Kidney infection and headache

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554628 tn?1362777919 Hi, nausea, headache and kidney pain can be related with nephropathy (kidney disorder), urine test and blood urea and creatinine are usually done for diagnosis. Kidney stones do cause similar kind of symptoms; ultrasound is quite diagnostic for stones.
Avatar f tn I was recently in the hospital for a kidney infection and got 2 doses of antibiotics through an IV and will be taking oral antibiotics for 10 more days. I have a follow up appointment with my doctor in 7 days. Before being discharged from the hospital all tests (urine and blood) came back negative for infection and I had no other symptoms of my infections. My fever had gone down from a steady 103.6 to fluctuatong between 98.6 and 100.0.
Avatar f tn I have been to the doctor about a week ago and he discovered i have a kidney infection and put me on antibiotics however i am done with all my meds and i dont feel better. He didnt find anything els wrong with me tho. Does anyone know what this might be.
Avatar n tn I have ammonia smell in urine and have had a bad headache for a week. One of the meds I amon is coumadine a blood thinner. Could I have thinned my blood to thin and now have ammonia in my blood? What could cause the headaches? Is it serious?
Avatar m tn By the end of the day, the symptoms had subsided. Today, I again woke up with my back aching. It is the end of my day, and my right kidney is aching still pretty bad. These symptoms have also been accompanied by nauseous, icky feeling every time. I have been trying to keep well hydrated over the last couple of days.
Avatar m tn Monday evening when we got back to town we took her to her local hostpital and they said her WBC was high and it was likely a viral infection and not a UTI. They found no traces of bacteria in her urine sample that they took that day. They checked the glands, and they didn't seem to be up.
Avatar m tn My doctor phoned me today to say my blood Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) test came up high and suggested that there is an infection in my body that is non specified. He recommended that an HIV test should be done given my exposure. I was really devastated by this information which suggested there is a problem, and given the good state of my health before my exposure and then PEP treatment for 27days. Tests for kidney and liver function were all normal.
Avatar n tn Also other infectious conditions like a kidney infection, a systemic viral infection, a sinus infection may be considered.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 25 years old and I was diagnosed with kidney polysystic kidney disease when I was did my twin brother.I didn't have any major problems growing up however since having my child 5 and a half years ago,pain an discomfort is becoming unbearable.I have cysts between 5 and 10cm on my right kidney which is now very enlarged and similar on my left kidney however it is smaller than my rite...
Avatar f tn I was having nausea and mid back pain went to doc said sinus infection but not feeling sinus pain. I have been on antibiotic for week still have some headache, midback pain, nausea all the time. Positive not pregnant. Tested for baldder infection due to some stomach discomfort. All was clear. Where do I need to go from here?
Avatar f tn Pain between my shoulder blades and when I sit down and want to get up I am stiff in my lower back and needs to gradualy get upright. This is very painfull. I also hve kidney reflux and sometimes wonder if this is not a possible cause for my headache.
Avatar f tn The antibiotics sound like they are helping, but it takes time. Along with infection comes swelling and irritation to the affected kidney. The pain you are feeling by your ribcage is your kidney. Going up into the neck area could just be referred pain, or pain from tensing up the past 2 days. Do you still have a fever? If not, you are on the road to recovery. If you are having severe nausea and unbearable pain, you may have a kidney stone?
Avatar f tn You need to get some cranberry juice and consume it. I am surprised your doctor did not mention it to you. Cranberry juice cocktail is good for urinary tract health, even says so on the bottle. It might not be a good idea to consume sprite even though it is good for nausea but plenty of water and cranberry juice cocktail are the best.
Avatar n tn I have 3 different kinds of headache medicine, 1 for migrane, 1 for sinus, and 1 for tension. None of these work for this. It's more like pressure than the throbbing of a headache. Thoughts anyone?
Avatar f tn s Wednesday and I still have a fever and chills and the throbbing headache or migraine or whatever and the pain is still on the right side but moved toward the front. I went to the er last night to get some help but the wait was about 8 hours so I left. What is wrong with me?? Help!
Avatar f tn They took blood and urine samples and diagnosed a kidney infection, despite the fact I had not had kidney pain - although some slight genital ache and need to urinate urgently. Prescribed 10 day Ciprofloxacin antibiotics which I finished. Mild ache in kidneys only started once I started taking the antibiotics. Doctor took another urine sample after I'd finished the course and told me the infection was gone.
Avatar m tn To name a few these include lowering the blood potassium levels, which can cause muscle weakness and tingling, kidney stones, and alteration of taste. If diamox is not tolerated, furosemide (lasix) may be tried, but with lower efficacy. I agree that the doxycycline is likely not causing the headache since it is still present but you are no longer on the medication. If you have a history of headaches prior to the medication, it could be related to your underlying headaches.
Avatar m tn I had an oral intercourse and the next day I experienced a sore throat and high fever with intense headache at night though the fever was gone in the morning but still I went to see a doctor for a throat checkup The sore throat lasted for three days as I am taking some medicine the doctor prescribed me. Is there any relevant cause of the high fever, severe headache and sore throat with the oral intercourse I have had? Is this a sign or symptom of being "infected" of HIV?
Avatar f tn Okay today i came home from work with severe back pain went to sleep when i got here woke back up and i got the worse headache and chills but no fever any of you ladiea experiance this im 20weeks 6days
Avatar f tn sounds very much like urine infection, probably kidney. the headache would be from fever. when I get kidney infections, my whole body hurts, leg aches severe headaches etc, that is from the fever iteslef though and not the infection. The fact that it returned would mean that it was not treated fully the first time around. will also cauase pain on urination (though i dont get that as dont pee!!!) nausea and fatigue.
Avatar f tn Stay hydrated and take your meds!!!! I was in the hosp for a kidney infection last month and I got the flu and pneumonia on top of it b.c I let myself go untreated for too long. It is no fun! They give you iv meds that make you feel like crap. So just be sure to finish your entire dose of meds and drink plenty!!
Avatar f tn Hi, Usually, the signs and symptoms of kidney infection begin to clear up within a few days of treatment. Take the entire course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated. Recurrent kidney infections may result from an underlying medical problem, such as a structural abnormality.
Avatar f tn My urine is dark at times and clear at other times. Recently I started having trouble breathing and chest pains. I was tested for bacteria in my urine and it was negative. Im a 23 year old female with no major health issues besides high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn hi vicki, i suffer with chronic kidney disease and i think you still have a kidney infection by the sounds of your symptons and the swelling of your ankles may well have something to do with your kidneys as i myself get swollen ankles when i have a kidney infection the specialist can tell you more as everyone differs hope i was of some use gud luck linzi!!!
Avatar f tn I ended up in even more pain Saturday evening and they admitted me and finally realized it was a kidney infection. I spent from Saturday night until Wednesday afternoon. I was on iv antibiotics and iv fluids the whole time. I was discharged with instructions for modified bed rest and had to take macrobid the rest of my pregnancy to avoid it reoccurring. I ended up having my son at 35 weeks.