Im pregnant can i eat salmon

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Avatar f tn You should def see a doctor hun...9 weeks is some tests and almost ultrasound time. Some fish i heard is ok but i think avoiding fish just to be safe would be smart. I know sushi is a big no.
Avatar f tn But honestly, finding things I want to eat has been hard so yes I eat cold cuts and cheese and fish. Probably driving to/from work everyday in mad rush hour is statistically more likely to harm me than any of those things - just don't eat old stuff or borderline stuff. But whatever you feel is right for you is the right thing to do for you. Again - just my opinion.
Avatar f tn Im pregnant with my first child and only 8 weeks pregnant. Someone just told me i needed to be careful eating fish. I just had a 3 piece meal from captain ds? Can that harm my baby?
Avatar n tn Well he ate some I had vegestable soup because Ive heard that fish has mercury and is not good for you to eat while pregnant. Well today I really, really want So Im asking is it a no no or just another tall tale!
7406493 tn?1454002812 Thanks for the input I sure feel like im eating to much when I eat multiple times but im hungry at least 4 times a day lol not including a snack
776148 tn?1236445903 I can relate to you. After i eat, i also get bad anxiety. i have to take my xanax to calm down. i have had a virus to my heart, had an ecocardiogram, it was good. gallbladder as good. i have told my husband since he is a doctor that he is going to have to scope me, do an EGD, i have had a history of Bulimia, just hope i have not messed something up in my stomach. if all that is ok, it will strictly be my anxiety, then i will deal with it.
Avatar n tn Now i started my period today and it is light at the moment but still have the feeling that i may be pregnant. Can i still have vaginal bleeding and be pregnant? should i wait until after my period before a take another home pregnancy test as my first home pregnancy test came back negative. Any suggestions girls? please help me.
1752977 tn?1418225396 I am a tea lover, I used to drink it every day. But ever since I got pregnant I stopped. Its been 4 months!! I guess you could say I'm craving for some hot green tea. Any alternatives?
Avatar f tn I have a stomache condition that doesnt allow me to eat that much and it has been hard this pregnancy trying to eat all I can for him.. Im proud of you for keeping your baby. Even though it was rape. There alot of woman would abort it because if the situation however I dont believe in that. So I give you props yes you are young but theres nothing saying age matters for mother hood. Hope you and your baby do well and congrats.
8644515 tn?1411142377 sushi while pregnant? I know we can't have raw fish, and im. Ot planning on doing so... but I would to enjoy a cooked sushi roll... Anyone had sushi or advice as to why not have it?
Avatar f tn I'm 7weeks6days right now and since changing my diet a little bit my fatigue went away and I have more energy than I did before I was pregnant! My doctor also told me if you are feeling downright terrible and can't eat anything to the point when you are weak, eat a snickers! Not everyday of course but I mean if you have to go to work. Sugar is okay but like I said in moderation.
Avatar f tn omg thats what im like!
Avatar f tn Im six weeks pregnant and i dont really know what i can and cant eat i know the basics like delli foods but i want to know if i can eat kidney and all my favourite foods please help
Avatar f tn Can salmon or salmon also tuna every blue moon is oksy just be careful cause of the mecury.
Avatar f tn Im craving salmon sushi. Its just a piece of raw salmon on a lil bit of rice. I was a sushi freak before i found out.
453994 tn?1218784581 I read that Omega3 and DHEA will increase your baby's intelligence and should be consumed during the second trimester. I plan to ask my md about it and see if I can take supplements. At any rate. I am sure that I will be fine on the sushi for a few months. Sticking to salmon and tuna was hard when i wanted to eat crab and lobster... and sashimi! I was a good girl though... In a few weeks I will feel even more relaxed.
Avatar n tn I can tell the difference when I eat too many processed foods. I also have the cold hands and feet, but here lately I have also been experiencing numbness in my finger tips. I take vitamin supplements but only take them every other day. When I took them everyday, I felt crappy. My doctor has told me to not only request iron and hemoglobin levels but to also request my "total iron binding capacity" (TIBC) and "ferritin iron binding capacity" (FIBC).
Avatar f tn Havent had tuna since i found out im pregnant and im just dieing for a tuna melt any of u ladies know if i can eat tuna after birth while breastfeeding?
Avatar n tn i dont really no what to do now, the last time i was on clomid i had a period in the same month and by the fourth month i found i was pregnant.
408901 tn?1274690798 Lots of times, I cook for everybody else, and I don't eat a bite of what I cook, b/c all I can manage to eat is a bowl of cereal. Sometimes, I even have to make a couple of different meals at one time, b/c everybody doesn't like the same things, and it never fails somebody will not want what I cooked, so I'll open up a can of raviolis or something just for them.
Avatar f tn Yes you can have seafood but there are some that pregnant women can't eat so I would research the ones you can and can't eat
7159675 tn?1397445807 So today I had to go in for one of my 2 week vist and she told me I'm gained more then I should I look stuff up and read books on pregnancy and told me I should gain at least 35 pounds what ever so my weight is 170 and before I got pregnant I was 147 and I was in shape so I only gained about 23 pounds and I'm only 7 months pregnant so to me that isn't even that bad what do you guys think
Avatar f tn You can eat crabs. You can eat seafood. You can Google what's safe and what's not but crab is ok. Limit your self to one to two servings per week.
Avatar f tn I like to put cucumbers, avocadoes, mangoes, cream cheese....umm i cant remember the rest lol i just put whatever i have on hand. Its as best i can do until i can have the one with raw fish or smoked salmon or sushimi! Yum yum!
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies.....I didn't eat a lot but it spooked me....
4295582 tn?1358800015 Specifically, salmon(fresh, not canned lol eww), tuna(canned), and fish sticks. I rarely used to eat them before i was pregnant but i didn't dislike them or anything. But lately its all i can think about when I'm hungry haha.
Avatar n tn so here you sit just going over and over this until your anxiety is at it's highest and you just need something to take your mind off of all this. Wow I can't believe I am venting or whining so much. I hope I can drag myself to the computer and have some emails or some comments or anything to keep my mind off the pain. Well I hope to hear from some of you and would love to find a chat room...maybe this web site could set one up??
Avatar f tn No i dont think as long as you dont eat it very often.. ever since i got pregnant i crave shrimp alot but i only eat it once in a while..