Infection in old root canal

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Avatar n tn Unfortunately, there are some times when a root canal does not work. If you have an infection in a tooth and they do the root canal right away without doing a course of antibiotics first, it very often can cause further problems. Our endodontists tend to wait until the infection is gone before doing the root canal. It keeps you from having pain and makes the whole process easier. Either way, good luck!
Avatar n tn Hi, I need some advise regarding my teeth. I had a root canal done on my tooth 19th maybe about 3 years ago. 2 years ago my gum swelled because of pus & infection therefore the dentist did another root canal to remove the infection. I found out last sep. that there's some infection underneath that same tooth again, but because of some complication with insurance i didn't do anything about it till now. This time there's no swelling or pain or any sort of discomfort.
Avatar n tn The pain continued and eventually the dentist suggested that perhaps there was an infection that was not observable and to get a root canal. I got a root canal almost 3 weeks ago and am still feeling an occasional ache in the tooth. It goes completely away if I take a small amount of Ibuprofen, however other NSAID's help but to a lower extent. It still seems a little sensitive to soda's but not really coffee. It inst sensitive at all too biting or pressure.
Avatar f tn So I went to the endodontist and he said that the x-ray showed a lot of infection in my root and that the file was indeed way down in my root. I had to have a reconstructive root canal done. It took three visits to the dentist (and about $2,000) to complete my new root canal but my endodontist was unable to remove the file.
Avatar m tn Did they plan to remove the crown and replace it along with redoing the root canal? They may be able to redo the root canal and leave the crown in place. Best bet though is to remove everything so they can be sure that its all sound and healthy underneath. The success rate of a re-treatment of a root canal is considerably lower than the first time a root canal is done so you may want to weigh the cost to benefit (or chance of success) versus an extraction and dental implant.
Avatar n tn From what you are saying I do not understand why the tooth needs root canal therapy.If you can give me more information I can better understand the problem and try to give you some advice.
Avatar n tn Dentist said I had an infection, tooth was dead. Now, 2 days post root canal I still feel the nerve pain in my gums. I am on penicillin. Worried there are other teeth in jeopardy nearby or perhaps we'll need to pull that tooth (which has a crown). What could be causing this pain? Should I wait before making my appointment to fill this tooth? Pain has lessened but I thought it was a dead tooth - why the pain?
Avatar n tn s the tooth next to the crown, but the dentists cannot figure out the problem (even with Xrays), whether it may be a cavity in that next tooth, an infection in the root canal, a nerve, or what one dentist suggested -- that the filling in that next tooth is old and is pressing on a nerve. He told me I may have the same problem, and filed down the filling some. It helped me for a while, but I too have discomfort (not actual pain) when I chew on that molar area.
Avatar n tn he said most likey i had an old chronic infection which never hurt me but the root canal proceedure casued the infection to "flare" up and go accute. i went on steriod pack called methylprednisolone and pencillin for a week. but i ran out last fri. i still have pain in the rooth basically abouve the tooth in the root. it hurt to touch the outside of my face. my dds said pain lasting sometimes weeks is normal cus he said if it hurt before the root canal its gonna hurt afterwards.
Avatar n tn but if money is no option endodontist will be the best bet. because they specialize in root canals. plus if its the root canal tooth that needs to be re done that is going to be hard and most general dentists wont touch it. good luck.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old daughter had a rood canal done on the #7 last year. It was bleached 2 times but it didn't work. Her orthodontist that also does dentistry did it again several months later. It worked. During her initial visits, she was on antibiotics 3 times w/ initial dentist and once w/ orthodontist. Over the past few months her gums were swollen and we were told she wasn't brushing properly. Turns out, she had a severe infection and looked like an eyeball that finally burst.
Avatar n tn I had an old "silver" crown that came off of a tooth I had a previous root canal on (around 13 years ago). The tooth underneath the crown is a blackish-blue color and I have a raging toothache. The dentist said to take antibiotics for a week and then come back for him to re-do the root canal and *try* to save this tooth. The pain continued for several days and now I have a horrible ear infection (but on the ear on the other side).
