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Avatar n tn I have a 6 year old male Maine Coon (cat), who has been the most lovable cat. Tonight he started hissing at our other cats for no reason. We have a kitty box available, and "Big Kitty" never uses it. He has always gone outside to do his business. He's been in and out of the kitty box all night, and nothing is happening. Then he goes under the coffee table to clean himself and he growls, like he is in pain. He is a large cat, 26 pounds, as most Maine Coon's are big cats.
Avatar m tn One of my good friends has a cat which is almost 16 years old. She has been in pretty decent health, other then a slight ear infection. Recently she hasn't been using the restroom in her litter box. He is wondering if she is doing this due to old age or if there is just something which would be a simple fix or something. He is afraid to take her to the vet as she isn't much of a public person and he doesnt want to scare her knowing she is getting old.
1658070 tn?1302320704 When we first got him, he had a respiratory infection, which is pretty common in shelter cats. We took him to the vet and they said it would probably come back, so when he started having sneezing fits for 5 or 10 minutes, I figured it was probably just to do with that. However, I've started to notice that his urine smells very strong lately. He is very good at using the litter box and his urine has never smelled before.
4118328 tn?1355497576 Yea. I'm 25+4 and getting a nesting mood. ***** bc I just got outta the hospital on the 31st bc of kidney stones and a kidney infection and I'm still in a bit of pain so it's hard to do everything.
Avatar n tn Aluminum hydroxide (ALOH) is currently recommended by Board Certified Veterinary Internists at the University of Davis, veterinary hospital as the product of choice to use in pets to effectively bind and eliminate excess phosphorus from the body. It has effectively replaced Epikacin for this purpose. Epikacin, is an old Calcium based product, formerly used to bind excess phosphorus and help eliminate it from the body, in pets with kidney failure.
5591135 tn?1380168056 S honey, so the cause is MORE THAN LIKELY NOT even infection...cats actually very rarely get an infection...what they get is FLUTD caused by dry foods...this is crystal formation and yes will cause a blockage if not fed a moisture rich canned food!!!! the male urethra is so tiny, if they don't get the required moisture in their foods they become blocked very easily. Vets TOO EASILY prescribe antibiotics....
Avatar f tn I would be sure a urinalysis was run with a specific gravity to further evaluate her kidney function and help rule out for example a urinary tract infection which can cause excessive urination which then leads to dehydration and complicates the failing kidneys further. Be sure to verify with your vet that her heart function is normal. Were x-rays taken?
Avatar f tn The vet continues to tell me that she has either a kidney infection, or bladder infection, and gives me amoxicilin and sends me on my merry way, however it seems like it NEVER does anything. The vet said they can do more extensive blood work to test her renal function but I honestly don't know what to do. Casper is 16 and has arthritis in her front legs, and doesn't jump well anymore. I'm trying desperately to figure out what to do next.
Avatar m tn I learned from it though and switched all my animals to a grain free kibble. And after learning that dry food is not good enough and dogs and cats, especially cats, require certain amounts of moisture in their food I have switched all 3 dogs and 2 cats to a homemade raw food using Dr Becker's Real Food for healthy dogs and cats recipes. You can read more about the issue you are dealing with on dr Becker's site. www.
Avatar f tn He said it is usually a behavioral issue and not always infection ( for cats) i treated her as i was instructed until i saw that her issues began again. I sent out a sample and culture to a lab and she had infection. E-coli, high amylase, blood, wbc's and her microalbuminuria was > 90. her t4 for 2.7 but her free t4 was very high. he suggested putting her on methimazole, pred and cephalexin suspension. so i did. she was on ceph for almost a month, pred almost everyday and methimazole.
Avatar n tn The only realy way to treat chronic UTIs in cats is to attack them from a preventative angle. Feed the cat foods that are very low in ash content to prevent crystals from forming, which irritate the urinary tract and lead to the infections. Other than that, once an infection has started, the only way to get rid of it is to use an antibiotic prescribed by a veterinarian. You said that your kitty gets these on a regular basis.
Avatar f tn You might refer to the Pet Kidney Health article I posted today on my blog here at MedHelp for more detailed information on cats and kidney failure therapy options. I am glad to help further, feel free to contact our office.
Avatar f tn There is also a concern that this is related to kidney disease, a kidney infection, urinary stones etc. and all of those are urgent in requiring treatment. Here in Canada there are great third party financing companies (petcard is one of them...maybe theyre in the US too) that can help with delayed payments. I hope you can understand a vet's reluctance to create their own payment plan options. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Has anyone else had a cat with a kidney stone? Or a bladder stone? My cat has a large stone in her bladder and a small one in her kidney she is on Hills CD food and antibiotics right now I"m not sure if I should wait a couple of months to see if the bladder stone dissolves or just have it removed now? They said they can't remove the kidney stone but they can remove the bladder stone, but I don't know how the kidney stone is going to effect her health in the future.
387767 tn?1345872027 Be sure to discuss all recommended vaccines with your veterinarian. A cat with kidney disease or kidney failure should not be vaccinated at all. Long-term feeding of an all-dry-food diet is also suspected as a factor in Chronic Renal Failure. Cats' kidneys are highly efficient and adapted to life in the desert, where they would get most or all of their water from eating their prey.
Avatar f tn I am starting to give him home made food for cats with CRF. After the first day of fluids his BUN 85, creatinine 4.5, phos 5.8 and calcium 10.4. He is anemic and amylase is 1675. He had an urine anlysis and it showed the urine was dilute. Is there anything else that I can do for him, could acupuncture help, if so I live in CA so would need to know where I could find a good holistic vet.
Avatar n tn re looking to reestablish healthy intestinal microb there are a wide array of options out there. Azodyl is marketed to specifically help kidney values, however, most evidence is anecdotal. Having said that, we did give it to one of our cats with chronic renal failure and it did help him feel better.