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Avatar f tn Three years ago I also had a scan and it said I had mild pancreatitus, but this scan says something about the head of the pancreas. Tonight I am going for an MRI to rule out any lesions. I had some slight bleching last week that is almost gone, my stools seem fine, just the back/tummy pain exists. I have also had some slight fluctiations in my temperature. Anybody elose gone thru this? I'd like to know your story.
Avatar f tn In a flare these pains can hit hourly or even just 3 times the entire day. Ive had a ct, mrcp, and 5 eus-done by some of the best drs in CA. Not one thing has shown in terms of damage or changes in 4.5 yrs. Since the scans are clean, lipase is never high more than a few points, and per drs the pain is atypcial none think it has to do with my pancreas. I had a hida recently- GB operating at 28 where 35 is normal.
Avatar n tn Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (en-doh-SKAH-pik REH-troh-grayd koh-LAN-jee-oh-PANG-kree-uh-TAH-gruh-fee) (ERCP) enables the physician to diagnose problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas. The liver is a large organ that, among other things, makes a liquid called bile that helps with digestion. The gallbladder is a small, pear-shaped organ that stores bile until it is needed for digestion.
Avatar m tn In this group I would place cystic lesions of the pancreas. Ask your doctor if this lesion in head of pancreas is a cyst in appearance? If it is a cyst, then usually most pancreatic cysts are benign. They also come and go, so may not have been there on your last ultrasound. Some cysts are premalignant, and usually a wait and watch approach is adopted regarding this. Also, malignant cysts occur at a later age and the margin is irregular and often there is calcification.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 28, male, non-drinker, former smoker. In August, I developed a dull ache in my left side, along with sporadic back pain, gas/gas pains, painless muscle spasms, floating stools, achy joints, and fatigue. No nausea or vomitting, but I do notice that fattier foods seem to aggravate the problem (causing sharper abdominal pains and general sick feeling). My doctor immediately ordered a Spiral CT scan w/contrast and amylase/lipase blood tests. Everything came back clean/normal.
Avatar n tn He seemed to be straining and always trying to have a bowel movement without much success.Although at times he would produce a very thin poop which was black in color. They did x-rays and an ultrasound but found nothing. A week later after still not eating he was readmitted and with another ultrasound found that his pancreas was larger than it was on the first ultrasound a week earlier. The conclusion was that they had no idea what was wrong.
318529 tn?1201904896 Also, people that have one episode of pancreatitis have a greater chance at having more episodes in the future. The pancreas is an organ that gets very irritable, and very quickly. Mess with it once and it'll let you know for ages how unhappy it is. I have to agree with what your doc is telling you so far. You don't want to jump into an ERCP and take the chance of making things way worse.
Avatar n tn *Spleen and liver at upper limits in size CT of Abdomen and Pelvis *Calcification in the region of the tail of the pancreas and inferior stomach. Small cystic structres in the right ovary. The report said that if no intervention is planned, a follow up in 6 months should be done. I started to have diarrhea in the beginning of August of '05, and with undigested food for two weeks now.
Avatar n tn If you have pancreatitis, it may well be caused by a pseudo-cyst which is basically a bad pocket of infection in the pancreas. Yes, it make you seriously ill, but it can be treated with antibiotics and even surgery to drain it.
Avatar m tn and everyone else my husband suffers from pancreatitis and on forums there are 3 drs in the us that specialize in pancreas in university of minnesota, cincinatti ohio, and touson arizone he is seeing =dr freeman in mineapolis go on their website as you may be able to be treated by the correct physicians
Avatar n tn I was on a diet but since this in the past few months,I had to get new cloths as I was wearing a 14 and am now in a 20. I am so swollen in that area. Please tell me if there may be an underlying problem that they can't find. I'm tired of being irratable & sick !! I've been off work for the past 2 weeks and I'm not sure I can go back with these problems because it's hard to sit for so long and be pain free.
Avatar f tn For over 15+ years, I have had RUQ discomfort (now pain) with endoscopes,numerous HIDA scans on the gallbladder, ultrasound all showing only on occasion mild gastritis. In my younger years, I did drink fairly often, sometimes to excess. About 10 years ago, I drank to excess at a party and was sick for 2 days with severe pain and vomiting. I thought I had a stomach flu on top of being "hung over". I rarely drink anymore at all - maybe a glass of wine once a week.
Avatar n tn It is useful in diagnosing liver function more so than SGOT levels. Decreased SGPT in combination with increased cholesterol levels is seen in cases of a congested liver. We also see increased levels in mononucleosis, alcoholism, liver damage, kidney infection, chemical pollutants or myocardial infarction.
Avatar n tn As a follow up to my earlier questions, I have now found out that he has a mass on his pancreas. Could this be pancreatis or is is more in likely cancer? He is a 53 year old male, doesn't drink so that's not an issue. Please help us better understand what is going on with him right now, we are all so scared.
