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Avatar m tn on investigating they found that my femor and knee cap was in a bad way and worn and in time i will need a knee cap replacement, however thankfully not at the present time. Iam a fit person who teaches amrtial arts. My problem is that it has been weeks since my operation but the knee is still badly swollen and sore and i am still struggling to straighten it and bend it behonf 40 degrees..
Avatar m tn The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn Hi Dr. Gross, I had a total knee replacement 1 year ago for severe arthritis. The pain is still there and I can't walk right, also my knee cap keeps going out and I fall or almost fall. My Ortho gave me a brace to wear and PT to go to, to streng. then muscles around the knee. It hasn't helped. My knee cap is still my own. Why wasn't that replaced with the total knee also? Is that a norm? I am so upset and will be getting a second opinion. Any ideas why this is happening.
Avatar f tn My brother couldn't get the knee replacement he needs because of his MS, as an alternative he looked into chichens comb injections. Can anyone tell me how effective they have been for others. Many thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi i have had total knee replacement, and belive all was good ,was walking very quick after severe pain for five weeks . But now when laying in bed at night get sharpe pains shoot through my thigh and knee, like a electric shock or cramp, does anybody else get this ??
Avatar m tn x-rays show obvious knee cap deteriation ( less than 50 % of the other knee in size ) and an old MRI report said slight sublexation- I have two questions untill I get a different referral from my PCP ( although the doc stated the obvious about the knee cap he did not even bother to allow me to show him what happens when I bend my knee and it wobbles and crunchs and did not even offer a brace solution to my falls ) 1.
Avatar f tn I was told I had bone on bone in my knee cap...has anyone used synvisc with success for this type of pain. I also was told that I would need to have both my knees replaced, would like to avoid this.
Avatar f tn 5 months ago I had bilateral knee replacement, I am having sharp pain behind my right knee. This started about one month back. It usually only happens when i am laying down, but now is happenning when I am sitting. The pain is very sharp wakes me up.Other than this pain I am doing great, but i just want to know if this is just part of the healing process or is there a problem?
Avatar n tn I'm 51 years old and had partial knee replacement Nov 6th. The knee itself is feeling pretty good. I still have some swelling and numbness on the knee. The problem is I can't stand to have clothing, blankets or anything touching my leg. It starts at my knee and goes to my foot. I also have some swelling in my foot. This is not just annoying but it's very painful.
647391 tn?1275016633 What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar f tn It has been two years since I have had a total left knee replacement . I still have stiffness in my knee and I can not bend it more than a 90 degree angle. I swim, walk, take yoga classes & constantly try to stretch it -- but nothing happens. Is there anything I can do for this ?
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn It also showed some arthritis under the knee cap. The surgery included a scraping and shaping under the knee cap. After surgery there was still sensitivity on the medial side of knee. Surgeon said it was because of the way the knee was held open during surgery and it would fade. It did for a time and now it is back. If I move my left leg from left to right and have some resistance against the foot there will be a sharp pain in the medial meniscus.
Avatar m tn I feel I have more damage on the tibia too because I have lots of pain below my knee cap and in my lower joint line behind my knee. My concern is that this surgery will fail for me because of the size of defect, the fact that this has been going on for 2 years, and the amount of other damage I have in other areas of my knee.
Avatar f tn My knee pops all the time, sometimes loud enough you can hear it. The pain is below the knee cap on the left and right side and ontop of the knee cap on the right side and on the inside of the knee from above the knee to below the knee. For the last week and a half I've been getting sharp pains on the right inside of the knee and above the knee while walking or turning from right to left. When this happens the pain is so bad that I can hardly walk.
Avatar n tn When I got up the right knee on the right side below the knee cap in was pain. Today when I tried to get from the bathroom and put weight on it was so intensed with the pain. What happen did I pull a tendon or something?
3147730 tn?1343154021 Did you do your PT after surgery? I had surgery back in Mar 2012 for this. I had intense thearpy 2 x weekly for about 2 months. I have my full range of motion BUT like you my knee cap gets off track & I have to jerk my knee back in a quick motion or try to maunevere it until I can hear the pop. It is called an unstable knee cap. Look on line for knee excersices you can do to strengthen your knee muscles & ligaments & even the knee cap. You need thearpy, not pain management.
Avatar m tn s called and it *****. I had a Lateral Release done to fix the off-line knee cap, and it failed as well. All of my cartilege was gone, and my pain is just as bad, although different. My other option was literally sawing through the bone and resetting it, but like you wish you hadn't done it, that's what I'm afraid of. What if it fails and is even worse? Not to mention the extensive recovery time that I cannot afford. I'm truly sorry to hear that, I wish it had worked for you.
Avatar n tn With my last shot of Synivsc it felt like it went into a bursa under the knee cap. since then I have had multiple issues and I'm not getting answers. What can happen and what can I expect. I have contacted the doctors office 4 times and they are not letting me speak with the dog, the PA or the nurse take the call or the Secretary calls back.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a total knee fusion before having knee replacement. I am a 31 year old female who had a total knee fusion. After a year and half of not having full use of my leg and severe hip pain due to all my weight shifting on one side because I can not bend my leg it has now caused severe pain in my hip and both legs and lower back.
Avatar n tn Now I have arthritis on the knee and bone on bone. My doctor says because of the loss of the patella I cannot have a knee replacement. The arthritis is on the lateral/inside. Is this true?
Avatar m tn My initial recovery from the left knee replacement was excellent. I was walking without a cane within 7 days, and no longer needed any medication stronger than ibupuprofen. I had six weeks of in home physiotherapy that I performed religiously on my own on the days that the physiotherapist was not present. I supplemented the physio with strength training in my exercise room downstairs.