Kidney infection and headache

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Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with a bad kidney infection a week ago and have been put on medicine for my headache and back pain and for my kidney infection. However, I still have an urge to pee constantly about every hour and wake up in the evening to pee as well. They said my blood tests came back normal but there was a lot of blood in my urine and excess protein and bacteria a week ago. Two days ago i took another urine culture and they said the bacteria was gone.
Avatar n tn I have ammonia smell in urine and have had a bad headache for a week. One of the meds I amon is coumadine a blood thinner. Could I have thinned my blood to thin and now have ammonia in my blood? What could cause the headaches? Is it serious?
554628 tn?1362781519 Hi, nausea, headache and kidney pain can be related with nephropathy (kidney disorder), urine test and blood urea and creatinine are usually done for diagnosis. Kidney stones do cause similar kind of symptoms; ultrasound is quite diagnostic for stones.
Avatar f tn nausau, headache, dry skin, skinny, can't quit moving my feet, tremors, dry skin, lethargy, fatigue, muscle twitching, nocturia, muscle cramps, big stools, visual disturbances, dizziness etc.  Could I have a bad kidney infection and uremia, but it has alluded lab tests? I know Ccr can be deceiving with low muscle mass, and BUN can sometimes be deceptively low in similar situations. I feel like a terminally ill person and doctors can't find anything wrong with me. Am I screwed?
554628 tn?1362781519 32PM Hi, nausea, headache and kidney pain can be related with nephropathy (kidney disorder), urine test and blood urea and creatinine are usually done for diagnosis. Kidney stones do cause similar kind of symptoms; ultrasound is quite diagnostic for stones.
Avatar n tn They gave her a few days worth of rosefrin(excuse the spelling) and we ended up back in the ER because she was having bad back pain, bad headache and nausea. They said they didnt see any infection and couldn't explain how it could have cleared up so quickly. She also didn't have elevated white blood cells. No kidney stones were found. She finally got better after 6 weeks. Here it is barely March and we were back the ER again with the same symptoms. They are still stumped.
Avatar m tn By the end of the day, the symptoms had subsided. Today, I again woke up with my back aching. It is the end of my day, and my right kidney is aching still pretty bad. These symptoms have also been accompanied by nauseous, icky feeling every time. I have been trying to keep well hydrated over the last couple of days.
Avatar f tn The Doctor did a physical examination and a urinalysis and said it probably is a Kidney Infection or general UTI, and sent the urine to a lab for further testing. She prescribed me a 7 day course of Augmentin co-amoxiclav (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid) and told me to keep taking paracetamol or acetaminophen to keep my fever in check. After a half day of antibiotics and bed rest, Tuesday I no longer had any pains but my fever was still fairly high.
Avatar m tn To name a few these include lowering the blood potassium levels, which can cause muscle weakness and tingling, kidney stones, and alteration of taste. If diamox is not tolerated, furosemide (lasix) may be tried, but with lower efficacy. I agree that the doxycycline is likely not causing the headache since it is still present but you are no longer on the medication. If you have a history of headaches prior to the medication, it could be related to your underlying headaches.
Avatar n tn For the past four days, I have been urinating blood, and not oh it's pink, It is completely opaque red. I have no pain at all... is this a kidney infection, or something more serious like kidney failure, or a tumor I don't know at this point I'm on Topamax, Wellbuitrin, and Fluoxetine Thank you for any suggestions or tips or comparable stories, and yes I'm going to the dr. I would like to know what to expect.
690039 tn?1277476022 So I took the tylenol w/ codene and it helped (dulled the pain) for about an hour and now the headache is back. I am going to take one every four hours and hopefully the headache will finally break. The codene is making me so sleepy, I need to get on something different when my OB gets back, this is no good.
Avatar n tn I've seen my GP, taken antibiotic in case of a sinus infection, prednisone for 3 days, had a CT scan and an MRI, seen an ear nose and throat specialist, and waiting till March 19 to see a neurologist. The MRI showed chronic small vessel ischaemic disease in my brain. My head feels as if it's going to explode and the pain is worse when I cough, sneeze or bend over. An audiology test showed my eustacian tubes are not working.
Avatar f tn I was recently in the hospital for a kidney infection and got 2 doses of antibiotics through an IV and will be taking oral antibiotics for 10 more days. I have a follow up appointment with my doctor in 7 days. Before being discharged from the hospital all tests (urine and blood) came back negative for infection and I had no other symptoms of my infections. My fever had gone down from a steady 103.6 to fluctuatong between 98.6 and 100.0.
Avatar f tn They took blood and urine samples and diagnosed a kidney infection, despite the fact I had not had kidney pain - although some slight genital ache and need to urinate urgently. Prescribed 10 day Ciprofloxacin antibiotics which I finished. Mild ache in kidneys only started once I started taking the antibiotics. Doctor took another urine sample after I'd finished the course and told me the infection was gone.
