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Avatar f tn I have two kidney stones in one kidney and two stones in the other. They are two big to pass (6 and 7 mm) so the doctor is putting me on a medication for the next three months in the hopes of dissolving them. He did say they are non-dissolvable, so I am confused. I have blood in my urine, which triggered the ultrasounds of my kidneys and bladder. I don't understand why he didn't give me the option of a lithotrypsy. I am trying to get pregnant, so I don't know if that was a reason.
Avatar m tn Drink plenty of water and talk to your nephrologist regarding the treatment of kidney stones which include pain killers, trying avoiding taking calcium rich foods. If the symptoms persist then surgical intervention is needed. This includes, ureteroscopy, ureteral stent placement, ESWL and percutaneous nephrostomy. I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist and discuss the various treatment options. Hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn I have just had treatment for kidney stones -- the stone is too large to pass and it is translucent. Efforts to enter the kidney from the back and remove it failed as I was told the surgeon and the radiologist could not see the stone at the same time. I was released and thy have a drain tube on my kidney. I am to return in one week. What procedures might they be considering to remove the stone.
895634 tn?1283992810 Kidney stone often is hereditary so you should ask if any relatives also had kidney stones. Taking pain killers for the pain is not the proper treatment for kidney stones. Taking a pain killer to avoid the pain is not good medicine. It is masking the underlying condition which can be a serious one. A hepatologist is not an expert in kidney disease. They should refer you to a Urologist. A Urologist specializes in diseases and conditions of the kidneys and urinary track.
1619332 tn?1299021545 So after they made the pain go away and they gave me pain medication to take home and a follow up appointment with a Urologist to check out the remaining 3 kidney stones and to make sure I passed that one I was sent home. Well the Urologist seemed nice and he took another CT scan on my follow up appointment to make sure I passed my first kidney stone, which I did, and check out the other 3 in my right kidney. He told me that to just come in for check ups and that was it.
Avatar m tn is the edema, fatigue and flu like symptoms related to the kidney stone. i'm have it crushed next week so i can pass it, and i'm hoping all these symptoms will pass along with the stone.
Avatar n tn Hello, Alfuzosin is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It is not used for kidney stones. Kidney stones are of four types: calcium oxalate stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones or cystine stones. Potassium citrate is used for the treatment of stones. I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist to determine the type of stone. Treatment modes include Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithrotripsy (ESWL), uteroscopic stone removal and percutaneous nephrolithotomy.
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Avatar n tn If it is determined that lithotripsy will break them up, it is a fairly easy procedure for the patient, but all it does is break up the stones into smaller pieces. They still have to pass, so it can be uncomfortable to get rid of the stones. But other types of stones have other treatments, so see a urologist and hear what he says about your situation.
Avatar f tn It turns out I have 5 kidney stones. I am new to this. One is 3mm is long and was blocking 2/3 the way down. I was bloated, felt like I would vomit, and had extrem pain. after morphine. they sent me home. I was better and thought I had passed the stone until recently everything is returning in the same order as yesterday. I am scared and dont want to return to the ER they said 3mm was not that big but almost admitted me. I am a bit confussed and really not feeling well.
Avatar m tn Watchful waiting is not used for patients who have a fever, urinary tract infection, pain that cannot be controlled by pain medication, or persistent nausea and vomiting. Surgery Surgical treatment may be necessary for kidney stones too large to pass naturally or that may cause bleeding, kidney damage or ongoing urinary tract infections.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Kidney stones usually pass out through the urine stream with in 48hours. But this depends upon the size of the stone. A 4mm stone has 80% chances of coming out spontaneously, where as 5mm stone has 20% chances. Stones more than this size usually require treatment. Medical management includes calcium channel blockers, alpha blockers etc. Surgical treatment involves shock wave lithotripsy or percutaneous nephrolithotomy or open surgery.
Avatar f tn Hello, Though in most cases these stones pass on their own but if not then it can result in many complications like initiation of normal labour, risk of urinary tract infection or urosepsis.Treatment in pregnancy varies individual to individual. For pain relief consult your urologist considering what is safe during pregnancy. Bed rest, hydration, analgesia, stent placement, percutaneous nephrostomy are the possible options.
Avatar n tn I have had recurrent kidney stones since 2000 in 2001 I finally was told that I have Medullary Sponge Kidneys the problem is that in the last 2 months I have passed at least one stone a week and I am sick of being in continuous pain. The ER won't do anything but give me pain medicine and sometimes treats me as if I am just a seeker of drugs.
Avatar n tn Also if the patient is symptomatic or not is a deciding factor in the choice of treatment. About 90% of stones 4 mm or less in size usually will pass spontaneously, however 99% of stones larger than 6 mm will require some form of intervention. There are various measures that can be used to encourage the passage of a stone. These can include increased hydration, medication for treating infection and reducing pain, and diuretics to encourage urine flow and prevent further stone formation.
