Infection in old root canal

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Avatar n tn He took a quick xray and said that there was an infection with that tooth that previously had root canal treatment. I have an appt with a root canal specialist now and now that the appt is nearing the tooth has absolutely no pain or nuisance associated with that tooth anymore. Is it possible for the root to clear the infection simply by eating better, etc?
Avatar n tn I am not sure if the symptoms are coming from the gum in that area or the tooth that has had the root canal. The sensitivity to heat is more likely a tooth problem and not the gum tissue.I am not sure what type of swelling you are describing. I would suggest that you see a root canal specialist(endodontist) to rule out a recurrent infection from the old rct.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, there are some times when a root canal does not work. If you have an infection in a tooth and they do the root canal right away without doing a course of antibiotics first, it very often can cause further problems. Our endodontists tend to wait until the infection is gone before doing the root canal. It keeps you from having pain and makes the whole process easier. Either way, good luck!
Avatar f tn Have never heard of a dog having root canal but if having it done is beneficial to your husky then IMHO - have it done. You could ask your vet if waiting a week will cause your "boy" to lose the tooth. My guess is it won't or the vet would have told you. Our husky had X rays which indicated that some of her incisors were a bit loose and would probably have to be extracted in a few years.
Avatar n tn I'm struggling with tooth #19. I do go to the dentist every six months and I've had lots of work done and on top of all of that, I'm a dental coward. Believe me I physically shake when I go in and I can't control it. So of course I get gas and yes I do relax, but it's almost as if I'm under because the gas just completely puts me in another zone. This is kind of the chrono of what has happened: Dec 28 - cleaning & xrays (4 bitewings, first periapical). Talked with dentist about #19.
Avatar n tn Hi. I started a root canal on tooth number 18 a week ago. The root canal was a retreat because the root canal that was done 3 years ago it had started to get infected. Anyway the doctor opened the old root canal and did a temporary filling which got infected 2 days later. He opened again,cleaned and filled it again temporally and I started to take Amoxicillins 4 days ago. The antibiotics is not working, the pain is still there and the infection seems to spread even more.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal done 2 years ago on the next to the last tooth in the back, on the bottom right-hand side. Just the root canal alone maxed out my dental insurance so I had to wait a year until I could afford the crown through my insurance. By the time the year was up, I lost my dental insurance and knew I had to wait even longer.
Avatar f tn when i was in the 8th grade i had a root canal, i felt the pain and never went back i am 23 yrs old now and the tooth is rotten and on the side of my gum is a bump with puss in it. i recently had a little bump under my chin but that is not gone because i took amoxicillian for it. could i have cancer? i heard the puss is poison.
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I was in extreme pain. However, I really didn't know what pain was until now. As of Friday I went in for a root canal. They took it out and said that it was dead. It was small and grey and very smelly. I was told I had an infection and they put me on 150mg of Clyindmican (sp?). I have been in extreme pain for the past few days. Yesterday was excruciating. I can not begin to tell you how bad I hurt.
Avatar f tn My Endo explained to me that the root canal redo was the most conservative approach in my situation. If the infection has not resolved within 4-5 weeks, then I may be a candidate for apicoectomy. My tooth was in good shape otherwise and worth saving. I'll be getting a new crown also. He said that I was lucky to get 20 years out of it as most crowns need to be replaced after 10 to 15 years.
Avatar f tn I have a painful tooth/gum next to an upper left molar that had a root canal, implant, and crown over the last year. I remember having pain before (maybe 9 months ago) and I think it was that adjacent tooth, but the dentist who did the crown did not see anything amiss and the discomfort subsided. My dentist was on vacation when I tried to reach him day before yesterday, and I saw a colleague of his who practices at the Integrated Health ?? of Washington, DC.
Avatar f tn so she can find out where the infection is comming from...cause as much as I be in the emergency room they cant find it..and they only take blood test for what they feel is nessasary...!!!I waited moths to get a primary care doctor and she denied me BLOOD AND URINE TEST and I reported her to a patient advocate and still NO HELP..I was eating soup and I almost swallowed my cap..and pus came out...I went back to the dentist...and still no med and no help...i look like I have cancer...
