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Avatar n tn I had a total knee replacement done over 14 weeks ago and still have quite a bit discomfort. My knee down to my ankle will swell and I get a burning sensation that will last for hours. I have been to the doctors several times and i am being told that this is normal and could last up to 1 year. I had the other knee replaced and didn't have anywhere near the pain I am having with this knee.
Avatar f tn I am 58 year old female. I just had my second total knee replacement to the rt knee on Nov 18,2014. This one has hurt and swelled so bad. I felt pretty good on morning after surgery. Got up with therapy and walked 300 ft. did all the other stuff, heel slides, etc. Well they killed me that night, they put me in that cpn machine and set it for 110. I was in that thing all night. I could hardly walk to the bathroom little alone do anything else.
Avatar m tn On September 7/12 I received a total knee replacement of my left knee. I suffer from severe osteoarthrits and am only 59 years of age. I previously had shoulder replacements in 2008 and 2010 respectively. My right knee is scheduled for replacement on March 25th of this year. My initial recovery from the left knee replacement was excellent. I was walking without a cane within 7 days, and no longer needed any medication stronger than ibupuprofen.
647391 tn?1275016633 What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar n tn I had a patellectomy 35 years ago and am scheduled for total knee replacement in December. According to my surgeon, thousands of these procedures have been done and it is actually a simpler procedure without the patella. The recovery period is longer due to the muscle atrophy and general lack of strength associated with the loss of the patella.
Avatar f tn m only 46) and having some other health issues (lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma), he would strongly suggest going with a total knee FUSION as opposed to a total knee REPLACEMENT. He said that because I am relatively young (although I don't feel young most days) and have the autimmune problems, there is an increased chance that a knee replacement would not last very long for me and would have to be done at least one more time, if not several times.
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn This would be a difficult question to answer without the relevant clinical details. A knee replacement is not preferred in young patients as the life of a knee replacement around 10-20 years (the newer devices last longer than the older ones). Though knee replacements are usually successful and help in regaining movements around the joint conservative management is preferred due to the risk associated with the replacement surgery and a possible re-replacement surgery.
20826829 tn?1525539210 My surgeon put the hardware clearly through my other bone causing pain everyday for the last 7 years. I was 24 years old. And now I have bone on bone from the grinding to become to look like a 70-80 year old. I'm sick of being in pain. My new doc said he would do a total knee replacement surgery. I don't want to go through this again, recovery sucks. I put off my total knee replacement surgery because I am nervous. Help me in pain.
Avatar f tn Hi i have had total knee replacement, and belive all was good ,was walking very quick after severe pain for five weeks . But now when laying in bed at night get sharpe pains shoot through my thigh and knee, like a electric shock or cramp, does anybody else get this ??
Avatar n tn I'm a 66 yr old female, normal weight. Had a total knee replacement six months ago because of a torn ACL, torn meniscus and arthritic knee. The pain is now worse than before I had the replacement surgery. My knee is always swollen, stiff and hot to touch since surgery. I have taken Celebrex that helped the pain but had to stop because my kidney function BU/CU ratio is now elevated. I cannot take other NSAID's because they elevate my blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I am increasing weight bearing a little at a time and in physical therapy. A year ago I also had a total knee replacement on the same side. I want to know realistically how long it will be before I can drive and ditch the crutches and walking air cast? I also need to do the same total knee replacement and foot reconstruction on the other leg. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
Avatar n tn I had my total knee replacement in June of 2017. All good, normal recovery, clicking once in a while but not too bad until December, when it started to grind. No pain when I walk or sit, but when I get up from sitting, I feel and hear grinding. Does anyone know what that is?
Avatar m tn The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn also have grade iii changes to lateral tibial plateau. I have been told that I will eventually have to have a total knee replacement. Also.i have read the MRI report pre surgery & it said there is also minor pers bursitis & tendonosis to quadriceps tendon. Neither of these have been discussed with me as regards treatment. I'm not sure if I'm just being impatient with recovery expectations or if it's normal to still be so uncomfortable 4wks post surgery.
Avatar f tn I had a osteotomy on my right knee which was a total disaster and had to have a total knee replacement later. I need total knee replacement on my left knee. I am so scared to get it because of what I went through with my right leg. With tka's what is the % of surgeries that turn out normal? I know I have to have the P.T. for about 6 weeks and all that but boy it's a painfull surgery and what type of pain medication would you think would be sufficent?
Avatar f tn 5 months ago I had bilateral knee replacement, I am having sharp pain behind my right knee. This started about one month back. It usually only happens when i am laying down, but now is happenning when I am sitting. The pain is very sharp wakes me up.Other than this pain I am doing great, but i just want to know if this is just part of the healing process or is there a problem?
Avatar n tn My wife (48 yrs old) had a total hip replacement the last week of March. She had the right one replaced in 1986. The did some sort of an epidural, in addition to general anesthetic. The day after surgery, she noticed her left leg very numb. It is now 7 weeks later, and she still has a lot of numbness in her left leg. So much that she cannot walk without crutches. There is no hip pain, only weakness in the leg (mostly knee) that will not allow her to support herself without crutches.
Avatar f tn I had a total left knee replacement 2 1/2 months ago. For the last 3 wks my knee is sswollen, warm to touch, is swelled down into my ankle and hurts constantly. If my puppy lays against the outside of my thigh,its excruciating pain all the way down. Even behind the knee is swollen and warm to the touch. The pain is also down my shin bone. Is there a possibility of a blood clot this long after surgery? Even my calf hurts. I don't get Any Sleep and even my toes hurt to move them.
Avatar m tn In May 2009 I had a total left knee replacement. December 2009, left hip replacement. June 2010 Right hip replacement. In June 2011, my doctor told me the Left knee component had come loose and needed to be replaced. Revision left knee done in December 2011. He said the cement had failed to bond to the bone on tibia and femur. He basically lifted out the prosthesis. He did say that 3 brands of cement are available and he used a different type in the TKR revision surgery.
Avatar n tn Can a Tens Unit be used on a knee replacement? My Aunt had a full knee replacement done last year, and she's still in pain. I bought one for my back. I was wondering if it could used for her.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a total knee fusion before having knee replacement. I am a 31 year old female who had a total knee fusion. After a year and half of not having full use of my leg and severe hip pain due to all my weight shifting on one side because I can not bend my leg it has now caused severe pain in my hip and both legs and lower back.
Avatar f tn Total knee replacements take time to heal properly. Trust me, I have had both knees replaced and know many other with arthritis, bot osteo and rhematoid that have had knee replacement as well. Each of us heal in our own time frame but the general length of time for all to be really right again seems to be around 5 - 6 months. At three months, which was what I was told I should be doing well, I still had a lot of PT and work to do.
98474 tn?1240105274 wow..I was not aware of the criteria for total knee surgery. I have heard the recovery is much harder than hip replacement. I see the ortho next week and I will post again.