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Avatar f tn Staph infections, especially MRSA infections, are very common in children in that area. She should continue to follow up with the dermatologist as needed at this point since it's not unusual for staph infections of the skin to come back repeatedly.
402056 tn?1201542188 s doctor. Any 101 on staph infection would have to be based on intimate knowledge of the specific staph involved, the extent of the pneumonia, and based on his general health and the response thus far to antibiotic therapy, the likelihood of his recovering.
Avatar m tn A friend of mine has a staph infection in the hip. can the staph infection be spread to others? if so how?
Avatar f tn Hello there, I have been dealing with staph in my groin area for over 2 years. A total of 5 infections so far. I came across a research where they recommend a dose of the probiotic called bacillus subtillis. I purchased it from amazon of United States since it wasn't available in Canada. I am hoping the infection stays down. you should give it a try as well to stop staph. Google, bacillus subtillis for staph and read up on it.
Avatar m tn Several months ago i started to have a mild acne on my forehead, I did some exams and came out positive for staph aureus infection and staph epidermidis in two different labs. I took a treatment with antibiotics called ofloxacin 400 mg for ten days, my tests showed to be sensible to this drug. During the treatment the acne almost vanished but after i stopped it the situation was as bad as always.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor in November and he said it was cellulitis-folliculitis infection via staph. I was put on antibiotics and had antibiotic cream. They didn't go away so i went back at the beginning of February, and they put me on bactrim and the same cream. They are still not gone and i am concerned because my girlfriend has gotten a UTI ("a bad one" - Doctor") and her doctors says its because i have staph.
453284 tn?1205793544 My fiance has Cystic Fibrosis, in the past few months its seems as though he was getting worse, well he just went for his regular check up and they told him that he has staph infection in his lungs. Is this going to hurt him bad? Will he get through this? How can they treat this? This will make the cystic fibrosis worse, won't it?
Avatar f tn How contagious is a staph infection such as mrsa and ringworm to infants? And how serious is it?
655242 tn?1229472744 My daughter has had a mild staph infection that keeps coming back but hers are on her skin and they are just little red spots. So maybe now I have a staph infection in my nose? I used her nasal cream but so far 2 uses and it has not helped. Any of these sound like they couold be the reason? I have never had this happen before. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn Hello, It can be that you are a carries of staph infection as many people may be unknowingly carrying the staph infection in their nares, groins or hair and may not be knowing about it. Get the nasal swabs done as you may need antibiotics then. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar n tn My wife has a staph infection she had to be admitted in to the hosp. She's on antibiotics throuh iv. Night she bumped the sore by acceident and puss came out and she is more pain than before is this a good thing that it is draining?
Avatar n tn This is number 4 outbreak in a year. He has never had any staph infection before and has an autoimmune disorder since his youth. He suffers from hypothyroidism and alopecia. Why now? How do we get rid of it and is this going to be an issue for a long period. As my son too has an autoimmune disorder, alopecia should I be concern for him as well?
Avatar m tn t do much), the doc did a semen culture. I talked to him today and he told me that I had a light growth of staph in my semen. He asked me if I was symptomatic, at which point I was (I become symptomatic for about 1-2 weeks every 6 weeks or so). He said if I wasn't symptomatic, he wouldn't prescribe me antibiotics, but since I was, he gave me an antibiotic for 2 weeks. My question is, is this an infection I should be concerned about as far as passing it to my g/f during sex?
Avatar n tn Folicullitis is usually from staph. Under-skin infection may be from staph or strep. Infection usually invades under the skin if there is any (even slight) skin injury, fissure If it was contact dermatitis (soap, new clothes or washing detergent), there wouldn't be under-skin fluid, I guess. It may help, if you check in google using "staph scrotum", "celullitis", "staphylococcus groin", "streptococcus groin" and related terms.
910014 tn?1242727443 My 24 year old daughter was admitted into the hospital with staph infection on her side. She had a fever and was in severe pain. They have her on antibiotics via IV. I am very worried I have read that this can cause a brain abcess or liver or kidney dammage. My question is; what to expect and are there any alternitives to the treatment she is recieving????? Help please.....VERY WORRRIED MOM!!!!
Avatar n tn But they only give them to me when I get sick which is every month for 8 years My daughter also stays sick with upper respiratory issues and was diagnosed with asthma years ago. My question is can someone carry a staph infection in their body for years and can it cause multiple symptoms?
Avatar n tn can a recurrent staph infection caused by a foreign body left from surgery cause permanent nerve damge?
Avatar n tn I am scared the infection is in my eyes. Also, my blood pressure and pulse rate are great.. Sounds good but not what is customary for me. It was 115/65 - and 55 pulse. Normally I am around 125/80 and 80.. It is just scary that the change is occuring now. Can you please advise.
Avatar m tn So a few weeks ago I got this big boil on my waist that was like an ingrown hair and eventually after about a week went away on its own. You could still see discoloration there but there's no bump and no more pain. However, now I have one on my butt and it's almost the same thing. So I went to the doctor and they told me that it's a bad staph infection and they prescribed me Bactrim. Before I took it the boil was very painful and it hurt to even sit down.
Avatar f tn The puss pockets are an indication of a Staph infection.....Oral antibiotics are a must, but again, the correct one has to be chosen.....Staph can spread quickly.....The scaling however, reminds me of Mange.....The black though, looks like fungus..... As you can tell, it's impossible to determine without a skin scrape.....They do not cost much & oral antibiotics will not break the bank.....You really need to get this under control & quickly..... If you have any other info.
Avatar f tn Yes. Staph infections are from a type of bacteria- staphylococcal. It can cause TONS of different problems and is easily spread to others. For example- have you ever heard of MRSA outbreaks? That is a kind of staph that is drug resistant and it can spread very easily. Toxic Shock Syndrome, when a tampon leads to a build up of bacteria that gets into the blood stream and shuts down the body, is another kind of staph infection. This doesn't mean you definitely have it, but it's possible.
Avatar f tn m a nurse and they could be a sign of a staph infection. You should see your physician and let him culture the boil. You prob need an antibiotic to clear this as well. Staph can be found on your skin normally but can result in the described boils.
Avatar m tn Oh so I looked it up and that is just a cute name for staph infection yeah people with HIV get staph bumps but so do people without HIV. I got it last year it is a pain to get rid of see a dr cause staph is dangerous. When I had staph I thought maybe I had HIV and I got tested and I did not have HIV. I learned symptoms don't mean anything !