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895634 tn?1283992810 Kidney stone often is hereditary so you should ask if any relatives also had kidney stones. Taking pain killers for the pain is not the proper treatment for kidney stones. Taking a pain killer to avoid the pain is not good medicine. It is masking the underlying condition which can be a serious one. A hepatologist is not an expert in kidney disease. They should refer you to a Urologist. A Urologist specializes in diseases and conditions of the kidneys and urinary track.
Avatar m tn Hello, Since the kindey stone is 7 mm, so the symptoms seem unrelated to the kidney stones. Since you are having pedal or leg edema, hence your cardiac, liver and kidney functions need to be assessed for which I suggest you to consult a physician immediately. Abdominal causes like irritable bowel syndrome can also cause such symptoms. Common symptoms include abdominal cramping or pain, bloating and gassiness, and altered bowel habits(alternate constipation and loose stools).
1619332 tn?1299021545 Well they saw that 1 of the 2 stones still in my right kidney was 5 millimeters and my Urologist said in the ER room that he did not think I would be able to pass that, so he was going to make me a follow up appointment and talk with me about shockwave treatment (blasting the stones). Also he wanted me to catch this stone I was about to pass so that they could test it. Well I caught the stone and took it to their office and went to my follow up appointment only for him to not tell me anything!
Avatar n tn Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) is the most commonly used medical treatment for kidney stones. It uses shock waves that pass easily through the body but are strong enough to break up a kidney stone. If ESWL does not work or if you have a very large stone, Percutaneous nephrolithotomy or nephrolithotripsy is done. The surgeon puts a narrow telescope into the kidney through a cut in your back. He or she then removes the stone or breaks it up and removes it.
Avatar n tn Million dollar question - what causes bilateral multiple kidney stones? They keep forming - keep colicing but not passing. Do you go see a urologist, a nephrologist or an endocrinologist? Only had one incident 6 years ago - hyperparathroidism - single adenoma removed, single large stone w/ infection, blocked - had to be removed and scoped out - could not pass even after blasting and stenting.
Avatar n tn I rec'd a INTERNAL kidney stent, because of rather large kidney stones blocking my bladder and causing pain/bleeding. This is NOT a EXTERNAL kidney stent. Dr Smitha Mathews response appears that she is replying with regard to a external stent(catheter)??? Sorry for the miscommunication on my question. Does this make a difference with regard to her response? Again, excessive bleeding and pain since kidney stent implanted 4 days ago. I do NOT have fever, nausea, or vomiting.
Avatar f tn A little background below. My question is - are there questions I should be ready to ask of the kidney Dr? Any info I should request, would they think it is weird to ask for my test results? Background Due to the issues of bladder and urinary tract discomfort I was having, an ultrasound was ordered where they saw abnormalities with my kidneys tentatively noted as possible Meullary Sponge Kidney.
Avatar f tn I would get a second opinion if the doctor is unsure of its location. I've had the procedure twice. Once on the ureter and once on the kidney. There is some research that correlates an increase in high blood pressure and diabetes with repeated use of lithotripsy. I have not talked to my urologist about this yet, so I am not certain if the procedure has been improved since the study was conducted. I do know that I have had nerve problems in that same area since the procedure.
Avatar m tn I get a CT Scan every 6 months and have 4 stones in left kidney and 2 in right kidney. Please read my post about kidney stones (says something like Kidney Stone & this is my story) cause I need someone to talk too or someone that is or has gone through all this agony. You will understand if you go to my post. Thanks for listening/reading. I have been through several urologist & they just don't know.
1269632 tn?1297114302 It the goes down into right flank pain spiraling to the low right side then shooting down the leg. Stones in the kidney and infection that does not show on standard tests, can cause severe and chronic pain. You can learn more about the in the healthpages or at my MOARKIC website. Hope that helps! Any others have a description????
178783 tn?1197303699 All this and my wife went into the hospital to have a stent put in her kidney to drain, then this thursday goes in forlaser blasting the stones. She is upset because she won't be at the hospital with Ash. I hope everyone is as well as can be.
Avatar f tn It relieves constipation, distention, chronic fever, cold, sexual disorders, kidney stones, heart pain, backache, sciatica and other pains in the joints.