Avatar f tn I have had one root canal so far, and am in need of another. I have had, in the two years since my first root canal, dizziness and brain fog. My Endo said my previous root canal looks good on the xray. BUT, I've read that some people just can't tolerate keeping dead teeth in their mouth and a dead tooth will always have some sort of bacteria growing in it causing symptoms in some people. Is this true? How would I know if my root canal is causing issues?
Avatar m tn Everyone is pointing me towards root canal so I am curious if ANY level of sensation at a filling site means root canal? Everyone uses the word "pain" but I feel it is more "discomfort" not constant, only with hot, cold, or extreme pressure.
Avatar n tn If not, a re-treatment of the root canal is possible or an apicoectomy in which they remove the tip of the infected root along with the infection in that area. Referral to a specialist for the procedure may be necessary.
Avatar n tn I am a dental hygienist - not a dentist and wanted to comment on your situation. In rare instances a root canal can fail...this is something only an xray can determine. Swelling can come from around the tooth - in the gum tissues and can make the tooth very sore. Since you mention this has been going on for 2 years I have to ask...have you seen a dentist in that time? Does there even appear to be a bump or pimple above the affected tooth? If so does the bump get larger adn smaller?
Avatar m tn How long does it for root canal to heal? Can and do root canal fail? What are symptoms of failed root canal. At the time of root canal Endodonist put temporary filled on crown. I have appoint with regular dentist for permanent filling in a week.
Avatar m tn Five days ago I developed some nagging pain in my upper right jaw. It would occur mostly when I drank something cold (I don't drink hot beverages so cold was the only thing bothering it). The pain was not consistent and would usually subside within a few minutes. I've been told I have acute gingivitis so I thought maybe my gums were inflamed and a root was exposed. I was able to pinpoint that it was coming from tooth #5. I went to my dentist today.
Avatar f tn I didn't know they existed. I was told this tooth held up a lot of his snout's structure so it would be a good idea to keep it instead of extract it. Has anyone tried canine root canal before? How expensive is it and is waiting a week mean he will loose the tooth?
Avatar f tn The dentist say she can see small infection however it will be better if it can be compared to the xray taken before root canal. Therefore I showed it to her and she say the infection is larger before root canal. What she recommended now is monitor. Please advise guys ... I don't want to risk it hurting during my trip to Taiwan. If it is infected once again, I won't hesitate to pull it out.
Avatar m tn Or he did in on purpose just to earn money from the root canal treatment? now after the root canal the pain is hardly there and still waiting for next week final treatment for the final sealing etc.I am so devastated,my old filings is there like more than 10 years and never caused any pain till my dentist suggestead that there is crack and old filling are comming off so a redo of filings and worse is causing more pain and a need for root canal treatment.
Avatar m tn Went to an expensive dentist and she said not much trouble. A little cavity by the root but can fill with out root canal. I could not afford her prices so I went to a cheap dentist, the guy is about 80 years old, and he was just going to do a couple of fillings at the gum line due to grinding but said he didn't even see the cavity the other one was talking about. He claimed she was just trying to rip me off.
Avatar n tn Hello! I am having an ongoing problem with a root canal that was done in mid-November...
Avatar n tn The dentist did part of the root canal herself (I have never had a root canal but she had out those small files and I presume that she had started the process). I went to a specialist (endodontist?) a few days later. I was in significant pain by the time I made it to him. He drilled out the temporary filling and infomred me that he had to 'significantly drain my canals'. Was this an infection? As he performed the root canal things went smoothly.
Avatar n tn I have had a reoccurring infection after a root canal over the past two years. Now my hands & feet are swelling up and showing arthritis like symptoms. Very painful. I am having mouth surgery very soon to "clean out" the cavity that has formed from the infection eating away the bone tissue in the area near where the root canal was done.
Avatar n tn t until this afternoon to check for a sinus infection. Also dentist referred me to an oral surgeon, just in case, to check her root canal that was done 3 yrs. ago. I have given her ibprofin and a warm pack to rest on her jaw area because she said it kind of helps. what else can I do to make her comfortable?