Kidney infection and pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Has anyone here had a kidney infection during pregnancy? And how was it treated? I'm 34 weeks and was given antibiotics at the hospital on Sunday. The pain got worse and I went back last night and was given different antibiotics to try. From what I've read kidney infections can be dangerous for mother and baby during pregnancy and I'm concerned that I haven't been given proper checks. Maybe I'm overreacting but I just feel a bit uncared for medically.
Avatar n tn How long does it take for a simple untreated UTI to become a full blown Kidney infection (generally) And how long can a kidney infection be present in the mother before it could potentially harm the fetus?
Avatar f tn I've always been perfectly healthy but ended up with one in each pregnancy. UTIs are very common in pregnancy and cause kidney infections when left untreated. With my first it came on so fast I thought I was having premature labor.
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my second at 5 Months I was rushed to the emerg because I was contracting and then found out I wasn't it was kidney infection And on top of that my gallbladder was infectethey and full of stones that when I had my son a week later I was rushed again to have my gallbladder and spleen removed I was no longer able to breastfeed my one week old baby due to medication. Go to your family doctor and have them test you to see if your gallbladder Is okay and rule that out.
Avatar f tn ive been put on antibiotics for uti ubtil i gwt my results but im worried its a kidney infection...I knew kidney infections can be deadly in this true? Im freaking out...
Avatar f tn I had a kidney infection 2 weeks ago, i thought it was contractions cause i was 38 weeks i had lower back pain.
Avatar f tn My urine is dark at times and clear at other times. Recently I started having trouble breathing and chest pains. I was tested for bacteria in my urine and it was negative. Im a 23 year old female with no major health issues besides high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn yeah, UTIs and kidney infections can be extremely harmful while pregnant. I'd go just in case, even if they told you it was something else. You'd at least have that piece of mind and get it taken care of if it is a kidney infection.
Avatar f tn Even if you think you have a urinary tract infection or kidney infection the best thing to do is call your doctor all they need is a urine sample when tou get there
489000 tn?1364305827 I thought for sure I had another kidney stone but they finally dx me with a kidney infection that had spread from my bladder. And to top things off, it took the nurses 7 tries to get an IV in me at 5am! I had had really bad chills and had vomited, so I was dehydrated plus I have poor venous access, so it was a tough time getting an IV in me. I don't recall any indications that I had a bladder infection until Tuesday and I went to the doctor's on Wednesday morning.
Avatar n tn Today I had an episode where I felt very light headed and couldn't hear for about 10 seconds.. does anybody have any idea if this could be kidney infection? I also feel like I am having bad braxton hicks contractions.. maybe it's just pain from my infection... this is my first pregnancy, please help. My husband works offshore and I'm alone and worried.
Avatar f tn A kidney infection is just the result of an untreated bladder infection. I had a kidney infection two years ago and it was awful. The medication you get should knock it out if it is an infection, or stronger ones if it doesn't work.
Avatar f tn It is a kidney infection. I've been given antibiotics and sent hone.
4943237 tn?1428994695 My GP didn't think it was a kidney infection, thank goodness and things are much better today with a bit more rest. The nausea is also substantially improved, until I get in the slightest bit warm, which makes me fairly sure it's all related to MS-type issues. Was quite funny my GP quizzing me on whether I could be pregnant though - not blinking likely, something else has to happen first lol.
478356 tn?1208020593 I was diagnosed with a horrible kidney infection in the last week of october 07 and then two weeks after found out i was pregnant. Since then i have gotten rid of it and it has returned three times up untill now mid april. I have been on antibiotics and percocet it seems like for almost a month at a time with only three week breaks. What is the effect it has on the baby????
8959885 tn?1409069067 They say i have a bladder infection and kidney stones. I am in a lot of pain but they cannot give me meds till the cultures grow and they know what kind of infection to treat so i have to wait 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Sounds like pregnancy to me. The quickest way to see is to take a pregnancy test. You can get them for like 88 cents.
Avatar f tn Thanks. Yes they did a pregnancy test. We went back to our family doctor and they did an ultrasound and found out it was gall stones. She is waiting to see a surgeon. Thank you for your response.
Avatar f tn Anyone ever suffered kidney infection during early pregnancy? Had confirmed digital pregnancy test on Friday. Went to my doctor and they said I had protein in my urine but not gave me any antibiotics. I'm so concerned and worried as have a history of miscarriages. He told me to hand a sample in on Monday if it got worse.
Avatar f tn I was checked into the hospital for a kidney infection and that was when I found out I was even pregnant in the first place! Weird thing is , it all starts with a urinary tract infection. I didn't even know that you could have one of those without feeling the burning sensation when you pee, because I definitely did not feel it. But if you're peeing constantly and barely anything is coming out then I would seriouly suggest seeing your doctor. I'm lucky I went in when I did.
Avatar f tn Ive had a UTI and kidney stones during pregnancy. I may have a stone now so going in for kidney sonogram next week. Yhe best thing u can do at this point is to drink tons of water. Also, ive found that drinking pure cranberry juice(not cocktail,only 100% cranberry) helps a lot and sometimes eliminates symptoms all together. Good luck.
Avatar n tn call doc i have had a kidney infection since maybe 9 weeks and it is unbearable
Avatar n tn I have a problem with UTI's and I had one with my youngest son when all through the pregnancy and it almost put me in preterm so the doc kept me on antibiotics until I had him, which ended up being just a couple weeks early anyways... Do antibiotics cause problems when trying to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn I had them through my whole pregnancy last time.
Avatar f tn Its not that dangerous unless you leave it untreated. I had kidney infection and i was in a hospital for a week.
Avatar f tn Dr said I probably had an infection so they took a sample of my urine, and I am waiting results, but how can I still have an infection with all the antibiotics they gave me in the hospital???
Avatar f tn 18 months ago w my last pregnancy i suffered from the same problem and had to be on pain meds 6 months of my pregnancy? Am i looking at havjng to be medicated like that again? I am in constant pain w them.