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Avatar n tn Did they give you antibiotics for the UTI? Make sure and let your dr. know. Are you running a fever?
Avatar f tn A kidney infection is just the result of an untreated bladder infection. I had a kidney infection two years ago and it was awful. The medication you get should knock it out if it is an infection, or stronger ones if it doesn't work.
Avatar m tn it sounds like a water infection you need to go to the doctors for treatment before it gets worse and causes a bad infection in the kidneys,make sure you are drinking alot of fluids to it helps to flush it away
Avatar f tn For about 3 months I have had a mild discomfort in the area of my kidney on the left side. It started mid October but was mid to late November before I associated the discomfort with something other than what thought might be a pulled a muscle in my lower back. I'm pretty good at listening to my body and it finally seemed to say "kidney infection" .
5900973 tn?1396064391 I assumed it was just back pain since I never had one before but finally went to the er bc I couldnt breathe or walk, my whole back and leg were in too much pain. At the er I learned there was a point where a kidney infection would turn into a blood infection and could actually kill the fetus. I was RIGHT at that point so I had a few a/b's to take and rested for two days. Alls wel now and me and my baby are at a healthy 26+3wks now. Good luck and DONT WAIT!!
Avatar f tn Have you been checked for anything besides kidney infections? Like possibly a kidney stone. Do you have any blood in your urine? Do you have any other symptoms. For example - fatigue, body pain, sleep problems or anything out of the ordinary?
Avatar f tn I went to UC for kidney infection/kidney pain in my lower back rt hand side. The symptoms were severe the night before. Left a urine sample and was told i have a bad bladder inf. Dr prescribed macrobid. Then next morning my lower back was hurting again, same spot. Will macrobid help clear up a kidney infection?
Avatar f tn Hi, Usually, the signs and symptoms of kidney infection begin to clear up within a few days of treatment. Take the entire course of antibiotics recommended by your doctor to ensure that the infection is completely eradicated. Recurrent kidney infections may result from an underlying medical problem, such as a structural abnormality.
738333 tn?1232967475 Hi, The most common organism responsible for urinary tract infection in women is E.coli. Was there also a sensitivity to antibiotics done? This helps determine which antibiotics the organisms responsible responds to and ensures treatment from the infection. Normally, there is a healthy flora of organisms that does not cause any symptoms or infection. However, this may also be affected with antibiotic intake.
168077 tn?1200231377 I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but any helpful responses would be greatly appreciated. This morning I woke up and my left side below my ribs in my back is aching pretty bad and if I tap it with my fist it hurts worse. A few years ago I went to the doctor with what I though was a UTI but when they checked my urine there was no sign of an infection so they gave me medicine and told me if it happened again that I may have to see a urologist.
Avatar f tn Even if you think you have a urinary tract infection or kidney infection the best thing to do is call your doctor all they need is a urine sample when tou get there
Avatar f tn Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, infection in kidney, kidney stones, constipation, ovary involvement in women (PCOS), ectopic pregnancy in women, mesentry (a thin tissue that carries the blood, nerves and lymphatics for the intestine) involvement, and an abscess in rectus abdominis muscle or psoas muscle can all cause lower right abdomen pain. Since you had a kidney stone earlier, this should be looked into.
Avatar n tn He had a stomach virus and he was getting treatment and then it went to a bladder infection and from the bladder it turned into a kidney infection. He got got treatment and he got better. About 2 weeks later he is back in the hospital with the same problem and they cant figure out where the infection is coming from. I am very grateful to you for replying, Doctors in Trinidad aren't very liable.
Avatar m tn I have looked at symptoms of kidney infection and the only part that fits is the throbbing back pain. No fever, no nausea or vomiting, chills. I am fatigued, but I haven't been sleeping well because if the throbbing pain. I have been drinking plenty of fluids, cranberry juice and lots of water. I hate to waste the money on another doctor visit if they are just going to give me a muscle relaxer for back pain.
Avatar f tn I was an idiot, and checked online for the symptoms of kidney failure because I had back pain around where the kidneys are... Symptoms included, pain around the kidneys, swollen ankles of pain in the ankles, you get tired after walking up a flight of all of which I experience, also, when I urinate, I don't feel like all of the urine has come out of me.... I'm so scared that I have kidney disease/ kidney failure.
Avatar f tn Tebogo. I'm so sorry that you are having these problems. It sounds like you have had a bladder infection which has gone up into your kidney and is causing your pain. It may be that you weren't taking antibiotics for long enough to clear up your initial infection and it has come back. Definitely get treated again and then get your doctor to find out what is causing your symptoms to occur as urine/kidney infections aren't usual in young women.
2176548 tn?1340677817 Anyone here had a kidney infection before? What helps for pain? And how long does the pain normally last??
Avatar f tn and nothing would make the pain subside or even become bearable. He had me do a urinalysis which came back positive for a Kidney infection...a bad one. He gave me a shot of antibiotics and wrote a prescription for some too when I got home. Ive been taking the antibiotics like Im suppose to, and eating bland, drinking ALOT .. (water, Gatorade, sprite, fruit smoothies) and it took almost 2 full days, but I'm feeling ....better... I guess. Im def.
Avatar n tn Hello, From the symptoms that you have mentioned, the first possibility that comes to my mind is gall bladder colic or biliary colic. It can be due to cholecystitis(inflammation of gall bladder) or gall bladder stones. I would suggest an ultrasound abdomen to confirm the diagnosis. Other possibilities are irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis(inflammation of the liver), kidney stones, pneumonia, musculoskeletal pain, lower rib fracture and malignancy.
9062499 tn?1426957962 Have you taken antibiotics for your urin infection as well? If so, it quiet often happen that after antibiotic treatment women start itching its some kind of reaction to the medicamentation. Because the whole flora household down there ist now little unbalanced.
565147 tn?1218252591 If the infection is not treated promptly, bacteria may then travel further up the ureters to multiply and infect the kidneys. A kidney infection is called pyelonephritis Some people are more prone to getting a UTI than others. Any abnormality of the urinary tract that obstructs the flow of urine (a kidney stone, for example) sets the stage for an infection. An enlarged prostate gland also can slow the flow of urine, thus raising the risk of infection.
Avatar f tn Pregnant women often times do not feel the symptoms of a UTI (urinary tract infection) of burning, urgency, and spasms. This leaves the bacteria free to spread, and it does, up the ureters and into the kidneys. This kidney infection is called pyelonephritis, and it WILL get your attention. The back pain is severe. Sometimes making it too painful to stand upright. Fever, chills, diziness, and waves of nausea soon follow. You cannot let an infection like this go unchecked.