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1461944 tn?1286027942 However, this should be carried out with an experienced therapist as irritating an already irritated nerve is a recipe for disaster! exercises to mobilise the nerve should be 100% pain free at all times... otherwise they are counterproductive. A TENS machine may be a good idea for you... in addition to a good rehab program!See....
Avatar f tn anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy 2x week for 5 months, exercises at home (or bike or swim) and cortisone injection. PT was extensive but worsened the pain: I did taping, dry needling, and ultrasound with hot and cold but all those PT things really hurt and worsened the pain. I don’t do any heavy exercises like squats but pain occurs from walking, resting, stairs, driving. I am seeing a second opinion tomorrow who does specialize in lateral release.
Avatar f tn Every other day focus on your cardiovascular exercises with bringing your heartrate up by jogging in place or knee lifts, jumping jacks, and other aerobic movements. On the opposite days, focus on strength training by targeting the stomach with crunches and sit ups, the thighs can be targeted by lunges, squats, and leg lifts. Repititions are key to each of these types of exercise. When you feel the burn, you're doing good!
Avatar n tn Exercises for the front of your legs like wall squats, you stand with your back against the wall, then bend your knees to lower your hips until your thighs are near parallel with the floor. Maintain your wall squat for five to 10 seconds and then release. Include exercises for the back of your legs such as a leg curl. Stand facing a chair and then bend your knee to lift your foot behind your body and hold it still for three to five seconds. Lift and lower each foot eight to 10 times.
Avatar f tn due to medical restrictions makes it difficult to exercise. Does anyone here have any advice or exercises that could help me get my legs stronger? I am not yet stronger enough for running or jumping but am willing to do whatever it takes to get stronger. All comments are welcome and thank you for taking the time to listen to my rambling.
1652468 tn?1302900498 The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.
Avatar f tn You could use walking supports or knee brace for the time being. Also for starting exercises, it is better to consult a physiotherapist, to avoid movements that could worsen the condition. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar f tn t do any cardio that is too taxing on my knee; is there any exercises that have high fat burning principals other than swimming? (I dont have the avilability of swimming where i live).
Avatar f tn A proper warmup helps to loosen stiff muscles and get your blood flowing. To get your body ready for the exercises that lie ahead, do some brisk walking or other light activity that doesn't hurt your knees until you break a sweat. Then, perform some static stretches to loosen the muscles and ligaments before you begin. Take 10 to 15 minutes to thoroughly warm up your body, or follow a specific routine as set down by your physical therapist, if you have one.
Avatar m tn When I had cartilage surgery on my knee, I was given exercises to start the day after surgery (yes, it hurt). I was expected to have full ROM in two weeks or less. Doing the exercises made all the difference. Were you given exercises, are you doing them, and are you seeing a physical therapist? Your answers should be yes, yes, yes.
Avatar n tn A few weeks later I fell on it very hard, against the side of the bath tub, and it caused me to pull my siatic nerve. My bad knee and whole leg went numb for about 2 months. After that, I noticed my knee was hurting more; I was beginning to fall without warning if my knee hurt or became tired. I went to a few knee specialists and had another round of rehab until they gave me an MRI.
Avatar f tn So Q 1 is what are some good foods for healthy weight gain? Q 2 is what are some exercises I can perform without equipment to build muscle? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee in April this year, went to the hospital and they popped it back in. It took from April to July for me to recover, with different knee braces and pysico. A week after getting discharged from the hospital in July, my knee dislocated again however this time it popped back in by itself, it took until September for it to be fixed. I just got discharged from physio last week (November).
Avatar f tn Aerobic activity causes the body to burn fat reserves, resulting in side fat loss. For the quickest result, select activities with the highest calorie burning potential. For example, high-impact aerobics burns 511 calories an hour for a 160-lb. person and jumping rope burns 730 calories an hour, according to Tae Kwon Do burns 730 calories an hour and swimming laps burns 511 calories an hour. Using an exercise ball makes strength training more difficult.
Avatar m tn After six weeks, patients begin weight bearing and other exercises for another six weeks. Low impact exercises are started at 12 weeks with full exercise at 16 weeks. Return to sports Guidelines is rigorous and you must seek your orthopaedician’s clearance to be able to perform sports specific drills at top speed.
Avatar f tn Instead, keep your weight equally distributed between the hand and knee, using your abs for balance. Google the exercises!!
Avatar f tn After menisectomy I would suggest you to go for physical exercises and exercises to strengthen your quadrceps femoris muscle before thinking about surgical procedures. Rehabilitation after arthroscopic meniscectomy carries little or no risk. Rehabilitation is continued until the knee has regained full range of motion and strength .
Avatar m tn This is done by cutting the lower bone of the knee in a particular. For the cost of surgery, you have to ask the orthopedic surgeons in your area but it is quite affordable and recovery is good.
Avatar f tn You also can do muscle strengthening exercises for knee pain.A physical therapist may help in pain management.You can take some NSAID like acetaminophen or ibubrufen for the pain.
Avatar f tn Try strengthening the muscles, specifically the inner portion of the quadriceps through low-impact exercises such as swimming, or other exercises that do not require the knee to bend more than 90 degrees. If the condition fails to improve, arthroscopic surgery may be required to smooth the surface of the articular cartilage and remove cartilage fragments that interfere with the joint during bending and straightening.