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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with kidney stones almost 3 years ago but I did not get them removed as my Dr told me they could not kill me or cause any life threatening diseases, but recentley I have noticed a little bit of stomach discomfort, I would like to say pain but it doesnt hurt , it kind of feels like something is there like gas, and my stomach gurgles a little bit and once in a while I will feel a little bit of a slight pinching pain in different spots over my belly , it feels like its through the b
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry that he is having this much discomfort form his Post-op Kidney Stones. I've never had Kidney Stones. However, if they made an incision of any kind, chances are that he isn't supposed to be in a bath tub. Usually they aren't allowed to get that area wet. PLEASE don't laugh TOO loudly at me IF there is no incision as I must emphasize that I DON'T havae a clue as to how they are removed.
Avatar m tn So i went to a eregular doc last tuesday and they did see the 'seeds'. They said it was either kidney or bladder stones(second most common kind). Meanwhile i starred to have pain in the lymph nodes in the groin region, some testicular pain, and minor nausea and light headiness off and on. I have an appy with a P.A at a urology clinic tuesday. I have not past any stones since wed. and they pain while urinating has gotten better, but I am still have all the other symptoms.
Avatar n tn My 15 year old daughter had a CT scan to check for kidney stones. The doctor told me the results showed stones in both kidneys...more in the right than in the left. Also showed a 4cm by 4cm cyst on the right ovary. She put her on birth control pills for a couple of cycles to see if the cyst goes away. So we are starting month 1 with the birth control pills, and waiting for an ultrasound in a month or two. As for the kidney stones...
Avatar f tn Ouch kidney stones are one of the worst pains. I have been told. Sometimes you just can't avoid taking something for the pain. You didn't bring anything home. You are good. Keep it up.
Avatar n tn Vitamin A (not betacarotene) promotes healthy functioning of the urinary tract. People who are low in it sometimes form kidney stones more easily than others. You can get vitamin A in most good general multiple vitamin and mineral supplements. Magnesium helps the body dissolve calcium if you’re deficient in this it can cause calcium to accumulate into deposits, which increases your risk of forming kidney stones.
Avatar m tn o Kidney stones induced by trauma: 1999 : severe bleeding, very small stones passed.
Avatar f tn Here they tested blood and urine and said no infection could be found but could be kidney stones and would send me for ultra sound to check. They put me on fluids and a drip of paracetamol over night. the next morning i woke up to very swollen hands and face but was told it wasn't bad enough to consider a concern and was forgotten about.
Avatar n tn Nurse talked to me about the symptoms and said it might just be muscle/ligament pain or kidney stones. She told me to take Tylenol and they would check me out at my next appointment, next TUESDAY morning. (they did offer an emergency spot for me today/thursday but it was during class that I couldn't miss even though it meant that I was sitting there in tears during the test). She told me if it got too bad to go back to the ER. Anyways. tylenol isn't touching the pain.
Avatar m tn It was found that my stone was calcium based and I was told to avoid all dairy products as well as some fruit and veg. There are 4 different types of kidney stones. Unfortunately, once you have had kidney stones the chances of getting another one are much higher.
Avatar f tn I didn't have any problems for awhile, when I was around 15 I occasionally got some pain. I'm 95% sure I get kidney stones and it always seems to be on the right side. Or maybe it's something else with the exact symptoms of stones. I get that kind of pain about once a year. On a daily basis though, I have discomfort now. I just turned 21. It's been gradual and I only started to really think about it recently.
Avatar n tn 7) I know these symptoms started after oral sex but are my symptoms consistant with kidney stones?
Avatar n tn I've found no connection to when it shows up and anything I've eaten or activity done etc. I too have kidney stones that have not caused any problems. I too had urine tests which showed nothing. I too saw my Dr. who could not find a cause. He further said he'd never heard of it and suggested it was left over semen however I've found no connection between when it shows and sex.
Avatar m tn So based on symptoms and the research I've done, I either have bladder/kidney stones/infection of some sort or an STD. So let's just start with the symptoms, Pain/discomfort in right side towards back, the most noticeable of all related symptoms of pain/discomfort Pain/discomfort in lower back though not as often Pain/discomfort in lower stomach Pain/discomfort in my groin what feels like testicles I am nausea often I tend to gag and dry heave.
Avatar m tn It was during this time that I was told I had kidney stones but there was nothing that could be done about it. A few days prior to this incident of back pain, I started getting an itchy sensation at the tip of my urethra. I have had this before and was tested for everything (beginning of April) and it came back negative. I thought perhaps it was this new nylon underwear I had purchased. i avoid wearing those at all costs but laundry was low.
