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Avatar f tn 2 brothers had a rash appear (and after swimming in a public pool) it has become severe and after several visits to a couple of different doctors it has been diagnosed as a staph infection. They are currently taking antibiotics for this. However, a skin scraping was not taken. Now, the health dept. and the parents are requesting the test to identify exactly which bacteria it is. Will the results be altered by already having the antibiotics on board?
Avatar f tn i have a re-occurring staph infection in my left nostril for a week every month for the past three years. i have seen doctors & specialists who treated me with antibiotics creams & ointments & i even had it cut out but it just keeps coming back. i also get am extremely painful swollen gland under my jaw on the left side & my whole face hurts. oh & in the beggining i was getting penicillin injections in my bottom every day for a week or so.
Avatar f tn I noticed a sore on each side of my inner thighs a day or two after i went to the water park the next day they were scabbed over and looked a little bit like staph infection. That same day I went swimming in a hotel pool and the scabs fell off. The next day a few more sores appeared on my inner thighs close to my buttocks. I was concerned and went to my doctor on Monday and she told me it could be a bacterial infection or herpes.
Avatar m tn im 18 years old, 5'7", 156 pounds, i had unprotected sex with a woman and got staph aureus. i went to a private clinic that isnt very expensive because i dont have a medical insurance. i have no clinical record, allergies or anything, im an athlete for my college. in the clinic i got laboratories for STDS for about $500, and the results showed staph aureus.
Avatar f tn Is it Staph epidermidis or Staph aureus. Ask them about that too. If staph epi then it is just normal bacteria and doesn't need treatment if Staph aureus it depends on how much you have of it. If only a few bacteria then they may not treat it but if you have a lot then they will give you an antibiotic. It depends on how what term you are in in your pregnancy if they can give you antibiotics. But the antifungal is a topcial so it should be okay.
Avatar m tn This sounds like a staph infection. I'm not a professional but I say contact your doctor immediately.
Avatar m tn Several months ago i started to have a mild acne on my forehead, I did some exams and came out positive for staph aureus infection and staph epidermidis in two different labs. I took a treatment with antibiotics called ofloxacin 400 mg for ten days, my tests showed to be sensible to this drug. During the treatment the acne almost vanished but after i stopped it the situation was as bad as always.
Avatar m tn Hello, Since you are having staph infection, so if your girlfriend has been diagnosed with staph infection then chances are there that the infection got transmitted during physical contact like sexual contact or skin to skin contact. It is very surprising that the infection has not shown much results with antibiotics, In such cases, it is advisable to get the culture sample from the sores and a biopsy skin done which will confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar m tn My dermatologist said that I will basically have a staph infection forever and will have to treat is as needed. Is this a proper diagnosis? Why can't I get rid of it? I have already tried antibiotics and other drugs that have helped for a while but it comes back.
Avatar n tn It looks like a staph infection. This is fairly common, but it does need to be treated by a vet. Make an appointment and let him take a look at her. A course of antibiotics should take care of it nicely.
Avatar n tn Currently, my husband has a staph infection and is on antibiotics. This is number 4 outbreak in a year. He has never had any staph infection before and has an autoimmune disorder since his youth. He suffers from hypothyroidism and alopecia. Why now? How do we get rid of it and is this going to be an issue for a long period. As my son too has an autoimmune disorder, alopecia should I be concern for him as well?
Avatar n tn Folicullitis is usually from staph. Under-skin infection may be from staph or strep. Infection usually invades under the skin if there is any (even slight) skin injury, fissure If it was contact dermatitis (soap, new clothes or washing detergent), there wouldn't be under-skin fluid, I guess. It may help, if you check in google using "staph scrotum", "celullitis", "staphylococcus groin", "streptococcus groin" and related terms.
Avatar n tn can a recurrent staph infection caused by a foreign body left from surgery cause permanent nerve damge?
Avatar n tn I had a break out in my mouth last week and by Friday I had a sore on the bottom of my foot that woke me up because of the pain shooting up my leg. Went to doctor and he thinks it is a staph infection put me on antibodic and gave me a shot. Told me if it got worse to go to hospital. I have had these same sores for over 8 years and repeated upper respiratory infections.
Avatar n tn My wife has a staph infection she had to be admitted in to the hosp. She's on antibiotics throuh iv. Night she bumped the sore by acceident and puss came out and she is more pain than before is this a good thing that it is draining?
910014 tn?1242727443 My 24 year old daughter was admitted into the hospital with staph infection on her side. She had a fever and was in severe pain. They have her on antibiotics via IV. I am very worried I have read that this can cause a brain abcess or liver or kidney dammage. My question is; what to expect and are there any alternitives to the treatment she is recieving????? Help please.....VERY WORRRIED MOM!!!!
Avatar m tn So a few weeks ago I got this big boil on my waist that was like an ingrown hair and eventually after about a week went away on its own. You could still see discoloration there but there's no bump and no more pain. However, now I have one on my butt and it's almost the same thing. So I went to the doctor and they told me that it's a bad staph infection and they prescribed me Bactrim. Before I took it the boil was very painful and it hurt to even sit down.
Avatar f tn Yes. Staph infections are from a type of bacteria- staphylococcal. It can cause TONS of different problems and is easily spread to others. For example- have you ever heard of MRSA outbreaks? That is a kind of staph that is drug resistant and it can spread very easily. Toxic Shock Syndrome, when a tampon leads to a build up of bacteria that gets into the blood stream and shuts down the body, is another kind of staph infection. This doesn't mean you definitely have it, but it's possible.
Avatar f tn Hi I am a 28 yr old female, and I contracted a staph infection for the first time in July of 2009...and the culture tested positive for MRSA. It first appeared as a skin boil on my left cheek, that I thought was a vicious spider bite. Within 2 days my entire head swelled up 2 times it's original size, my eyes were literally little squinty lines on my swollen face. I was hospitalized for about a week. I was given Clindamyacin, Vancomyacin and someother antibiotic that started with a Z..
Avatar m tn Oh so I looked it up and that is just a cute name for staph infection yeah people with HIV get staph bumps but so do people without HIV. I got it last year it is a pain to get rid of see a dr cause staph is dangerous. When I had staph I thought maybe I had HIV and I got tested and I did not have HIV. I learned symptoms don't mean anything !
Avatar m tn Dude,I had a friend with a staph infection on has leg and next thing you know his girl had it on her butt cheek.then ended up in the hosptial not sure why .because I didnt want to no.Be careful staph is deadly when it gets in the blood system.
Avatar f tn I had a friend that had a water birth and her baby boy was born healthy, then a few days after he ended up getting a nasty staph I infection from being born in the water. Long story short, he spent 2.5 mos in the nicu fighting the infection that almost killed him. He now has a scar covering his entire abdomen from the infection. All because he was born in the water. Germs travel faster in the water and the risk of infection is greater.
Avatar f tn This summer I thought I had acne, but I just went to the Doctor and I have a staph infection on my face. I have been on antibiotics for the last five months and have taken various forms of antibiotics(Keflex, doxycycline, minocycline, tetracycline) and I was wondering how long does it take for the blisters to completely stop?
Avatar n tn Hello, Boils are caused by infection of the hair follicle by staph aureus.Hair follicles that are blocked by greasy creams, petroleum jelly, or similar products are more vulnerable to infection. Bacterial skin infections can be spread by shared cosmetics or washcloths, close human contact, or by contact with pus from a boil or carbuncle.To prevent them,adequate hygiene should be there,wear cotton undergarments and change them twice a day and pls do not use other people’s towels/clothes.