Knee exercises for arthritic knees

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Avatar f tn The supplement is used to help the body make more cartilage, and to reduce pain; in the knee for example. There is controversy as to how helpful this supplement is in improving arthritic knee pain, but some patients do report benefit with long-term use.
529224 tn?1400648219 ) - which my consultant had suggested before first knee OP, and my knee (despite being in a worse arthritic state than the first knee before OP!) improved - I don't have pain, or instability anymore!
Avatar m tn Shoulders also get stretched when you attempt to touch the knees. Try to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Repeat this for left knee. This exercise will help girls to lose weight fast and easily. Kicking Kicking in air helps in reducing calories from thighs. The faster and higher the kick more is the amount of fat burned. Push-ups Lie down on any flat surface in face down position. Put all your body weight on your palms placed tightly on the surface, beside your shoulders.
Avatar m tn I am glad to hear that all your knee pains have gone. Just be aware that with arthritic problems, things subside and then can flare up again. If you want for MedHelp to notify you via your emails, you have to change your settings which you will find when you go into your Profile Page. Also if you tick that you wish to add posts to your Watch List, you tick the little box below the Post a Comment Box. Also under a question you can choose to watch too. This will then be in your Watches.
Avatar m tn Hi! Will exercises help me get rid off the knock knees? I'm 14.
Avatar n tn Have been reading other's experiences of cold knees. Mine started with one knee and was kind of an odd sensation in the depth of the knee that kept me awake at night and could not be relieved with painkillers or external warmth like a sock over the knee. It has just got progressively worse over the years and now in two knees and more intense, can't sleep or go back to sleep when woken in the night from it.
Avatar f tn Surgical repair for torn meniscus of L' Knee. 3 months post-op it buckled, caused tear during fall to R' Knee and meniscus was surgically repaired but has also failed, although the surgeon refuses to order an MRI to "prove" this latest injury. Pain is an issue as I am allergic to all pain meds ordered to date and take nothing for the pain levels of 9-10. Before injury both knees were healthy, minimal arthritic changes on MRI's in spite of age 58 and obesity.
Avatar f tn ve found that yoga is wonderful for my knees. It stretches out my legs, while strengthening them so that my knees do not have to work as hard. Everything in your body is connected: for example, when you work on stretching and strengthening your hips you are helping your back and legs. I also use braces and athletic tape. I wrap athletic tape around my bad knee and an ankle brace on my bad foot. I've gotten to the point where I can run 3-8 miles a week.
Avatar f tn I think your best answer will come from a physical therapist. The key is to find exercises that do not damage your arthritic knee while allowing you to build your quad. Ask your doc for a referral to a PT.
Avatar n tn You should consult a Physical therapist to manage the pain and muscle strengthening exercises along with the therapy will help you.You need not go for a MRI ,instead focus on reducing weight so that your knees can bear the weight.
1176841 tn?1330832460 Docs found on my ankle MRI 1) Marked subcutaneous edema of the distal lower leg and ankle. 2) fluid present within the flexor hallucis longus tendon sheath. The fluid extends along the plantar surface of the tendon as it progresses towards the insertion of the hallux. 3) Degenerative changes within the hindfoot. 4) Subchondral cyst is present as well as adjacent cyst within the sustentaculum tali at the level of the medial subtalar joint. Diagnosis: Tenosynovitis of flexor hallucis longus.
Avatar m tn About 15 years ago, a sports orthopedist gave me some really serious knee braces and said they would stabilize my loose knees. They controlled the pain. But over the last couple of years or so I arrive at this point: Both knees hurt all of the time and it makes it very difficult for me to even walk or bicycle. Prior to having knee surgery (I don't have a surgeon yet) I want to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and lose about 20 pounds (I weigh about 20 1bs ; I now weigh 260.
Avatar f tn Sherry, Speaking as someone with two arthritic knees, anything that affects your gait can add to the wear and tear on your knees. When I hurt my first knee, that made me walk funny, which probably didn't do the other knee any good, then I hurt the good knee. OK, maybe I just have bad genes, but I do know when I limp, my knees hurt worse. I think that thigh atrophy and tight calf muscle would definitely pull things out of their normal position, causing extra wear and tear.
293157 tn?1285873439 Hey wobbly, I cant say what it is, i've had the feeling of being hit with a base ball bat across both knees, i dont do anything at all, it just happens. I get woken up from sleep with it, get up from a chair, walk even, no rhyme or reason for it that i can work out. I do recall a time when it was just my right knee, this happens every year and has for well over 20 years.
Avatar f tn The lunge is lowering your body to the ground from a standing position by stepping forward with one leg and bending both legs. Like the previous exercises, keep your torso upright and your knees and feet pointing forward. Gray Cook, who is a physical therapist and founder of Functional Movement Systems in Danville, Virginia, recommends that you hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand to challenge your body's stability.
Avatar f tn As you get stronger, instead of lifting with your knees, you can lift with your feet. Hold the position for about 60 seconds. Tighten your core the entire time. Work up to completing this movement two to three times during your workout session. If need be google these exercises to see how they are done! Get the OK from your doctor first!! As for the BUTT, The best exercise for strengthening, toning and shaping your buttocks is the following.
Avatar f tn Hello and Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I don't know your general age which does make a difference in knee issues. The warmth usually is indicative of inflammation. So you could have a arthritic type of condition in your knee. A "lock up" or popping can mean a problem with your meniscus. It's impossible to be certain actually what may be going on without some imagining of the area. I would consult your PCP.
Avatar f tn I would suggest you get those knees checked out. Maybe ask for a MRI to make absolutely nothing going wrong in there.
634733 tn?1316625992 Since that relapse and the arthroscopy I had on the arthritic knee, I have pain, stiffness and all sorts of sx in both my legs and now pain in both knee joints, one hip and my back also gets involved sometimes, this is my main concern currently as I cannot work out what is causing what!!! So anyone with the same please advice as to how to tell the difference? Or do others have the same problems.
Avatar n tn Exercises for the front of your legs like wall squats, you stand with your back against the wall, then bend your knees to lower your hips until your thighs are near parallel with the floor. Maintain your wall squat for five to 10 seconds and then release. Include exercises for the back of your legs such as a leg curl. Stand facing a chair and then bend your knee to lift your foot behind your body and hold it still for three to five seconds. Lift and lower each foot eight to 10 times.
Avatar f tn You could use walking supports or knee brace for the time being. Also for starting exercises, it is better to consult a physiotherapist, to avoid movements that could worsen the condition. Hope this is useful. Take care!
Avatar m tn After six weeks, patients begin weight bearing and other exercises for another six weeks. Low impact exercises are started at 12 weeks with full exercise at 16 weeks. Return to sports Guidelines is rigorous and you must seek your orthopaedician’s clearance to be able to perform sports specific drills at top speed.
Avatar f tn If you have a local swimming pool, go and do laps but walking not swimming, this is fantastic for bummed knees. I had to do that as part of my physiotherapy as I had a really bad left knee and two surgeries on it. You can do leg lifts in the water as well as 'scissors' in the water. The water supports your legs and doesn't put pressure on the knees. You could look online for exercises to do in the water, to build up strength then go onto land and do more in the future.