Avatar n tn Since my discharge, aside from discomfort from the stent (mostly trouble sleeping from the urgency feeling), I am feeling better. I am not sure what symptoms I might have if there was a problem with my kidney, however. Was a 56 hour wait too long or is this nothing to worry about? I plan on speaking with the urologist about it (After he removes the stent) but another opinion can be helpful.
Avatar n tn I'm a bit worried... On the 1st of this year, I came down with some painful urination and penile itchiness. I went to the doctor and was prescribed Doxycycline but after three days (I had difficulty breathing so I went to ER) I switched to Ciprofloxacin. While at the hospital I also took some powdered oral medicine and a shot in the buttocks (one of these two was Amoxacilin, the shot I think). Everything seemed to have cleared up and it's been 3 months since this incident.
Avatar f tn Now over the couple months from the beginning of my first symptom, up to about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago, I have been battling this UTI/kidney infection because I found out that I was passing several kidney stones. I kept telling my BF that we shouldn't be having sex while I was battling all that and on the medications, but men will be men (lol)...
Avatar n tn Hello, For cloudy urine, the most common cause is stones in kidney which is blocking urine pathway. It can also be due to retention of urine anywhere in its flow due to obstruction. The obstruction can be due to abnormality of structures since birth, stones or diseases like tumors. So you should get done an ultrasound, CT scan and also urine examination and kidney function tests.
Avatar n tn Docs, Most of these tests were done before. A cat scan showed some kidney stones but no pain so far. The discharge is mostly at night and is a yellow hardening substance similiar to like semen. I haven't been with anyone in a long, long time. No pain when urinating but a slight discomfort. Hardly no discharge during the day.
Avatar f tn So many times doctors won't really check into things, and especially at an important time, I had a doctor completely ignore the fact that I was passing kidney stones while pregnant and just tell me to go home wait for it to pass, wouldn't say much more no results (er obgyn on call), went to my own dr who gave me an ultrasound on my kidneys, it's more serious and I have to see a urologist after the baby is born.
Avatar m tn Pain during ejaculation and urination can be due to pathological conditions like ureithritis, kidney stones and prostatitis.If the problem is severe it is best to contact a counselor or a doctor. I really hope it helps. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn Abnormal causes of turbidity include the presence of blood cells, yeast, pus and bacteria. Red colored urine can be due to urinary tract infection or kidney stones. Any undiagnosed kidney disease or rarely kidney tumor can also cause red urine. It is possible that the doctor had missed out some finding. A complete medical history and clinical correlation of test results will be extremely helpful. I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn A small amount of WBC or RBC can be normally present in the urine. Other problems such as kidney stones can cause some of these problems as well. You have no evidence fo having an STI of any sort despite your continuing symptoms. • I am aware that in a good proportion of cases no cause is found for NSU. What does this mean for prognosis and also risk of passing on some unknown pathogen ?
Avatar m tn is this discharge likely related to any sti, particularly herpes, or do the symptoms sound more indicative of a prostate / urethra issue (I've been reading up on chronic pelvic pain syndrome)? What type of consult should I seek, and what type of testing is in order (i.e., test for ngu? test for hsv?). Thank you! Sorry for the long post.
Avatar n tn sounds more like she has a kidney infection or perhaps even kidney stones. She should continue to follow up on this with her doctor. If you are worried about std's - go get tested for them. It's well worth the money for the peace of mind!
Avatar n tn I've had my fair share of UTI's over the years, but outside of the lower back pain, the urine and discharge symptoms are different this time around. I don't really have any other symptoms to help identify this. Any thoughts on what might be going with my body? 31 years old.
Avatar m tn There has been only one instance of clear discharge coming out from my penis. It was clear and did not have an odor. This happened about a half hour after I masturbated. Also, about three days back, I was feeling sick - low energy, persistent need to sleep, low body temperature (97.5 F). This passed after a day. Since the onset of these symptoms, I have been drinking as much water as I can to flush my system. I have also been drinking cranberry juice, and I have been taking pro-biotic pills.
Avatar n tn i have been having dark brown discharge for the passed 5 days. This morning it was like my period there was blood but it goes back to being just brown again by the end of the day sometimes so light i barley notice. I dont know what to even think?? You got any ideas?
Avatar f tn Secondly, there are a number of non-infectious causes of both penile discomfort and even secretion or discharge from the penis. For instance, kidney stones can cause the sort of discomfort you describe. A doctor would start to diagnose this by looking for small amounts (microscopic) of blood in the urine.