Systemic diseases can give rise to knee problems without injuries like Rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatic fever, septic arthritis etc.