Avatar n tn After running four hours of tests, the doctors told me that I had a bad kidney infection. They hooked me up to an IV for antibiotics and fluids, then sent me home with some meds and told me to rest and drink lots of fluids. Yesterday afternoon I stopped taking the Advil and Tylenol that I was on to see how I was really feeling. Now that I am not on those, I have a slight fever (99.9) and I have a pain in the lower right side of my abdomen and directly behind that in my back.
Avatar n tn Swelling is getting worse. I am now taking Cipro for the kidney infection and Guaifen PSE 600-120 for the sinusitus. I am concerned that I am having an alergic reaction, not sinusitus. My eyes have never swelled before. Should I go back to doctor? Very worried. Thank you.
Avatar n tn if your sure ur not pregnant- it could be tirdness, lack of water?? maybe you need glasses or somthing like a kidney infection sorry i know that is self explanatory but ive been ttc for 21mnths and anytime i get those systoms i think im pregnant when im not, i wear glasses and when i had a kideny infection i had same systoms!!
Avatar m tn I had an oral intercourse and the next day I experienced a sore throat and high fever with intense headache at night though the fever was gone in the morning but still I went to see a doctor for a throat checkup The sore throat lasted for three days as I am taking some medicine the doctor prescribed me. Is there any relevant cause of the high fever, severe headache and sore throat with the oral intercourse I have had? Is this a sign or symptom of being "infected" of HIV?
1368667 tn?1278200895 I had always got bad headaches here & there & would have to take like ibuprofen to get ride of them! Well abot 2 months ago i got this really bad headache & it was so bad that i couldnt sleep, or close my eyes or anything! Everything i did made it hurt worse! I went to DR was gaven medicine for sinus infection & it just releaved it a little bit but ended up back at DR office because the my head was realy bad again & the first medicine gave me thrush in my throat!
Avatar f tn My ears hurt off and on, and I have intermittent tingling in the right side of my face and in my legs, arms, and chest. In addition, I have tremors in both hands, and episodes in which the skin over my whole body feels like it is on fire. I also have the sensation of pressure/heaviness/hardness in my chest and esophagous.
Avatar n tn After getting off the sunbed I started getting a rash. Everyone told me I had measles. The next day I developed a headache and fever. I went to the doctor who immediately put me in hospital under the care of a physician. They did blood tests for Measles, Tickbite fever and glandular fever, which all turned out negative. The physician discharge me saying it is a viral infection. The rash is now gone but I am still getting up with headaches in the morning.
Avatar n tn This was before x-mas, I was given Augmentin, which pretty much cleared it up, except my cough and congestion.... After x-mas The cough got worse and fevers, tongue ulcers and head and body aches came again, my Dr. said this time it's viral, so it would have run its coarse, it's been almost a month and still hasn't cleared up at all. I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Disorder.....What's happening????
Avatar n tn First my feet swelled up, then they went down, now my back hurts, around the kidney area, right flank pain, and sometimes left flank pain, and upper back pain, and when I get a pain in my back, I also feel a pain in my left at the same time. It hurts when I sit down and not that much when I move. If someone could tell me what you think is wrong, that would be great.
Avatar n tn This time however my white cells were a little low for the first time ever. I went to my Internal Med Dr a week later because I had a headache and a real disoriented feeling in my head. She did a complete blood work on me and everything was normal including my white cell count.Ever since that Blood Dr. told me he wanted to check me for Leukemia I have had Panic attacks and thinking horrible thoughts of death.
Avatar m tn There are surely many headache triggers, and you don't state much about your situation (do you have Lyme, how long have you had it, is this your first time treating?). In terms of Lyme disease and adverse reactions to antibiotics, there is the Herxheimer Reaction. It is fairly specific to Lyme disease, though also (and originally, I believe) observed in syphilis. In a "Herx" reaction, the die-off of the bacteria causes a worsening of symptoms, or sometimes even new ones.
Avatar m tn Phantom smells Unexplained weight gain, loss Extreme fatigue Swollen glands/lymph nodes Unexplained fevers (high or low grade) Continual infections (sinus, kidney, eye, etc.) Symptoms seem to change, come and go Pain migrates (moves) to different body parts Early on, experienced a "flu-like" illness, after which you have not since felt well.
Avatar n tn When they took my temp, it was up to 102.6. After testing me for strep, pnumonia, and kidney infection and all of them coming back negative, she determined that I just had a virus. However, she told me that if anything got worse, that I should go to the ER and get checked for meningitis. I ended up going, and the spinal tap came back normal. They sent me home concurring that I simply had a virus. My doctor gave me oxycodone and antivert to help with my headache and dizziness.