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Avatar n tn The blood test showed a bacterial infection but she sent me to the dentist to get treated for their guess of a tooth infection. No tooth infection but I was given pennicillan and told to come back next month to have the lump looked at. The pennicillian makes me feel almost new but it didn't affect the lump.I'm off it now and typing is burning my arm/neck/fingers. Doctors say the lump has nothing to do with it all,but they found nothing else.
Avatar n tn Actually there are two with the orafices of the salivary ducts on both sides of lingual frenum under the tongue. It is possible that the duct is blocked and causing a slight infection. It would be a good idea to see an oral surgeon.
Avatar m tn but not fully resolved ... noticed inflammed, swollen/irritated papillae under tongue (both sides of tongue and also under front of tongue also). Salivary glands swollen. Not resolving ... getting chills every so often ... feeling cold every so often also ... trying to see an ENT ..they are so busy in Canada ... approx 2 months to see one .... Help !!!
Avatar n tn The fimbriated fold under my tongue is sore and swollen. It has a little whiteness at the ebd of it also. I was wondering if this is something serious or not.
Avatar m tn m a 55yr old straight male who has been treated for an STD that presented itself with white snail like lesion under my tongue one week after contact with a female. I was treated with one dose of penniciln and one week treatment of levaquin 750mg. I was also tested for HIV and hep c and all test were negative. It has been two weeks since I have been treated, but the lesions clear up and then return. Do I have something I need to be concerned with at this point?  Pls respond.
Avatar n tn The pediatrician said my 2 month old has a fungal infection on his tongue. She prescribed this'd dictation I put in his mouth 4 times a day. Poor thing hates it and gags to the point of throwing up. Anyone else have this issue with their LO. Did the doc end up giving another type of med?
Avatar f tn One month later I have a bigger growth in the line under my tongue and inbetween the V-Portion of my tongue and then some growths on the actual V-Lines under my tongue. They are all flesh like. What do you guys think, what could this possibly be??? I am concerned they could be warts but at the same time I think the doctors know more than I do. Also, the bumps are painless.
Avatar n tn Today, there was a weird bump feeling under my tongue and I checked in the mirror and there was a red kind of clearish bump under my left side of my tongue close to my cracked crown. There is no pain associated with the red bump. Do you know what's wrong and how I got the red bump? Please help.
Avatar n tn 5 year old daughter has had a lump under her tongue for 36+ hours which is white, about the size of a small pea, and right on the mid-line of the tongue, about 1/2 inch back from the tip. She's neither a smoker nor a drinker. I'm running her in to the pediatrician AND the dentist tomorrow morning for a look - their offices are 30 feet apart...
1127040 tn?1289718662 I have a ticking feeling under my tongue and it's so annoying and I got it yesterday, im guessing I have that feeling because yesterday I got my braces and they hurt a lot. I really want to find a way to cure it, can anyone help me?
Avatar n tn I have had jaw pain for about 9 months now. Had my submaxillary gland removed because of swelling and pain and it showed chronic infection. Feeling better but still have a sensation of swelling under my tongue and "funny" feeling in two lower crowned molars on that side - kind of like a constant ache which is driving me crazy. It bothers me to talk. There is no visible swelling. I had the same sensation before surgery.
Avatar n tn I have recently noticed due to stress and anxiety of thinking I have contracted hsv(herpes) inside my mouth that my lower part of gums/jaw under my tongue is swollen. I believe that it looks similar to pictures I have seen of mandibular torus but not so rounded more longish following the bone structure but sticking out a few millimetres. There are two similar growths on either side, the one on the left is slightly larger then the right but almost the same.
Avatar m tn I went to the toilet this morning and when i looked i had a red blemish under my foreskin, there are loads of small red dots in concentrated areas, some on the tip and some on the shaft, all under the foreskin. Its not painful or itchy just slightly uncomfortable and very worrying. I haven't had sex or masturbated recently, nor changed shower gel or detergent. It did happen to me once or twice in the past and went away, but im worried because of it coming back alot?
