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Avatar m tn Good day from here in philippines, i go for hiv test from high exposure and it went negative my question is after drawn my blood i remove the cotton after 2-3 minutes from the hole were taken my blood and i stay for the clinic waiting for the result is there a risk for transmitting hiv if i touch the other area and touch to my hole were my blood drawn?
Avatar m tn The nurse taped a dry cotton ball {no alcohol} to the hole left in the vein of my arm following the venipuncture and I was immediately taken to an office where there was another nurse who was stationed in this office and she removed the cotton ball,, from my arm which was still slightly bleeding.
Avatar f tn and 6 days after the test I started showing signs recent infection (pus on tonsils, fever, swollen lymph nodes, and cough). I'm located in Canada. Have you ever heard an case where someone got infected while testing for HIV? Do you think I have a risk for HIV here?
Avatar f tn After venipuncture, immediately immerse the tubes in an ice bath. Separate plasma from cells by centrifugation within one hour after venipuncture.1,2 Transfer the plasma into a LabCorp PP transpak frozen purple tube with screw cap (LabCorp N° 49482) immediately. Freeze immediately and maintain frozen until tested. Contact LabCorp's supply department for special tubes.
Avatar n tn I went into a STD clinic, and noticed that the phlebotomist just finished treating someone from the back and came greet me with her gloves on. She then told me to go to the back room and she was using the front computer (again, with gloves on). Now when she actually came back and proceeded to draw my blood, I had noticed that the same set of gloves were still on. She didn't change them! she touched my arm to find the vein, and then wiped it with alcohol, and then finished the job.
Avatar f tn She tapped her fingers on my veins without gloves or disinfecting her hands before venipuncture. I might have caught hiv or hepatitus from other persons blood.i m worried sick.
Avatar n tn Just received my results from my lab work and need help with the codes. for (cult bacterial code is 87086) , (UA, complete automated is 81001) , (Venipuncture code is 36415) could someone please help me with these codes. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn 2) I cannot say why any particular might use venipuncture (draw blood from a vein) rather than fingerstick. Venipuncture is less painful; or perhaps they're simultaneouly offering other blood tests along with HIV. There is nothing in this that suggests reduced expertise or anything else to worry about. 3) You need to follow the advice of the provider who does the test. If your risk for HIV is particularly high, conceivably other tests would be recommended.
Avatar n tn Hello doctors i m from India.i went for regular blood test.i didn't noticed whether the nurse used new needle on me or not.she used hollow needle for blood testing(venipuncture method).I m really scared please help me.Is it possible to get hiv from reused hollow needle while blood testing?
Avatar f tn FDA approved, on December 23, 2003, the Uni-Gold Recombigen(TM) HIV rapid HIV test, a single use rapid test for the detection of antibodies to HIV-1 in plasma, serum and whole blood (venipuncture). It is the first device to be FDA approved for use with all three sample types. Uni-Gold Recombigen HIV is intended for use in point of care settings as an aid in diagnosis of infection with HIV-1.
Avatar f tn Blood tests are usually indicated to determine if there is infection present in the blood, anemia, or other conditions such as diabetes, hypertension,gout, and many others. The blood needed for a the test is obtained through a procedure called venipuncture and the person performing this procedure is called a phlebotomist. A needle is inserted through your skin into a vein, usually found in the elbow crease. To visualize the veins, a torniquet may be applied above the site.
Avatar m tn I recently went for my routine blood test. . The man present out there used Venipuncture process to draw the blood..I dint saw whether he used a new needle or not and on being asked he told me that the needle made for venipuncture are such that they cant be reused again even if some one tries,it is a Auto Disposable syringe thats why it was my ques is this?
Avatar m tn ve tried covering 3, 6, 9, and, 10 month window. After six months I had a venipuncture blood draw and I also tested negative using genesis 4th gen test. I did a HIV RNA/PCR at 4 months post exposure and it was non detected with a lower limit of detection of 30 hiv rna copies per ml. My last test which is 10 months post exposure was 9/26/19 with an alere combo ag/ab at planned parenthood and it was also negative, however I am experiencing continuous symptoms.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor(s) , I had my blood drawn for medical tests and the nurse did not disinfect the venipuncture site, the nurse also touched the area with his bare unwashed hands to"feel' for the vein before inserting the needle , no alchool swabbing used.Since seconds earlier he was touching blood vials and since now I tend to question his personal hygene practices also,and let's assume he was hiv +, did he put me at risk?If not hiv ,anything else?
Avatar n tn i had sex with a sex worker it was protected anways i got my self tested at 8 week and 10 week and 12 weeks it was negative however at my 12 week test i did not see the lad guy unpack the syringe in front of me but i specially requested for a syringe due to i did not like the Venipuncture method due to they do not change the plastic hub ad i have seen dried up blood in the plastic hub. i did not see any blood on the syringe the plastic cap was also on please reply?
Avatar f tn As a nurse, rarely have seen petechiae around a venipuncture site; have seen plenty of ecchymosis (bruising) as well as local reactions (rash) to the adhesive of the tape, bandage, etc. These rashes can resemble petechiae, but they are NOT petechiae.
Avatar m tn But after the results one thing struck me, that, while I was giving my blood sample for test, the pathologist (from a reputed health center) took a needle from a container where around 8-10 needles and blood sampling bottles were kept. He took one of those needles and performed venipuncture. Now, I fear that what if the needle was not new and he took my blood sample using that needle? Because the needles were already out of the packet and were kept in that container. What to do? P.S.
Avatar n tn Is there any way it can give me false negative result like if i didn't press it in the gums and cheeks enough?
Avatar m tn Other less efficient approaches for follow-up HCV RNA testing include (1) collecting two separate venipuncture samples at the initial blood draw (with the option of ordering the HCV RNA test if the antibody test is positive) or (2) having the patient return for another venipuncture after receiving a positive antibody test result.
Avatar m tn Hello, agree with you pseudohyperkalemia is typically caused by hemolysis during venipuncture. Because red blood cells have high concentration of potassium, hemolysis can lead to high potassium levels in the bloodstream. Have you been diagnosed with NAFLD? The liver enzymes can be raised due to NAFLD. If your bilirubin values are raised then the yellow stools can be due to the liver disease. How is your urine?
Avatar m tn t live in USA, and these rapid tests are CE approved (CE marked) and WHO approved (checked their website) and USAID approved, also the manufacturer is FDA approved for some of its other products, i did not do the tests in a clinic, in fact the manager of the legitimate local distributor of the manufacturer is my friend and i got the tests from him, he told me they sell the tests only to legal distributors or clinics, i tested myself exactly according to the instructions 3 times at home, my frien