Avatar n tn I went to the endodontist yesterday, and he said the entire root canal would need to be redone since a possible infection would have spread to the whole tooth. I asked whether he could tell that there was infection and he said he could not tell. He popped the crown, began drilling and after about 10 seconds he said: "there is not enough tooth left" and that the tooth needed to be pulled. He gave me the crown in a pouch and told me to go back to my dentist for extraction.
Avatar n tn The pain continued so he had found a crack in the back tooth under microscope and did a root canal there as well as redid an old root canal . I am still in a lot of pain. Antibiotics help the headaches and pain. No one knows what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hello! I am having an ongoing problem with a root canal that was done in mid-November...
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done well over 10 yrs. ago while in my teens. I believe that when this was done, the doctor did an electricity test and found that the nerves were completey dead. I got it done, had it crowned and haven't thought about it in years. Recently the crown started to fall apart and eventually came loose. I was in no pain at all and figured I needed a new crown.
Avatar n tn My new dentist is telling me I have a failed root canal on half of one of my molars. The root canal is well over five years old and has recently started to give me a bit of irritation. Nothing severe, discovered in routine check up. This new dentist is telling me the only remedy is to extract the entire tooth. My questions are: since the root canal was successful for several years is there a different option to at least try......
Avatar m tn Then an intense pain came and i went back to the dentist and he suggestead a root canal. The thing is i keep hearing a root canal teeth is bad for the health since its a dead tooth in mouth etc and will later cause infections.Also eventually they say a root canal teeth will have to be extracted later on too.Any ideas on this guys?
Avatar n tn During my 2nd visit, while Endo doc was removing the previous old post to gain access to the abscess, he told me he caused a small perforation in the root. After an hour and a half, he finished the treatment...and filled the tooth. I'm on Penicillin. Doc told me to expect some discomfort and called last night to check on me. Good Doc. And, complications happen! tooth was throbbing throughout the night as well as now...24 hours later. Is this what I should expect.?
Avatar m tn I had a root canal on the no. 32 tooth in 2002. In 2006 the tooth bagan to ache (especially after heavy flossing and pocket brushing with a proxabrush). My dentist referred me to a specialist who did a repair. What he found was that some gauze packing had been left from the earlier procedure and bacteria had formed as a result. Apparently my dentist didn't remove it during the follow-up visit and filling. Now again, 3 years later it is aching again.
Avatar n tn If the tip of the root is punctured during a root canal, what are the repercussions? This discussion is related to <a href=''>root canal complications</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been out of town but my dentist put me on antibiotics for a possible abcess and has lined me up for a root canal with a specialist. My question concerns the need for a root canal since I do not want to have one done if not absolutely necessary. If the tooth felt ok before the crown, why would it not feel ok with the crown? Could it be the crown installation itself? How long does pain from an abcess usually last?
Avatar n tn Have your dentists ruled out infection? I've been having trouble with my # 30, having had a root canal 2 1/2 yrs ago. My situation is different than yours, but I did end up with infection after dentist inserted a titanium post to hold my crown on (seems old bacteria may have been stirred up). Now I'm holding my breath and hope all is well after dealing with two different antibiotics. I can't offer alot of advice, only that I understand what tooth pain is.
Avatar m tn The reason you're feeling pain is because of live nerves in the area. From what I know about root canal treatment, the job has to be finished properly because if canals aren't cleaned and filled properly, bacteria can still be allowed to grow which can cause even bigger problems. Ask him to give you a double dose of numbing medication..........good luck with it.......let me know how you get on.
Avatar n tn I had a root canal done about a year ago on a bottom molar. Right after the root canal, I changed jobs and no longer had dental insurance. I never went back and got the crown that I needed. Now a new dentist is telling me that the tooth needs to be re-treated because there is a cotton ball still in there and the temporary filling is no longer completely sealing the tooth.
Avatar n tn Is it possible for there to be infection just festering around up in there, or could the filling have extended too far past the apex and be causing inflammation? It seems to be getting worse rather than better. If it is residual infection, the root canal would need to be retreated, and I can't take a bunch of antibiotics because I ended up with colitis caused by the Clindamycin that the endodontist gave for the first root canal.