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Avatar n tn I have had recurrent kidney stones since 2000 in 2001 I finally was told that I have Medullary Sponge Kidneys the problem is that in the last 2 months I have passed at least one stone a week and I am sick of being in continuous pain. The ER won't do anything but give me pain medicine and sometimes treats me as if I am just a seeker of drugs.
Avatar f tn I can understand him being leary i suppose but I've had 2 ct scans and 1 X-ray in the last 2 1/2 mos all showing multiple stones in one or both kidneys and in the ureters. So its a documented issue, i wouldn't think anyone would look at him like he's prescribing unnecessarily.
Avatar n tn I have had kidney stones removed 4 time in the past 6 months..Now I have 2 small ones in my right kidney..My urologist says that they can't possibly be causing my pain..He refuses to give me pain meds and asked me to seek help from my primary care doctor..He suggusted I too had a cyst on my right ovary..Which by the way is impossible as I had that removed last year..UMMM ..ow what do I do?..I am in constant pain!!!!
Avatar n tn the corresponding figure in children is unknown. Among patients with kidney stones, hypercalciuria may occur in 40-50%, and recurrent gross hematuria may occur in 10-20%. Although no evidence indicates that risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) is higher in patients with medullary sponge kidney, up to 5% of males and 35% of females have a UTI.
Avatar f tn I passed 2 kidney stones yesterday. One in the am, one about 6 hours later. I have had 2 previous episodes. The first I went to the ER & they hooked me up to an IV drip & a catheter & I immediately passed the stone! They said it was the size of a grain of sand! I nearly passed out driving myself the one mile to the hospital. Then 1 1/2 years later I had another one. I lay on the living room floor in shock & sure I was going to die & then it too passed.
3183592 tn?1344634338 I squirmed around trying to find any relief, but nothing I did made a difference. I had treated hundreds of patients with kidney stones, but now, I realized, I was the one who was about to wind up in the emergency room. My wife drove me to the hospital where I worked, and I greeted the ER director miserably letting him know that I thought I had a kidney stone.
Avatar n tn Drink plenty of water and talk to your nephrologist regarding the treatment of kidney stones which include pain killers, trying avoiding taking calcium rich foods. If the symptoms persist then surgical intervention is needed. This includes, ureteroscopy, ureteral stent placement, ESWL and percutaneous nephrostomy. I suggest you to get an evaluation done from a urologist and discuss the various treatment options. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
193953 tn?1272078626 It will be stuck in the kidney and thats what causes the blood in the urine. The stone is stuck and rolls back and forth in the kidney when it fills with liquid and bruses the inside of your kidney. The tube from the kidney to the bladder isnt equipped to pass that large of a stone, either is the tube from the bladder to the outside of your body (urithia) (sp). A lypotripsy is when they use ultrasound and smash the stone into sand. The stent is so you pass the "sand" easily.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Dogs acquire phosphorus directly from food, and normally (in healthy dogs) any excess is excreted through the kidneys. In kidney disease the kidneys are damaged and cannot excrete excess phosphorus, which then acts like a toxic substance in the blood. Reducing phosphorus intake is therefore important (check all the foods you may be feeding, including treats, for phosphorus content). The additional way of controlling it is to introduce a phosphate binder.
Avatar n tn Make sure that all your questions are answered to your satisfaction and understanding. 8. Be proactive in your treatment by making a treatment plan with your doctor. Having a consistant doctor to do this with is VERY difficult when you do not have insurance, that is why it is crucial that you keep your medical record up to date and make a written account of each of your visits and their outcomes, because you probably will end up NEVER being able to see the same doctor twice.
661200 tn?1225486613 By rotating his lasix, I have been able to cut his elevated kidney levels in half. His at one time were also in the very high range, but they are HALF of what they were, now. I didn't actually cut any dose out, I rotate....One day he gets his 3, next day 2, next day 1 & then I start over....This has worked for 6mos., now....He is due his 3mo. bloodwork in 2wks. and we'll go from there...Just wanted you to know that your not alone. I'm glad you and your baby are having a good day....
Avatar f tn I am 33 and would like to have children sooner than later. With all this pain and stones is that all possible or is this something that won't be in my future? I cannot maintain relationships with men because after a while they basically get sick of my seing sick....I have found a wonderful man who is fully aware and supportative and he's also older and wants to settle down. In a way I feel as if I am too much of a burden to any man but I do want to have children. How is the pain manages?
1963554 tn?1325451090 We went through that with our Joker Wallace. He had kidney cancer. I asked the vet if he was in much pain...he said yes. My mind was made up at that point...I wanted to be selfish...I wanted my baby to stay with me ( had raised him from 2 days of age...his mommy had been killed)...but he was hurting. The day I brought him back to the vet he had peed in the house...he must have peed out a bucket full...I knew it was over. The vet gave me time to call hubby and to pick up the kids.
Avatar n tn To AmIDoneYet? I suffer from Depression and have had to up my doses of AD two-fold during treatment. In addition, because I was feeling so irritable, impatient, and short-tempered, I was able to get what I call "nice pills" from my psyschiatrit. These are anti-anxiety drugs that work like Zanax but without the addictive quality. These have really helped me increase my patience with folks who love and support me. And I am so greatful for this. The name of the drug is Neurontiin.