Avatar m tn It did make me feel good. Bailey may have kidney stones AGAIN. He's on medication for a urinary infection so it might be that but he almost DIED last time from the urine backing up (we had no idea of course he had the stones)...he's only going to be 3 it's like why why why does he think the more things I get he has to as well? Oh maybe so he can snuggle me. Makes me so sad. And what's up with you???????????????????????????????????????
Avatar n tn my kidney stones that were 'blasted out May 19'. didn't complete the task, so another blasting takes place the end of this month. bruises, red bumps, itching, anger, moodiness, and the best part, today I am suppose to be on my way to Illinois to see my friend in Illinois. nope, cancelled, I have a son with special needs...big time, and in trouble with police, so need to resolve too many issues.
Avatar n tn Many people benefit from improve after treatment with drugs that close the bladder neck (such as pseudoephedrine). However, most of these drugs can increase heart rate and blood pressure, which can be dangerous in men with high blood pressure or heart disease. I would suggest you to discuss this with your urologist. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.Kind regards.
387660 tn?1242600342 Three times in the last 6 blocks -- and as others have said, no matter how hard I tried to fight it, windows open, radio blasting, etc... there is simply no way to stop your eyes from rolling back. This is indescribably frightening -- probably impossible to fathom unless you have experienced it first hand. No one seems to truly understand this the seriousness of this issue, even friends who claim to be understanding simply think you are lazy or expect to be chauffered everywhere.
Avatar n tn For years I would pass out for no reason and have bursts of energy then all of a sudden get real tired and would even have trouble w/ my memory and have trouble maintaing weight just all kinds of things and these spells would last for a couple of weeks before I would recover.At the age of 17 I started producing kidney stones and for years I kept switching doctors who just kept dismissing everything.
Avatar f tn (more info. with SYMPTOMS / CAUSES / DIAGNOSES / TREATMENT etc.) We all experience a very fine tremor all the time we are awake as our body goes about its daily functions. This will be the slight tremor you see when you put out your hands for example. It is known as physiological tremor and is normal. From time to time, this everyday level of tremor can increase so that it becomes more noticeable.
298579 tn?1192250448 I was diagnosed with endometriosis back in the late 90's during infertility treatment (at that time I did not have fibroids). My diagnosis of fibroids is relatively recent. So in a google search of fibroids & cramping I came across a link to a book titled 'What Your Mother Never Told You About Sex' by Hilda Hutcherson. In the google preview (I copied the link below) it specifically mentions fibroids & sex (page 308) ..... here is a quote "....
Avatar n tn There is actually an area, if misaligned, that will cause breathing problems during exercise that may present symptoms similar to exercise induced asthma. I had nothing to lose, so I started with treatment. An X-ray, and weekly (x3 to start with) "adjustments". Within 2 adjustments I had noticed I could breath "normally". No kidding. I had visited forums like this one a TON of times, trying to figure out WHY I couldn't take a deep breath. It was so unnerving to me.
Avatar n tn I havent had any hot/cold flashing, tingling, chest pressure/pain, leg/hand tingling/sweating, etc. since I began the new treatment which involves the klonopin. The fact that it has a much longer second half life is very advantageous, imho. One doesn't see the drastic ups/downs, which you may not even realize you're having, if you're only taking high doses of Xanax. I would most certainly have to say that just Xanax is NOT a good long term solution for severe anxiety/panic disorder.
Avatar n tn I am definitely going to make sure that both ENT's are notified of the results so they can be a little more proactive in dealing with pt's with chronic sinusitis not responsive to traditional treatment. Please let me know if this pans out for you...It has certainly given me hope that I can finally have some peace from my chronic sinus infections.....
Avatar f tn It doesn't look like there are any cures for it and no treatment that really works! I'm so tired of not sleeping at night and sometimes the extreme itching & tingling burning sensations make me cry! Nothing seems to work. My dermatologist gave me a steroid cream to use and Hydroxyzine pills to help me sleep. They worked the first night, but for some reason since then have not worked at all. I'm exhausted and frustrated with this horrible ailment!