Avatar n tn She only has one blister on her lip and she has never gotten another one. I'm very worried about the thing under her tongue. under her tongue is still sowllen. It's no longer red and as large as it was when I first noticed it. I have taken her to the doctor, I'm waiting for her to get in to see a ear, nose and throught doctor. I'm very worried about the condition under her tongue.
Avatar n tn also i have two ulcers under my tongue on the floor of the mouth and its created a raised bump which is quite hard when i touch it with my tongue. But it all started with just a couple of ulcers which just increased. I didnt think much of it as i get ulcers now and then but not as bad as this. its been about a week and 2 days now and its still quite painful. But yeh i would just like to know if its my tongue piercing being infected or if its just a bad case of ulcers?
Avatar m tn For a very long time now, I have been getting blisters under my tongue. I was told by about 3 doctors that it was herpes. Not too long ago I went to an ENT specialist and she saw a blister that came out on my lower lip. Inside my mouth. I told the doctor that I get them under the tongue as well and she said they were just muccoceles. This is very hard for me considering I get them all the time.
Avatar f tn He has been experiencing some swelling of his glands due to his allergies and yesterday he started complaining about the back of his tongue. This morning I told him to look under his tongue to see if he could see anything. He called me to the bathroom freaking out because underneath the far right side of his tongue was a bunch of white puss. He cleaned it out and went and got some mouth rinse.
Avatar n tn I, too have a bump under my tongue. It is right on the skin that connects my tongue to my lower jaw, so when i move my tongue, it hurts. It started recently, and has been recurring on and off. However, this morning it was at its fullest and largest size. It appears to be clear, with some sort of transparent fluid inside. It hurts when I eat, for it involved tongue movement. I do not smoke, chew tobacco, or anything of the sort, nor have I ever. Looking at it, it has gotten MUCH bigger over time.
Avatar m tn The red spots that sometimes come under geographic tongue, are usually a sign of infection. Your tongue is a mucous membrane, just like other mucous membranes of the body such as the urethra. When you get red spots and sores on the tongue it can be a sign of infection of the mucous membranes. Also the scalloping that can occur on the sides of the tongue can be from tongue swelling that also occurs with infection. The color of the tongue is important also.
Avatar n tn I noticed my gums are white in many areas of my mouth, under my tongue, cheeks, top of tongue. my lingual tonsils and the large taste buds at the back of my mouth seem to be inflamed but the dr said they were normal. I think I see/feel tiny bumps on the roof of my mouth but the dr said he did not see them when he looked with his drs tool. my thrush is still here and I am becoming increasingly more paranoid that maybe this is a sign of a primary herpes outbreak instead of thrush.
Avatar n tn I am just getting over a cold and during the cold I noticed an ulcer or cold sore ontop of my tongue for a few days. Now when I look under my tongue I have what looks like a peice of shin hanging down it is sore and hangs down about 1/8 of an inch. I have taken a picture for you to see. Thanks!
Avatar m tn My friends son has developed a lump under his tongue which is painful and has put him off his food hence weight loss. She lives in Indonesia where medical care is costly and does not appear to be up to the standards you would expect. He has been prescribed a steroid ointment (for topical use only ?????) which has reduced the size of the lump but it then returns when the ointment is not used. I have suggested she ask her GP to undertake blood tests fbc ue b12 folate but after that I am at a loss.
Avatar m tn Putting a Xanax tab under your tongue will help get it into your system a bit faster, but it still takes awhile for it to dissolve. I have found that chewing the tablet, (which takes nerves of steel because of the taste) into a fine powder, mixing it with your saliva then put that under your tongue for a few seconds, then swallow it. Please be aware that even this method will not stop an anxiety or panic attack already in progress, but it will bring some relief a little faster.
Avatar n tn Hi....I have a small pea sized lump under my tongue on the right side. It's located in the valley of my mouth between the floor of the tongue and the gum line. It is below the tissue. It is painless and has there for 2 years or so. It has not gotten larger. I asked my dentist about it a year and a half ago...but she said it was likely nothing. Is this something I should be more concerned about? Does anyone know what this could be?