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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm suffering frm staph from past a month. Low grade fever. stiff neck and swollen body at times not everyday. Got a CBC count, Everything seems perfect just a bit low RBC and high WBC 15000. doc's treating for staph with flagyl 400. I've read somewhere tht these medicines don't work to treat staph! I m confident on my doc but just that a month is too long. and these tablets seems to increase my boils and the 1st day gave me bad chest pain. My boils are very tiny but many.
Avatar n tn and said it was a staph infection and told me I should get into an antibiotic. I have 5 big hives but it is not all over my body and I am currently taking antihistamines and I am applying triple antibiotic topical to the surfaces of the hives. I there anything else I should do? I really cannot make it to the hospital and see a doctor rigth now.
Avatar m tn Several months ago i started to have a mild acne on my forehead, I did some exams and came out positive for staph aureus infection and staph epidermidis in two different labs. I took a treatment with antibiotics called ofloxacin 400 mg for ten days, my tests showed to be sensible to this drug. During the treatment the acne almost vanished but after i stopped it the situation was as bad as always.
Avatar f tn My mother has a very bad staph infection. Its been going on for a long time. She has poor health and had to stop working because of her body. She has staph infection inside and out, all over, and its very painful for her. She may also be doing drugs. She's going bald, blood vessels pop when washing herself, and when brushing her teeth, some of her gum will appear on the toothbrush.
Avatar m tn My dermatologist said that I will basically have a staph infection forever and will have to treat is as needed. Is this a proper diagnosis? Why can't I get rid of it? I have already tried antibiotics and other drugs that have helped for a while but it comes back.
Avatar n tn * Dental infection, infections in the heart, middle ear infections, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, skin infections, upper and lower respiratory tract infections Penicillin V works against only certain types of bacteria--it is ineffective against fungi, viruses, and parasites. Most important fact about this drug Return to top If you are allergic to either penicillin or cephalosporin antibiotics in any form, consult your doctor before taking penicillin V.
402056 tn?1201545788 Any 101 on staph infection would have to be based on intimate knowledge of the specific staph involved, the extent of the pneumonia, and based on his general health and the response thus far to antibiotic therapy, the likelihood of his recovering.
Avatar m tn The doc perscribed several medications to emprericly treat me. However, many meds were uneffective against the staph. The drugs I did get, that were supposed to be effective are Rocephine 500mg injection 2 weeks ago and Cravit 500x3 and 250x7 1 week 3 days ago During the infection, the staff had spread across my unrinary tract and reproductive tract. ie. Tescicles, vas defereance, bladder etc. That was the worst of it. I'm glad to say the treatment cleared up 95% of the trouble.
Avatar n tn I also have been using methanphetamine heavily. When i stop for a few days the staph infection starts to clear up, but as soon as i do it, it comes back full force. I know other people who do it and they dont get the sores on there face like i do. Is this because of my hep c that i am getting the staph infections? If so what should I do,(besides stop using drugs of course)I dont have any medical insurance and i think that this could be a serious problem.
Avatar n tn I take good care of myself until a few months ago (Back in August), when I got hurt by a bug, while I was walking outside of a hospital where I volunteer with children. I was told that I have been infected with staph. I got it from a bug. Now on my pupil, I can see a white spot that looks like a cotton ball. Right in that area, there is also a lot of little stain that look like fruit flies and they move along when I move my eye ball.
Avatar f tn Hi: For the past 10 years or so, I would get a pretty nasty staph infection in or on my nose. Bactroban did nothing, so I would end up on Bactrim, Cipro, etc. The round of AB's usually took care of things. I began to notice that these breakouts happened whenever I got a lot of sun. These infections happened only 2-3 times a year and I didn't usually worry about it. My doctor sent me to an ENT, who was pretty useless (she just told me to keep my nares moistured..???
Avatar f tn I did test n d result shows it is candida infection after taken d drugs it will come down everything will b normal bt recently d itching start n am using. Funbact A is works bt I want to treat dis infection so dat it will stop 4 once. Pls can dis infection affect me 4rm child bearing.
Avatar n tn It came back as a Staph infection and I was resistant to most antibiotics except one of the sulfa drugs. All this time I thought it was because I had allergies or a sinus infection. So glad I followed through with this. My father in law and former student are in the hospital with staph infections at the moment.
Avatar f tn Hey all, So I apparently have had an untreated Staph infection since November (untreated because my doctor cultured it but failed to ever notify me of the infection...) I found this out, only because I went to the doctor because of some "agitation" in the same area (boil-ish type of thing, blistery, fluid, abscess - as it was called on my chart today) and the doctor I saw today, read it off in my chart (shocker to me)...
