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Avatar f tn 5 months ago I had bilateral knee replacement, I am having sharp pain behind my right knee. This started about one month back. It usually only happens when i am laying down, but now is happenning when I am sitting. The pain is very sharp wakes me up.Other than this pain I am doing great, but i just want to know if this is just part of the healing process or is there a problem?
647391 tn?1275016633 What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn Now I have arthritis on the knee and bone on bone. My doctor says because of the loss of the patella I cannot have a knee replacement. The arthritis is on the lateral/inside. Is this true?
1092452 tn?1257350509 I had a knee replacement in June 09, I spent 4weeks in a rehab. center..physical therapy 6 days a week. Right after surgery I had ' foot drop ' So I had to deal with that + my knee...It's been 5 months.. well my knee still hurts so much it wake's me up at night, Is this normal ? Any one have this problem ? Any suggestion ? I really need help. Please I can't stand it much longer..
Avatar m tn The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar f tn m only 46) and having some other health issues (lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma), he would strongly suggest going with a total knee FUSION as opposed to a total knee REPLACEMENT. He said that because I am relatively young (although I don't feel young most days) and have the autimmune problems, there is an increased chance that a knee replacement would not last very long for me and would have to be done at least one more time, if not several times.
Avatar m tn My initial recovery from the left knee replacement was excellent. I was walking without a cane within 7 days, and no longer needed any medication stronger than ibupuprofen. I had six weeks of in home physiotherapy that I performed religiously on my own on the days that the physiotherapist was not present. I supplemented the physio with strength training in my exercise room downstairs.
Avatar f tn My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees". Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees.
20826829 tn?1525539210 My surgeon put the hardware clearly through my other bone causing pain everyday for the last 7 years. I was 24 years old. And now I have bone on bone from the grinding to become to look like a 70-80 year old. I'm sick of being in pain. My new doc said he would do a total knee replacement surgery. I don't want to go through this again, recovery sucks. I put off my total knee replacement surgery because I am nervous. Help me in pain.
Avatar m tn She recently had a replacement on the other knee and noticed the difference in recovery right away that there seemed to be a weakness still in the knee she had done a year ago. The doctor often would answer my mothers concerns by telling her the knee was fine it was just in her head, and she just needed to continue to strengthen her leg with further excersise.
Avatar n tn I had my hip replacement in nov 2007 and had the same promlem. my dr explained the knee pain/numbness is due to the manipulation of the bones during surgury. I guess they pull on and twist the bone around quite a bit so the nerves around the knee take a beating. If I remember right it was about 2 months that it stayed really numb then did gradually come back. It has been 18 months now and I still have an area of about the size of a half dollar on the inside side of my knee that is numb.
Avatar m tn on investigating they found that my femor and knee cap was in a bad way and worn and in time i will need a knee cap replacement, however thankfully not at the present time. Iam a fit person who teaches amrtial arts. My problem is that it has been weeks since my operation but the knee is still badly swollen and sore and i am still struggling to straighten it and bend it behonf 40 degrees..
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee while instructing a class and did major damage and ended up having a knee replacement in December 2013. Upon waking up in recovery I was given a femoral nerve block for pain. While they were inserting the nerve block I experienced extreme pain that felt like I was being shocked repeatedly in my knee for about 10seconds which caused me to scream like I have never before. That was 10 weeks ago and I am having major problems since.
Avatar f tn I have had arthroscopic surgery on both knees, about 15 years apart, the last was in '08. Now I'm suffering more pain than ever before. My ortho. says the only thing left to do is knee replacement for both knees. I've tried cortisone shots, no help, and I can't think of the name of the other shots right now but there are (2) in succession. Although there might have been a very slight reduction in pain, it only lasted a week or two. I've talked with the ortho.
Avatar f tn I am 58 year old female. I just had my second total knee replacement to the rt knee on Nov 18,2014. This one has hurt and swelled so bad. I felt pretty good on morning after surgery. Got up with therapy and walked 300 ft. did all the other stuff, heel slides, etc. Well they killed me that night, they put me in that cpn machine and set it for 110. I was in that thing all night. I could hardly walk to the bathroom little alone do anything else.
Avatar n tn I had my total knee replacement in June of 2017. All good, normal recovery, clicking once in a while but not too bad until December, when it started to grind. No pain when I walk or sit, but when I get up from sitting, I feel and hear grinding. Does anyone know what that is?
Avatar m tn The arthritis had set in to my left hip, but the pain was spread to my left knee?? doc said the hip replacement would more than likely take care of the knee pain. At first (in the second week after) the pain wasn't so bad in the knee, but the pain came back shortly after that and isn't getting better. I was referred to a Pain management clinic here in Ohio and was prescribe (perkocet) physical therapy.
1710955 tn?1309446473 I believe MS weakness has delayed recovery after a surgery or three but I don't specifically remember a flare in MS symptoms following on the heels of any surgery. I do also have a history of RLS (restless leg syndrome) and that most definitely HAS gotten worse during and after major surgical stressors. RLS symptoms have a recognized connection to stress and low ferritin levels. I especially noticed the increased problem with RLS after my knee replacement surgery.
Avatar m tn I will try to keep this short and tyvm for any replies. I am 9 months post op from total knee replacement. I have been taking 2 10/ 325 Norco's every 4 hours for the knee pain for the last 2 years. I am 46 years old and have had a difficult recovery from the surgery. Had my knee drained several times and had to cut rehab short due to swelling and Clunking in the knee. Its stiff, painful and is popping and shifting.
Avatar f tn My brother couldn't get the knee replacement he needs because of his MS, as an alternative he looked into chichens comb injections. Can anyone tell me how effective they have been for others. Many thanks.
Avatar f tn also have grade iii changes to lateral tibial plateau. I have been told that I will eventually have to have a total knee replacement. Also.i have read the MRI report pre surgery & it said there is also minor pers bursitis & tendonosis to quadriceps tendon. Neither of these have been discussed with me as regards treatment. I'm not sure if I'm just being impatient with recovery expectations or if it's normal to still be so uncomfortable 4wks post surgery.
405614 tn?1329144114 After an injury in 11/1990, three arthroscopies over the years, last one 07/10/2006, I had (R) knee joint replacement surgery, on 08/05/2013, at IU Health Methodist Hospital, in Indianapolis, IN, by Dr. J. Andrew Parr & team. Was given a spinal & put under. Had xrays 3 months out of surgery & got images on disc.
Avatar f tn would do since they have such a wide range of sizes, others said possibly a custom knee replacement would be needed, and then another said knee fusion or a replacement that would require drilling 5 inches into the tib and fem to install the hardware. Haven't found anyone who has done TKR on a leg with lower limb paralysis using an AFO. That's the kind of surgeon I'm trying to find.
Avatar n tn I recently learned that during my right knee replacement, the surgeon severed a nerve in the back of my knee near the right side. After 4 years of pain, drugs and almost loosing my job, I saw a new pain doctor who sent me for a 3D sonogram which is how I discovered this. Can this nerve be repaired?
98474 tn?1240105274 loosening of the stem of my hip replacement on the same side as my knee pain. I am wondering if this could cause the knee to degenerate faster? What happens if they remove the menicus in an older person like me? I have read somthing about arthritis being worse after that surgery. Why is it your feeling that repairing it would not work very well?