Avatar m tn I had to visit the emergency room about a week ago with a stone blocking the flow of urine from my bladder. I often have stones and pass them with little difficulty, but this one got stuck, and I had to have a catheter inserted. I do not normally have a problem passing urine. The doctor started me on Flomax, but after four days I had to stop. I was dizzy, disoriented, and my vision blurred. Even walking was difficult.
Avatar f tn Oh, urine dipsticks always indicate nitrate + but leukocyte -. Urologist says that kidney stones should pass on their own, but otherwise doesn't know what to do????! ANy help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn No i don't have any other pain conditions. Just stones and kidney infections as a result of the stones. I take antibiotics about 2 weeks out of every month to keep the constant infections at bay which i can't imagine is good. Im assuming he refferred me to the pain mgmt dr because he's afraid of prescribing pain meds on such a regular basis. I can understand it but its still not easy for me because I'm uninsured and can't really afford to add another dr to the mix.
Avatar m tn The pain of kidney stones are excruciating for some and others feel nothing, depending on the size of the stone. The pain comes from the stone moving down from the kidney to the bladder via the ureter. Once it is in the bladder, usually you shouldn't experience any pain . Drink lots of water!!! This is the only way to flush them out. You will never know if you have passed it out in your urine unless you strain it.
Avatar n tn Hello, Stones less than size 4 mm in diameter usually pass off on their own. Stones between 5-10 mm may pass off occasionally but not always. You have developed hydroureter and hydronephrosis due to collection of urine above the site of obstruction. You must not ignore this as long standing obstruction can lead to damage to the kidney.
Avatar f tn I am a 60 yr old female with extensive history of kidney stones since 1978 (before lithotrypsy), recurrent infections & blood in urine. I am prone to both calcium stones & uric acid stones. First kidney stone was size of a walnut & could not pass so was removed by actual surgery. Over the yrs I experienced more stones that would not pass so more surgeries. Have developed scar tissue in both ureters & have had 2 stents. Extreme pain so stent removal.
Avatar n tn // I hope this helps. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I've had cysteine kidney stones since I was 16, am now 23. I am also 9 weeks pregnant and I know while pregnant they can't do surgery. But, I have like 5-6 stones in my left side and my right side has some obstruction here lately I've been having a lot of pain, had worse, but still hurts. What options do I have to get rid of the pain while being pregnant? If anybody can help, please do.
Avatar f tn ( I have no idea what the deal is until I can get an appointment
Avatar n tn Hi, How many times have you experienced this ? Was this present prior to the treatment of your kidney stones? What kind of treatment did you undergo? This may be case of dry orgasm or orgasm with no seminal discharge. The following may lead to a dry orgasm: "Retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, semen is forced back into the bladder instead of out through the penis.
342647 tn?1291111533 I suffer from kidney stones... they suck, but I have a high pain tolerance and opt not to take anything. Yes, they hurt... but if you think about how the pain won't last forever, it helps. And, the stones would have to be pretty large for them to cause kidney damage. Just so you know, most of the time kidney stones resolve themselves. They will break down in the kidneys and most of the time you won't even know you are passing them.
Avatar f tn ESWL Studies - Frequent Kidney Stones Hi, My husband is a 30 year old frequent kidney stone producer. He had his first stone at the age of 18 and since that time has averaged at least 1 surgery a year for unpassable stones while passing small stones and grit on a regular basis. He produces calcium stones and has both hypercalciuria and low levels of citrate. We have had 4 to 5 different urologists in the last 7 years as we have had a hard time finding someone we like.
Avatar n tn Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most commonly used medical treatment for kidney stones. It uses shock waves that pass easily through the body but are strong enough to break up a kidney stone. If ESWL does not work or if you have a very large stone, Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or nephrolithotripsy is done. The surgeon puts a narrow telescope into the kidney through a cut in your back. He or she then removes the stone or breaks it up and removes it.
Avatar n tn Your doctor should have prescribed you with pain relief for the discomfort of the kidney stone. You may pass it out naturally, but it will hurt as it travels down. The stone can be a very small grain or larger. When you urinate, catch the urine into a recepticle so that you can observe if the stone has come out or not. It may come out like sediment and this can happen until the stone has passed.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones at age 33 (I'm not 35) and had 16 stones over 3mm in both kidneys. After ending up in the ER thinking I was dying, I was sent home with a diagnosis of prostatitis (looking back I had tell-tale kidney stone symptoms!). Imagine an ER doc telling you he has to check your prostate when you are in excruciating kidney stone pain!