How to cure kidney infection naturally

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Avatar m tn Hello there, HBsag positive means that you have hepatitis B.It can be an acute or a chronic infection. Infected people can pass the virus on to others through their blood and infected bodily fluids. You will need additional tests to determine whether your infection is new or old, whether it is harmful or not and if you need treatment. You will need tests for hepatitis B surface antibody and hepatitis B core antibody. All three test results are needed in order to make a clear diagnosis.
Avatar m tn they need to take grr testing and a creatine cleance to see what that say to show if the kidney is is bad stage very high...
Avatar f tn There is no cure for herpes yet. That's not gonna happened.
Avatar f tn The pain levels were so severe and only IV antibiotics would control the pain and as we now understand the chronic infection. One thing I try to do is stay in touch with as many MSKer's as I can and listen to their stories etc. One pattern we have seen when a kidney is removed is that since MSK is rarely only in one kidney, that even if there are no stones currently in the other kidney, once the kidney is the only filter system the calcifications quickly build up in the remaining kidney.
4328950 tn?1352873336 Hope everyone will share there amazing thoughts and suggestions on Dental maintaining there Teeth in a very healthy manner
Avatar f tn Have any of you ladies had a uti or a kindney infection that doesn't want to go away? I have been taking anti biotics and its back:( I'm a little worried because my ob said I have to keep taking them the rest of this pregnancy. Is this safe for my baby I'm scared :( taking these pills the whole pregnancy ???
Avatar f tn You don't want castor oil. Those diarrhea cramps are going to be terrible with a kidney infection not to mention it isn't good for your kidney. On top of that, nothing works unless your body is already in the process of labor. Do you really want to take medical advice rat can effect your health and the health of your baby from strangers who have no medical training.
Avatar n tn for yeast infection the best thing to do is eat yogurt....naturally kills the yeast. my gyn told me to try that because i used to get a yeast infection after every really works for me so it might for you too....i think cranberry is for kidney infections...good luck...
Avatar f tn Thanks for responding. I've been trying to drink lots of water but I'm still uncomfortable. I'm just going to have to though it out until they figure out what it is.
Avatar m tn Low semen volume may be due to a variety of issues such as hormone problems, frequent sexual activity, nutritional deficiencies, injury to the testicles, tight clothing, heat, or infection. Small kidney stones may naturally be expelled through the urine while bigger stones may cause obstruction and infection. Take the medicine as prescribed and do keep us posted with your follow-up. Best regards.
8069122 tn?1407171566 Ash utis can turn into kidney infection that causes preterm labor and complications. Us not a waste of time. I went to the er for the same thing.
1244856 tn?1294756429 Am i alone in this or are there other people out there with similar problems or any ideas of how to help me. the pain feels like a kidney stone usually but the cat scans dont show any in my tracts they just show about 8 little stones unobstructing.
Avatar m tn Macrophages can contain HBV DNA, since they phagocytose virions, they are highly unlikely to spread the infection, but are naturally found in many organs. Neither hiv nor hbv can be completely eradicated from the body. But hbv, once surface antibodies are present is severely limited in spreading the infection further and the remnant infection can be contained in small clusters of no clinical significance.
804636 tn?1238002991 Have you ever tried Cipro? I used to get kidney infection every 3 to 4 months. Most of the times it worked. Lower dosis of antibiotics never did the job.
Avatar m tn hi ,i am 23 year old,i have a kidney stone 8mm at uvj,is it goes naturally?whats the remedy for it? j.
Avatar f tn So I ask for a urine culture to see if is resistance to the antibiotics. . Now im waiting. Im just depressed. Is been ehile it seems this infection doesnt want to go away. On my urine test it shows my infection. Blood n white cells on my urine. Please what can I do. Anyone experience this? Is there a redimedies herbal. ??
1560663 tn?1298046527 Last month I had a kidney infection and I was put on Cipro and I also had a colonoscopy where diarriea was involved and I think it may have caused some bacteria. What is the name of a non std vaginal bacterial infection and how is it normally treated and can it be treated naturally. Thanks for any help you can give. I am also going through menopause. Oh my Doctor also diagnosed me last month as pregnant. I laughed....he then said it was probably because I was going through menopause.
Avatar f tn Specialist told me I have a non functioning kidney because i have pain on my left side every month and for years it's ether i remove it or risk getting infection or other medical complications.
Avatar f tn Why are you so paranoid about gonorrhea? All of this over frottage? Frottage doesn't transmit gonorrhea, only penetration does. Even if you had gonorrhea, the first test, 24 hours after you took the antibiotics, would have a good chance of being accurate. I agree with your doc about it being about 80%. A week later, I don't know - I wouldn't trust that result. Kidney infections generally cause back pain, though that can differ a bit from person to person.