Avatar m tn HI, I am 34 years male and recently upon having a ultrasound diagnosis of my abdomen I was informed I have "fatty infiltration of pancreas( but normal size and no focal lesison in pancreatic parenchyma), hepatic steatosis-grade I ( but the liver is normal in size with bright echotexture, no focal of diffuse lesion, intra hepatic billary are not dilated, main portal vein measures 12mm) and bulky prostrate ( bulky with homogeneous echotexture, measuring 37x33x35 mm, approx weight of the gland
701334 tn?1262857103 Now, 3-4 of weeks later, have an ache more than a pain, on both sides of my waist ( front and back ) down to abdomen, also a sort of oval area in center of stomach, under navel that aches. I also ache in my spine behind that area. In the past have had 2 colonoscopys, not associated with this spell, but they showed nothing wrong ----- except for the comment " your guts are in a mess ".
Avatar n tn this was my second bout of pancreatitis. Last one was in 1998 which led to a lap chole a few months later. I don't drink. I don't abuse drugs. I am thin. I eat a low-fat diet (especially now). I work out. I don't take any other medicines. I went to a GI doc who sent me to have an MRCP. It came back ok but then another radiologist read it and found a beaded dilated pancreatic duct and a cyst in my pancreas.
Avatar n tn Jimbo, AST is an enzyme found in organs such as the heart, liver, muscles, and pancreas and if it's elevated it could indicate inflammation of such organs. The test is usually done with ALT, another enzyme test. Have you been tested for celiac disease. I only ask because I read something that mentioned celiac and clay colored stools with abdominal pain and many of the symptoms you described. I highly suggest you ask your doctor. Celiac is a gluton intollerance disease.
Avatar n tn What I do know: I am 28, female, mother of 3, I have endo, functional cysts, mitral value regurgitation, arthritis, & chronic upper left & occasional right back pain, weight loss (I cannot eat or drink much without my back hurting worse), occasional blood in urine, uti & kidney infection negative, very bloated (look 5 months preg), hands, face & feet puffy, I feel heavy in the middle, darvocet does not touch the pain, I urinate 4 times an hour with great volume, I feel kinda itch
Avatar f tn I am a very healthy 35 year old female and I started having severe pain in my upper abdomen last December. The pain started on my left side and would spread to my left shoulder and back. This would come and go in waves some lasting all day to only a few hours. It felt worse when I would eat. I had a CT scan that showed I had an enlarged spleen. I had blood tests done and they were all normal.
Avatar n tn i did go hospital they said it seems like i have chronic pancreatitis as its in the 100's if was in the 800's it normally is acute ;( and sent me home to see my doctor, i have been refered to a gastroentologist but i have to wait nearly 4 weeks. my question is: can my liver issue be related to the pancreas vice versa? is so what can be posibly causing it? what can i do in the mean time as i am waiting?
Avatar f tn Also, your gallbladder showed up as swollen, plus pain on the right side points to the gallbladder (pancreas is on other side), so perhaps there's a blockage in gallbladder, too, usually from gallstones. Also, your blood cell count indicates infection going on, probably from those glands getting all blocked up, and that's why you get fevers. You are losing weight because the pancreas, among other things, breaks down fat, and if fat is not being absorbed, you'll lose weight.
Avatar n tn Green coloured bowel movements suggest bilious discharge in the stools. It would need a thorough examination of the hepato-biliary system (liver, gall bladder & pancreas) and the digestive system. There may be some sort of malabsorption syndrome or a problem in the biliary duct. I suggest that you get yourself examined by a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist and tested. The initial testing required may be a routine blood count, a liver function test and an ultrasound of the upper abdomen.
Avatar f tn Will they be able to tell if its a kidney infection instead of a uti by a urinalysis and cultures or should I calm them back in the morning? The nurse said it'll take up to 48 he's for the results.
Avatar f tn Day one I had severe 2 was feeling good until I ate then I was uncomfortable with ache in back and run pain different to normal .discharged on day three yellow with yellow eyes. But still with the uncomfortable now on day four still feeling the same yellow going but realised my bowels still are not working go back in 7 days for stent to come out but don't no if I should wait that long.
Avatar n tn I have been to a gastrointestinoligist and was infromed that I either had an infection or lymphoma, cancer in my lymphnoid glands in my mesenteric root. The doctor gave me cipro and then more tests and all the results came back negetive. I had 2 ct scans and both showed my spleen was slightly enlarged and a few lymphniod glands also enlarged. I have since been to see an Oncoligist and was informed that he thought that I might have a problem with my gallblatter.
Avatar f tn We ended up taking my eldest son to emerg for what we thought might be inhalation issues from painting in a classroom all day with no ventilation when he started vomiting the next morning, as we just wanted to be safe. As it happened, our family doctor was working in emerg that day and told us that it was not inhalation.
Avatar n tn The body's general process is, when your blood sugar rises, your pancreas kicks in and makes insulin to bring it down again. In diabetics, the pancreas doesnt kick in, hence insulin shots and/or meds. Non-diabetics can also have a rise in their blood sugar (it doesnt necessarily have to be related to your sugar intake.. carbs, everything can cause it). Everyone's sugar raises and lowers. Any kind of rise can trigger yeast. Id speak to your Gynecologist about it.
Avatar f tn I also have some cysts in my liver and pancreas. I have hypothyroidism (treated with Thyroid Erfa) and hyperparathyroidism (no treatmnent). My endo dr. could not tell the cause of the lysozyme rise. Maybe there has been sarcoidosis - or not. My neck muscles are often sore and weak, and sometimes I am cold or have hot flushes or tremor.