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Avatar n tn Stretching the front and back or your leg to increase the flexibility in your knee. Perform stretching exercises at the end of your workout when your muscles are warm. Stretch the front of your leg in a standing position by bending your knee and raising your foot up toward your backside. Grasp the ankle with your hand to enhance the stretch. Stretch the back of your legs in a seated position with your legs extended on the floor. Fold forward over your straight legs to stretch your hamstrings.
Avatar f tn If you have a local swimming pool, go and do laps but walking not swimming, this is fantastic for bummed knees. I had to do that as part of my physiotherapy as I had a really bad left knee and two surgeries on it. You can do leg lifts in the water as well as 'scissors' in the water. The water supports your legs and doesn't put pressure on the knees. You could look online for exercises to do in the water, to build up strength then go onto land and do more in the future.
Avatar n tn How would you work on your legs and especially the knee area of fat to tone or lose?
Avatar f tn But, I got permanent swelling from last 3 weeks and pain also. Pain is in my lower and upper part of knee. I tried cooling and hot cycle belt of wrap but still pain exists. This all started from nov 07. I never had injury with my knees. Completed my blood test and routine check up in January 08 but everything is normal. I never had consultation with my knees.
Avatar f tn The bench press, shoulder press, rowing movements, biceps and triceps exercises and abdominal work helps to build lean muscle, which helps burn fat. Set up a series of exercises in a circuit to increase the calorie burn even more. Use caution with leg exercises and lift your feet off the floor if you turn while holding a weight so you don't twist your knee.
Avatar f tn I had a knee injury last year and now I have arthritis in my right knee. I went through therapy a year ago, but my right quadricep does not look like my left quadricep. My question is: How do I build the muscles back up in my quadriceps (as a matter of fact, my entire thigh area)?
Avatar n tn You will be taught strengthening exercises in warm water which supports your weight, enabling you to strengthen your leg muscles and hips etc. without putting strain on them. Once you learn the excercises you need to find a swimming pool with access for disabled as this will have facilities such as shallower steps and handrails. Don't be ashamed to ask for help. Whatever the cause of your weight issue, it is now disabling you, and you need to seek help from this disability.
Avatar f tn Flexing the joint and coordinating the supportive muscles. Slowly bending your knee while lying in a bed or siting in a chair gets the joint used to movement. Hold the bend for a few seconds, and make the entire movement fluid. Straight leg raises and ankle pumps strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support your knee, and can help reduce swelling by increasing blood flow and drainage. Practice walking and climbing stairs with the help of a walker or crutches.
2092579 tn?1332911982 I used to feel some tightness and slight discomfort in right upper part of knee, but it did not bother me much and i continued to do lot of walking and playing Golf. For last few months the pain and discomfort has increased and it feels as if there is some torrn ligament. The joint feels stiff, almost wooden.It is restricting but not so painful so as to need medication. X ray shows joint to be normal. Doctors say that i just need to take it easy to prolong the life of the joint.
Avatar f tn Lift heavier weights. 4. Drink half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily so your muscles stay full and saturated.
Avatar f tn ve done tons of research about stomach fat and the best way to burn it is by a balanced diet and by drinking a lot of water and engaging in both cardio and strength training, but is there anything else? i workout usually everyday, at the least 5 times a week, very rarely 4. I eat quite heathy, taking in a lot of fruits and vegetables and trying to watch my serving sizes and portions.
Avatar f tn t do any cardio that is too taxing on my knee; is there any exercises that have high fat burning principals other than swimming? (I dont have the avilability of swimming where i live).
Avatar m tn on investigating they found that my femor and knee cap was in a bad way and worn and in time i will need a knee cap replacement, however thankfully not at the present time. Iam a fit person who teaches amrtial arts. My problem is that it has been weeks since my operation but the knee is still badly swollen and sore and i am still struggling to straighten it and bend it behonf 40 degrees..
Avatar m tn Hello. just coming on here to see if anyone else has or is still in pain 8+ months after total hip replacement? Back in June of 2012 I had the surgery done. The arthritis had set in to my left hip, but the pain was spread to my left knee?? doc said the hip replacement would more than likely take care of the knee pain. At first (in the second week after) the pain wasn't so bad in the knee, but the pain came back shortly after that and isn't getting better.
Avatar f tn Years ago I did Weight Watchers from the computer and lost 25 pounds. A lot has happen since then. My thyroid was removed, I have osteoarthritis in both knees and can't stand for more than 2 minutes or walk more than 3 minutes without a cane or a grocery cart to lean on, and I have a pool that I can't swim in because I can't kick. I need to loose 45 pounds before the doctor will consider knee replacement. I have no idea what to do and where to start. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee in April this year, went to the hospital and they popped it back in. It took from April to July for me to recover, with different knee braces and pysico. A week after getting discharged from the hospital in July, my knee dislocated again however this time it popped back in by itself, it took until September for it to be fixed. I just got discharged from physio last week (November).
Avatar f tn what is a safe exercises as i have had a right knee replacement will need the left done in the few years and have four bulging discs in my lower spine plus a a trapped nerve on the left hand side due to a narrowing in my tail bone.
Avatar f tn Aerobic activity causes the body to burn fat reserves, resulting in side fat loss. For the quickest result, select activities with the highest calorie burning potential. For example, high-impact aerobics burns 511 calories an hour for a 160-lb. person and jumping rope burns 730 calories an hour, according to Tae Kwon Do burns 730 calories an hour and swimming laps burns 511 calories an hour. Using an exercise ball makes strength training more difficult.
Avatar m tn i underwent left knee orthroscopy for miniscus tear (removal of broken minisci pieces) 5 years back and recently the same with right knee. i was wondering how will it effect knees in longer run. will it effect walking, running, exercising etc?will i be able to perform sports?during routine walking/running,my left knee gives clicking sounds(but theseare painless, the same which got miniscus removed 5 years back ) is it harming knee?
Avatar m tn We will be going in a fourth time, although no one has mentioned this sealing compound that they put in the lung? I realize that the reason for the fluid is because the heart is no 100% yet, but when it's hard to breath one can't exercise all that well. Will this fluid stop and how can one exercise while all this is going on?
4856858 tn?1365378777 Everytime I take my socks off; I have rings around my ankles. Also, I wear small knee braces at times and when I take them off; my knees look like mush. I was given a script for 20 mg of Furosemide (a diuretic) but am afraid to take it because I don't know what it will do. Anyone know if this condition lasts a long time or if there is something I can do to get rid of the water? Thanx.
Avatar f tn I add Hydroxycut drops (9 dollars from Walmart) to my water and drink ONLY water. I also do herbal wraps around my stomach and gargle coconut oil for 20 minutes to pull out toxins. and I try to do this work out (Super fun and easy) as much as I can. http://youtu.
Avatar m tn The pain is constant and specially in the area behind my knee, and on thighs. And now the pain has again expanded to the ankle area (the joint between feet and leg). I have tried doing exercises and such activities, and had some pain killer medicines as well, but the pain has not decreased. The pain especially increases during nights. I searched for the pain over the internet, but could not find any clue regarding the pain. So please help me with the pain. Thank you in advance.