748543 tn?1463449675 TMJ' as it is wrongly called by many) is easy to treat and self-manage or that it may all be in the patient's mind. The sources in the article stated that, "TMJ problems were originally thought to be caused by dental Malocclusion but that this was an infrequent cause of the problem". The American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of some 40,000 of the nation's leading dentist, recognizes the relationship between maloclussion and headaches.
Avatar n tn I have polycystic kidney disease and have recently been getting some pain in my lower side and have found blood in my urine. I work in a care setting and have to restrain children using techniques that i am trained in. Having to do this on often a daily basis i am worried that this is the cause. If i went to the doctor do you think he would give me some time off work for me to recover?
Avatar n tn There is a history of high blood pressure, kidney stones, diabetes, and heart disease in my family. I don't know if my doctor is sure of what he is looking for? Should I consult with someone else or can you give me some advice? Please help, I am tired!!
Avatar n tn Good luck--I feel like I'm still a long ways in recovery, but glad it happened to me not my elder mother-in-law-- it happen on a faulty step.
1704625 tn?1310712361 frequent and urgent urination with unability to fully release bladder, decreased bladder control, abdominal pain mostly lower, about 3 weeks ago had sudden and harsh abdominal pain below rib cage that pierced through to my back, nausea no vomiting, headaches, lower back pain, extreme fatigue (had 2 seperate sleep tests done about 3 1/2 years ago, shows that I have narcolepsy which I take meds for but still tired), fluactuating weight changes, I am told for past 3 years that I have protein in my
1731798 tn?1310256752 Scans showed PCOS and nothing more - no kidney stones or gall bladder.A recent episode almost made me faint- I felt so ill and was urinating pure blood- treated with antibiotics and cranberry juice. I am really worried about this as at moment I do not have the intensity but can feeling like a pulling sensation just under rib cage and side of stomach- the area is tender to touch. I am off food some cause me to be ill including any vegetables, meat, eggs, alcohol.
Avatar f tn I am at a very healthy weight and overall good health other than deallng with multiple kidney stones. I recently had a Mirena put in and I'm on Claritin daily for allergies. Pretty basic stuff I think. Another side note is that often times after a bout of this I am ill upon waking every day for up to a week. I will feel so weak and shaky and queasy that I've learned to keep a granola bar or something small on my nightstand because I cannot get out of bed until I put something in me.
Avatar f tn Then I fell pregnant in November 2014 and three months later the pains got bad again and the same scenario with the nephrostemy tube throughout pregnancy occurred. This time however they spotted calcification in the meat of my kidney. Once she was born in waited for investigations to start as promised by urologist during pregnancy butility it never happened. Even with 2 referral requests from my gp.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed in 1988 with a birth defect of left kidney (ureter tube and main blood vessel were twisted together, obstructing blood flow.) My surgeon repaired it and the kidney had 90% function at that time. In 2003 I had repeated bladder infections and was diagnosed with an atrophic left kidney that had a kidney stone. I had lithotripsy and the stone passed. At that time I had 18% function of left kidney, right kidney was healthy.
Avatar f tn They have check all of glands becaue of the kidney stones i have had in the past. But this pain is no pain compared to a kidney stone. i have passed a stone the size of a jelly been, but this is more painful but with pressure. its really hard to explain the pain. I dont know what left to do. i dont have insurance so going to a ER, id have better luck going to a vet clinic. They dont treat you very well and find every excuse not to treat you as a patient.
Avatar m tn Some smells can come from liver or kidney diseases, (I think it's called ketosis), or from acid reflux in the stomach, or from a brain injury 8. Some smells can come from having a bad mix of bacteria in the intestines, and somehow the smell comes out through the sinuses or lungs. The best solution that I have seen is The Schwarzbein Principle by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, MD. 9. There is a disease called atrophic rhinitis, which involves the decay of the mucus membranes in the sinuses.
Avatar n tn I also have chronic kidney stones (thankfully small ones). I also have chronic low potassium, every time it is tested it is low, and sometimes when im in the hospital it is very low (2.5), and they end up putting me on a heart monitor.... As for the migraines, i will start researching the diet you mentioned. Just yesterday i had no headache, but had numbness on the left side of my face. Today I wake up and have a lump on my forehead just above my left eyebrow.
Avatar n tn Im a 40 year old white male with a history of kidney stones. for the past few years ive had persistent pain, and have been to a urologist. I have a large stone in the left kidney. They suggested i have a PERC done, but since the pain has been somewhat manageable, i havent done anything. especially since they told me that the stone in the kidney doesnt usually cause pain and there were no guarantees this would even solve my problem.
Avatar n tn I haven't even been to a doctor because they've rarely helped me or my children in the past. In the meantime, I'm going to abstain from sex and see if my body heals itself while I keep digging for answers. If any believers are out there, get to praying for answers, because I haven't heard any good ones yet.
242516 tn?1368227505 risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug.
1791150 tn?1330132972 The next day doc came to see me and said they thought I had kidney stone as was in so much pain in left lower back and left lower abdomen....then they said there was no kidney stones on the x ray and that the pain I was still having must be like when someone is in the war and they lose a leg but still feel the leg even though it is no longer there . (I think he was trying to say I may have had a kidney stone that had passed already but I was still feeling the pain as if it was still there !