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Avatar n tn Although possible, I am not aware of a connection between kidney stones and ileostomies. Prevention of the kidney stones can be considered, based on what they are made of. For instance, calcium stones can be treated with thiazide diuretics, and uric acid stones can be treated with allopurinol. Hydration remains a mainstay of prevention. These options can be discussed with your personal physician or urologist. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
757137 tn?1347200053 Magnesium will get rid of kidney stones, and cranberry juice will prevent them.
Avatar f tn Hello, Kindey stones are of four types: calcium oxalate stones, struvite stones, uric acid stones or cystine stones. Potassium citrate is used for the treatment of stones. I would suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist to determine the type of stone. Treatment modes include Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithrotripsy (ESWL), uteroscopic stone removal and percutaneoud nephrolithotomy. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Look on YouTube for kidney stone help and prevention. Drink tons of lemons and apple cider vinegar to help dissolve.
3183592 tn?1344634338 After a full residency in urology at Massachusetts General, a fellowship in urinary stone disease at University of California San Francisco, and an American Foundation for Urologic Disease research fellowship in stone metabolism, I am now in private practice in Marin and Sonoma counties in northern California, where I practice general urology and sub-specialize in management of routine and complex stone problems and stone prevention.
Avatar m tn First off, I'm not doctor, but I do have extensive personal experience in the kidney-stone arena. As far as I'm aware, kidney-stones and creatinine levels are, for the most part, mutually exclusive. Again, I'm not a doctor, so it's best to ask your Nephrologist when you see him/her. As for your 4mm stone, tell your Urologist that you're nervous about its implications, and that you'd like it removed.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr, I have an about 10 years of chronic kidney stones. I have passed four in the past five days. I recently had a car accident and it seems to have triggered an avalanche of stones. I summer I turned in 37 stones to be analyzed. I have had litho 5 times, stents placed 2x's, and numerous emergency room visits. My current problem is that I have constant pain on my right side kidney down to my groin. I am passing blood on a daily basis and stones are falling like the Roman Empire.
889090 tn?1241064402 After hundreds of doctor visits to nationally recognized clinicians and 15 or more 24 hour urine collections and countless lab workups and hundreds of studies, x-ray, ultrasound scans, CT scans and MRI’s, and 21 ESWL procedures, 14 Cystoscopic procedures, 6 self stone passing’s and thousands of prescriptions for107 Kidney stones(Calcium oxalate) in twenty years. I still go through the same thing as described below. WHAT DO I DO NOW?
768044 tn?1294227036 Basically the article looked at multiple articles that were published prior to it, and complied all the data to analyze and compare the data and then put the data into a comparison chart so that prescribing preventative treatments for migraines would be easier for physicians. They looked at how well the medications did in the scientific, double-blind, placebo controlled trials...
Avatar n tn Would that present the same symptoms as a kidney stone? I have had confirmed kidney stones in the past and this feels the same. Tomorrow I am supposed to get an x-ray of my spine. Any suggestions?????
Avatar n tn I have been treated for kidney/ureteral stones 3 times in 4 years by cystoscopic removal and ESWL. Two stones have been sent for analysis. They were composed of calcium oxalate and calcium carbonate. I am not a big dairy product eater. In fact I get far less than the recommended calcium intake for women. I am a 34 year old female. My urologist seems to not be very interested in further testing.
489228 tn?1291535054 I am awaiting results of blood tests for Prolactin, Liver Function Test, Serum Calcium, Kidney Funtion and Thyroid and maybe others can't remember, PTH blood test has to be done in hospital.....waiting for result of free urinery cortisol test too.... So, I have been a busy Bee....crikey, you think nothing is being done, bit like waiting for a bus...none come for ages and then loads come at once,lol...
Avatar n tn 10:04: I was wondering if this will affect my pregnancy in any way i was also told to avoid calcium but being pregnant shouldnt i increase my calcium?I am not sheduled to see my OB doctor till Dec.
Avatar n tn However, with the appropriate treatment for increased calcium and kidney stones, as well as prevention of infections and kidney failure, this number is reduced. You need to have close follow up with your doctors if you have any of the conditions described. This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only. Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition.
Avatar n tn Less than 10% of asymptomatic patients may have a poor long term outcome due to kidney stones, kidney infections, and kidney failure. However, with the appropriate treatment for increased calcium and kidney stones, as well as prevention of infections and kidney failure, this number is reduced. You need to have close follow up with your doctors if you have any of the conditions described.
