Im pregnant but im not showing

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Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks pregnant and everything I read says I should be showing but I'm not y is my baby unhealthy am I unhealthy?
Avatar f tn I'm 14 weeks pregnant and everything I read says I should be showing but I'm not y is my baby unhealthy am I unhealthy?
Avatar f tn Im so excited but I am only 4 weeks so we aren't telling anyone. Thank goodness for this site so i can at least share the news. This will be baby number 4. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.
9138366 tn?1410257233 Any plused size moms im peer she im not going to ever show im not huge but I am not skinny
Avatar f tn I'm so excited to show lol I'm 7 weeks and ever since I knew Im pregnant I thought I was showing its just bloating and eventually goes down and back again lol , normal im guessing but I can't wait to really show , hopefully when I'm 3 months -4 months it starts to really be hard
Avatar f tn Im 12 weeks pregnant, and my belly hasn't grew im already kind of light weight but my stomach just doesn't seem like all the women ive met that are 3 months. Should i worry?
Avatar f tn Thanks i needed comfort. I just feel like im not even pregnant sometimes but i know i am. I had a miscarrage back in june of this year so i think thats y i worry so much.
Avatar f tn Im 14 weeks and im not showing.
2021910 tn?1339900286 I wear a lot of t-shirts too so when I wear a nice fitting shirt I look a little pregnant not big bellied and PREGNANT like other women ive seen at my stage. I worry my baby is gonna be small but I always measure correctly at the doc office.
Avatar f tn 3 started showing at 6-8 wks but mostly bloating im huge at 20wks people ask if im carrying twins lol but ive only gained 8lbs so far im all baby I popped out fast because I have a very short torso so baby had no where else to go...
Avatar f tn I'm 13 and showing. But I was incredibly thin before Igot pregnant. Depends on the person. Mine just popped up over night.
Avatar f tn If you've missed 3 periods and still not showing up pregnant on a test then it's unlikely you're pregnant, but you still need to see a doctor and they can do a blood test to confirm and look into what's delaying your period.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, im 20 wks and 1 day pregnant but im not showing it that normal?
Avatar n tn Im 11 weeks pregnant. This will be my first , i was small but always had a chunky stomach. When will i show??
Avatar n tn Wiyh my first two i didnt show until 6 1/2 months but im 22 weeks and i just srarted showing.
Avatar f tn Im 13 weeks and im not showing at all! Im 5'5 and 119 pounds. I thought for sure id see something by now but I guess not.
Avatar f tn There's no specific time you'll ever show. Some women never really do. It doesn't mean there's any issue at all. If its your first it 'usually' takes longer because the stomach muscles are still tight, whereas a female who's been pregnant already has had them stretched. Your pre-pregnancy weight can also influence it a bit too, but not always.
6836153 tn?1402799813 I am now 29+2 and still not showing at all. I have put on weight but as far as a baby wouldnt be able to tell i was pregnant unless i told you. I guess its different for all women.
Avatar f tn I started to really look pregnant, not just extra chubby, around 18 weeks. I'm 27+4 now & there's no denying it if I wanted to anymore!
Avatar f tn Im 16 weeks & 4 days pregnant and i went up a size in my bra size but it dont seem like im getting any bigger.Everybody say im carrying in my chest and that i probably wont get that big. I had a ultrasound and the doctor said that my baby is healthy but im scared that i should be showing by now. Is this normal? Has anybody else been through this? Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Im 16wk and im not showing and I was a big girl and I lost a lot of weight since I been pregnant is that normal?
5427210 tn?1367859622 Im really small i was 100 lbs before pregnancy i started showing at 16 weeks im now 22 weeks and it looks like im huge but im only 111lbs lol
Avatar f tn Hello! I am not plus sized, but I am not thin either. I am a very curvy, thick woman. I started showing this week and I will be 16 weeks this Friday. People who already know I am pregnant are like, "omg I am starting to see your bump!", but I feel like people who don't know I am pregnant just think I have a huge gut. This in-between stage ***** and I can't wait to have an obvious baby bump either!!