Avatar m tn And so after 4-5 days of taking the antibiotics, the original sore has completely healed. So my question is, could the staph infection do anything to affect the hsv culture test. It was weird the way my Dr said the hsv culture was a good indication I really did have hsv of one kind or another. I thought these tests were all supposed to be extremely accurate.
Avatar m tn also what were you given to treat the staph infection? did you have the staph infection first and then get a herpes recurrence or did you have a recurrence of herpes and they swabbed it and found staph?
Avatar f tn There is an apparent Staph infection of one of the nodules inside a ventricle of the heart. He is on a a breathing machine and is headed towards having to be on a respirator. He was a strong and active 26 year old with no known prior medical conditions. It seems very unusual to me that his condition has worsened so quickly. When I visit him, he is confused and agitated. What is the prognosis for this type of condition?
Avatar m tn It was not a problem and just stayed as red bumps but at the age of 13 those little bumps became boils and pimples due to the staph infection. I've been on all kinds of antibiotics and I found the most useful is clindamycin. My doctor stopped prescribing it to me because it was destroying my liver. He said I was able to take them again after a year of not taking them.
86075 tn?1238118691 It's gotten to the point that none of us should share personal items of any kind, just to be safe. These staph infections are nasty and have the potential of infecting people with compromised immune systems or in medical setttings, even medical offices. (People on chemotherapy can be more vulnerable.) Go to Community-Associated MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics.
Avatar m tn Oh so I looked it up and that is just a cute name for staph infection yeah people with HIV get staph bumps but so do people without HIV. I got it last year it is a pain to get rid of see a dr cause staph is dangerous. When I had staph I thought maybe I had HIV and I got tested and I did not have HIV. I learned symptoms don't mean anything !
Avatar f tn I think you should see another doctor to get diagnosed by having either a culture done or molecular test to confirm that you have a staph aureus and/or MRSA infection. MRSA is just the form of staph that is more resistant to antibiotics. You don't normally spread staph aureus or MRSA by hugging because the clothes cover the area. So if the area is covered you should be okay.
Avatar m tn Sometimes catheters can get contaminated with bacteria and cause an infection such as Staph. But picc lines are very good for preventing this. However, it is still possible as you saw. They may need to remove and start a new picc line. Usually if it is the picc line they suspect they will do a blood culture on it (but they would have to take a snip of part of the catheter or remove it in order to do this) and replace it with a new one. Since it did get infected that might be an option.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when you scratch the skin, you get a staph infection because of bacteria under your fingernails. You need antiobiotics for that kind of infection. Go to the doctor, get a note from him/her and present it to your employer.
Avatar n tn Yes well cellultis is an infection and can most commonly be caused by a staph or strep bacteria. Did you start the antibiotics and then start itching all over? If so you may be allergic to the sulfa drug. If this is the case you should call the doctor. Do you have a rash from it? Good that she is getting a stool culture for parasites too. I think the rash is probably the same infection that is on your arm that spread. Don't scratch any of it as it will spread it and make it worse.
577106 tn?1219842945 I would really like to talk with some other people who have dealt with this infection first hand. If anyone out there wouldn't mind sharing their knowledge, symptoms, etc I'd really like to hear them. Thanks.
739070 tn?1338607002 html thT suggests the Rifampill + tetracycline might be effective against staph epidermis biofilms. This is an emerging and problematic hospital acquired infection (Staphylococcus epidermidis, has emerged as major nosocomial pathogen.) The "biofilm" subtype refers to its ability to adhere well to body tissues. The lab could test for sensitivity to Rifampill. They would not normally do this since Rifampill is used to treat TB. Bob Figured it was worth mentioning.
Avatar f tn I had osteoarthritis of both knees and did them both at the same time. I developed intractable MRSA a staph infection which is extremely difficult to eradicate. There's alot of other issues but I don't want to stay up all night. Getting back to the reason I'm here. Do drugs do all these things to you? I'm addicted to painkillers , no crack or H, etc. Just pills.
Avatar f tn If the pus was present, I would think it was a staph infection. Even though it might not be a staph infection, the fact that it is getting bigger could mean that more and more of her skin, tissue, muscle, could suffer from irreversible damage. If she is feeling poorly that could mean an infection is spreading that the current course of antibiotics is not healing. Please get a second opinion. Your Mom deserves a second look.