Avatar m tn org/wiki/Hypoparathyroidism 'calcium replacement or vitamin D can ameliorate the symptoms but can increase the risk of kidney stones and chronic kidney disease' Is that really desired goal of treatment? Is there any evidence bringing the pth to the minimum can actually "cure" people or reduce their hbvdna/hbsag without damaging their kidneys? Are there any evidence/studies/previous posts of users that imply this actually works?
284078 tn?1282620298 This time about a woman on Topamax for 7 days who seemed to have lost almost all her vision 12 hours after increasing her dose per her doctor's instructions. Some quick thinking sparked me to ask if she could see up close and lo and behold while she was blind as a bat in the distance, she could see the tiniest print about 6 inches in front of her nose. She had developed an acute myopic shift from a choroidal effusion which pushed the lens/iris diaphram forward.
147426 tn?1317269232 The most common cause is an infection, but it can also mean other sources of irritation, cancer, kidney stones, etc. Protein - An infection often will show higher levels than normal in the urine, but then so will exercise, dehydration and strong urine. pH - Typically (but not always) an infection will make the urine more alkaline (less acidic) so the pH rises. A pH near 8 is a good indicator there might be an infection.
Avatar n tn The albumin concentration in the blood can also be low in other conditions other then liver diseases, including serious malnutrition, kidney diseases and rare forms of intestinal dysfuntion. Low albumin concentration in the blood is sometimes reffered to as Hypoalbuminemia. It is something to be concerned about and looked into ASAP.. I hope this helps, love that library, here I go again giving my secret away. My prayers are with you and your husband.
Avatar n tn I just started Topamax last week for migranes...I never knew about the hair loss and was not told about it...will def be watching out for that but my doctor did tell me to take vitamins regularly...b/c of the I bet that is what is doing it ... anyone on here lost hair but not weight? going to take my vitamins now...
Avatar n tn I had headaches for over a year, went through sinus surgery, Imitrex, Relapax, and every acendingly agressive treatment my super primary care doc and I negotiated. Finally, I gave in to him, and tried Topomax. I started with 5omg a day (and at a weight of 198 pound). I was already on Wellbutrin 150 mg twice a day and a diet, by the way,and struggling with depression over my weight.
Avatar m tn He told me that there isn't much you can do to prevent getting kidney stones and if you're prone to getting them, you will. He did say that making sure you drink plentry of fluids all the time and making sure you drink enough so that your urine is constantly a clear color will certainly help. He also said that eliminating certain things in your diet, depending on what your stones are made up of, may help in prevention too, but he didn't put a whole lot of stock in that.
545538 tn?1295995617 These drugs are too harsh and the outcome is too important to do anything other than talk in realities and truth. People can tailor their treatment and be more diligent if they know *exactly* what their potential challenges are. I didn't even know you WERE high BMI and I have been around more or less for pretty much your whole treatment - I'm not sure what was said to you that you didn't feel supported and, again, I'm wondering taking people speaking in realities as not being encouraging?
2053959 tn?1330448602 Actually I've gone to the ER and not shown blood in my urine and blood tests looked fine until I told them do tthe ultrasound and lo and behold stones and big ones Listen to yourself and get your doctor to look at your journal of days of pain and what level. I feel for you.
Avatar n tn I appreciate your post and all the info..I didn't give my whole history of kidney stones but...they are calcium stones, and I have been taking hydrochlorothiazide and a citric acid suppliment...I have done a 24 hr urine collection and done all i can do....the prevention methods haven't seemed to help. even have tried taking uriflow...actually that's when my most recent problem started.. a 4 mm stone got lodged in my ureter...don't worry i'm still taking the uriflow though...
Avatar f tn From the posted information, I derived that your pain is probably from kidney stones. Passing kidney stones can be extremely painful. It is important to hydrate as much as possible to help flush them out. Once the stones pass through, the pain will resolve and there are usually no permanent damages. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Aleve) are used to relieve mild to moderate pain.
242516 tn?1368227505 risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.
Avatar n tn I am concerned about creating more scar tissue, as I am 63 and expect more stones in the future. I also have 2 other stones in the left kidney per the xrays on 2/12/99. I plan to wait 1 week, hoping to pass the current stone problem, but I am ralistic enough to realize I probably have to take more aggressive action. Feedback will be appreciated.Any source material that I could be directed to would also be helpful. My pcp is in the process of finding me a urologist.
Avatar n tn my gyn has had a lot of success with this treatment and hopes that in 6 weeks i should finally be healed. i'll post an update soon. extra advice: if your gyn is not helping, get a new one!! ask other women and see who comes recommended. it's also nice to find a doctor who is open to incorporating herbal remedies into the treatment. western biomedicine tends to focus strictly on the part of the body that is sick. sometimes they miss the bigger picture.