Knee pain after wearing heels

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Avatar f tn ve noticed I get excruciating pain in my feet legs and hip if I got more then 3 days out of heels. Is this normal!? Is by bodies norm now the tip toe heel position!! How wi this effect me as I get older!?
9619326 tn?1408913215 I feel good wearing them but I'm sure family members will tell me not to wear them
Avatar f tn ) It has since progressed to mid-quad, and over the past year, I pain has worsened, especially when there is even the slightest pressure applied to my ankle, calf, or knee area (soft parts of those areas-not the bone). I do not feel the pain when I am active, standing, or sitting- ONLY when pressure (light or firm) is applied- like during a massage or when my dog rubs pass my leg. I want to mention, I do not have tenderness in my feet or anywhere else like I am experiencing in my lower legs.
Avatar n tn Ok, I just recently started track for my first year and it started out as a small pain. So over spring break I decided I wouldn't run on it. But after school came around again, it was back. But this time it is really bad, like there is this pounding feeling now and it's just awful. Any tips to STOP it. and ways to reduce it for good?
Avatar f tn I am concerned because it seems that not only does my knee kind of hurt but it feels like the pain is working its way up my thigh. It feels like my thigh area kind of tingles a bit. When I straighten my leg it also pops once in a while but not every time. When I walk up and down the stairs I don't feel any pain. It seems the pain gets worse in my leg around night time. During the day my knee does not really bother me at all.
Avatar n tn I have done this before with no problems when I was in High school but after standing for roughly 30 minutes I was in a lot of pain at my knee and radiating down my lower leg. I recently suffered a nasty fall of a horse and landed almost totally on my right knee. I have also been fallen on (by the horse) four times over the last 10 or so years the mpst recent one coming a week after the nasty fall.
Avatar f tn Oh my. Let me just tell you, I'm sure I'm older than you, but wearing 4 inch heels would be impossible for me at this point! Those shoes sound dangerous! lol I think between the fall and wearing the 4 inch heels, your hip just said "heck no". Take some ibuprofen and stretch, walk (keep it moving) and see if it feels better and the pain is gone without coming back. If not, I think you need to get it checked.
314554 tn?1337454119 (Female 46 yr) My podiatrist examined the Morton's Neuromas on both of my feet about year ago. He made my orthotics and I wear ShockDoctor orthotics in some of my other shoes. At one time, I had several knee and tibia "injuries" that were biomechanical in nature from overtraining on the stairmaster and the occasional use/misuse of sports performance & pain meds (no longer use).
Avatar f tn It wont hurt baby unless u fall which is more likely while preggo because ur balance is off and joints are looser but u may not fit into ur heels either
Avatar f tn ll be wearing high heels too ;]
Avatar f tn My doc told me off cuz I was wearing heels at my 11th week.. bur I guess he overreacted. I just dont wear them anymire bc i dont feel comfortable..
Avatar m tn it comes and goes like that, particularly after a long walk or after tennis. i am very active and try to get exercise every day of the week. i went to a podiatrist and he said it was achille's tendonitis and to rest it for a few weeks. i did and it continues to happen. is there any other possible reason for why? thanks.
Avatar f tn He gave me a night brace and I was fitted for a walking brace. He also scheduled an MRI on knee and back after my insistance on knowing what caused it. Come to find out, I had a cyst in my knee that was created from arthritis. The cyst was in my knee and traveled down my leg pushing on the nerve. I had surgery about 3 weeks ago. I have a nice 7" scar down the side of my leg. After a couple months, I MAY see some improvement. 15 months out, I should know where I end up.
Avatar f tn Im 8 months pregnant and I love wearing high heels... it doesnt hurt or anything but I was wondering if there was any way that it wouldn't be healthy or hurt me or the baby... what do u guys think?!?
Avatar f tn Wearing heels would not cause a miscarriage, most miscarriages are due to genetic defects in the fetus and others can be caused by acute illness, trauma, etc ...
20311863 tn?1494830311 Then from there my ankles started swelling and aching - I wear heels during the day and I noticed I feel almost no pain when wearing heels but as soon as I get home and put on flats, the pain becomes unbearable, I then got a bump mid-calf (right leg), it healed and left a black mark, then bumps on the ankles, both healed and left black marks too. As I type this, I have a bump under my right foot that is healing and turning black, another one midcalf on the left leg.
Avatar f tn I had that after delivery but because ib started wearing high heels right away. .. it might be the shoes your wearing? ??
Avatar f tn the pain is at the right side of my right knee, its situated near the fibula, not indicating that my bone is the one hurting, the pain is distinctive as it only hurts in a manner or form of a thread, the pain doesn't take up all of the right part of my knee, its just a thread shape pain that seems to extend from the femur down to the fibula.
Avatar f tn i would be able to walk after about 6 weeks WITH pain and a WALKER but walk properly/run only after 4 months coz the bones will take about 3 months to heal.and then...!should i go through with the surgery with a 4-month layoff.(sounds REALLY TOUGH) or i ignore it and go on 2 enjoy my life till im 40-45??its completely up2 me..i have to make the decision..has any of my friends here gone through the same?(i prey to god it doesnt happen 2 anyone else)i might be going through the same soon..
4592056 tn?1367729094 Hi ladies! What are your takes on wearing high heels during pregnancy? I'm 24 weeks and wear 2-inch heels regularly. My back hasn't been unusually achy and my balance hasn't changed since before I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Plantar Fascitis is always a possiblity. It causes pain in the heels in particular with it being worse when you get up after sitting and yes in the morning it is terrible. The pain can also run across the bottom of your foot as the fascia that runs across there is inflammed and irritated. I had this and I was miserable. I saw an orthopedic specialist and had some physical therapy and achilles tendon stretches.