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299260 tn?1304219705 dnikki: I've been sleeping on & off today. I'm feeling better than yesterday :) As far as baby movement hurting, whenever I lay on my left side & limbs creep over to that side across my belly, I feel like if I lean forward, I'm going to break something... ;) How's Peyton doing today? My little guy's got the hiccups right now :) Sbumblebeeo: I forgot to mention, I've worried about having the babies before getting our car seats, too.
94902 tn?1330483267 I actually lost weight, almost 20 pounds, and then when i went to my check up last week i had gained 10 pounds over 8 weeks. The doctor said the weight loss was normal, because when i got pregnant I was a little over weight as it was, and because i was eating healthier than i had ever had before i was loosing the weight but the baby was perfectly healthy. I guess everyone is different, But i was really worried at first.
151154 tn?1208134182 But my doc said I am just a few lbs below the ideal weight at 31/32 weeks. I wouldn't worry to much about your gain because it is summer so there will be allot of swelling and water retention, what else can you do besides eat and drink healthy and excersise? Good luck and I hope all goes well. Aren't you having a boy also?
Avatar f tn So at only 500-1000 calories if you are even moderately active you should be dropping weight fast. 3000 calories under/over your daily normal limits (as above) is all it takes to lose/gain 1 pound/approx 0.8(ish) kgs of body weight (this assumes the somewhat wide range of what is considered 'normal' metabolic processes) if you are under-eating by 1/3 to 2/3 of your required calories every day I would expect you to lose between 1 to 2 pounds (up to 1 kg) every week.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tram Warriors! Part 60. Wow. Over the years of recovery and reading about others, seeing others recover the main thing I have learned is that everyone's life is better without being a slave to Tramadol. You might be stuck and scared right now, but you can make the decision to get yourself off the hamster wheel of Tramadol dependency and even addiction. You don't have to live that way. There's lots of people here to help.
228463 tn?1216765121 I don't know if I'm up for trying to lose weight right now. I DO have about 20 lbs. I should lose to be at my ideal weight, though. My doc wants me to exerciZe. Have been walking every other day (and trying to recover from it every OTHER day, know what I mean?) I shall give it a go. But my heart is not in it. How's that for a good ole Hypo Gamma Chondria gal? Tee Hee!
Avatar m tn My weight is now 20 pounds over my 'normal' weight, and most is belly fat, and flab around upper chest. I can't seem to lose a pound, and I get discouraged much more quickly now than ever before treatment. I have a very hard time getting motivated to exercise, and I have much lower tolerance for exercise. I seem to crave food, of all kinds, at all times, and I really am having problems saying 'no'.
1139187 tn?1355710247 1.6 to 1.8 mcg per kg ideal body weight. It gives this range for most women: 100 to 150 mcg Most men: 125 to 200 mcg Then it states those with severe hypoT require more medication. It also states that a person can receive full replacement dose to start treatment if they're under 60 years old. According to the site's recommendation (written by thyroid specialists), my dose should be 125 - 137 mcg. I am now on 162 mcg.
Avatar n tn with first child, gained 60 lbs, lost weight and went back to 110. Got preg with 2nd child gained 50 lbs, lost weight fast went back to 110 lbs. 3 years got preg. with last baby, gained 30 lbs. during pregnancy, found out I had HPV which was scary since I have had only one partner. I accused him of cheating..... To come to find out my mom had same thing and had hysto a fews before me do to cancer from hpv.
Avatar f tn I gained a little weight when we lived over there. It would have been a lot of weight if not for all the walking. I don't think folks in the U.S are the only ones with high caloric intakes. One meaningful difference is that we have to drive here and exercise is something most of us have to plan as opposed to something we naturally incorporate into our lives. It's not the norm to walk anywhere and some people live in places where it wouldn't be safe to walk due to crime...
349463 tn?1333575176 Yes the last pregnancy I did a little bit better afterwards with losing the weight. I would take my baby and baby carrier and go for walks.
Avatar n tn I haven't lost any weight, but I do feel like it helps me keep the smallest amount of control over my weight gain. Has anyone lost weight taking 1000mg? Is 500 just not enough? Would love hear from you. You can also email me.
Avatar n tn When my Psychatrist decided to try me on Topamax it was because of my anieity over my weight gain with the standard mood stabilizers. Within these past two years I have lost 38 pounds taking this medicine. I will say that I have done low- carb about 8 of those months but ashamed to say no exercise.I have suffered with migrane headaches for about 10 years - they are gone . I think i have had one mild one .
Avatar n tn Research has shown that about 60% of women gain weight on it, 20% lose weight and 20% have no change. But there is nothing on weight gain/loss after. Depo also has a slight anabolic effect i.e. making it easier to build muscle.
182767 tn?1317495837 I was in great shape too, just got married and had worked hard to get really fit for the dress. This time I'm still in my ideal weight range, maybe a little under (lost weight during a preganncy that ended in m/c just a month before this one) and lost a good 10 lbs. from morning sickness this time, have only put on 13 lbs. by 33 weeks. I just could not gain again till after 20 weeks again. I wouldn't worry if you are gaining already and your Dr. is not concerned.
Avatar n tn You are probably at your 'ideal weight' by the sounds of it. sometimes you don't need to actually lose weight off the scale to look and feel 100% better. The muscle weight has replaced your fat weight so why worry about the last few pounds? Don't put your body through hell just to see a number. I completely understand. I went through the exact same thing and after countless flush diets, changing routines i realized my body just wasn't built to go under a certain weight (and still be healthy).
Avatar m tn For four months, researchers looked for weight loss. The strict low-carb diet caused an average weight loss of 28 pounds; the big-breakfast version cut 23 pounds. However, after eight months, the strict dieters had regained 18 pounds. The big-breakfast eaters continued to drop weight, losing another 16.5 pounds. All told, those on the new diet lost more than 21 percent of their body weight, compared with just 4.5 percent for the low-carb group.
Avatar n tn yet it's lately that I've gained the most weight. I am not in pain, I just feel miserable - like over due. When I asked at the doctor's office what could cause this & what we are looking for they said 'a cyst, tumor, or cancer'...... I would kind of like a bit more information if at all possible. In the last week I gained another 10lbs & I know this can not be good or keep on.
Avatar n tn I do feel in control of my depression but I seem to have no control over my weight. I am hopeful that after I am off the drug 100% that my body will return to some kind of normal - fingers crossed! Please everyone keep posting - I want to know how things are going for you too. Thanks.
Avatar n tn - I am probably considered quite slim for my build normally. All my babies weighed in on or over 9lbs, so the rest of my weight gain (that didn't include the baby) was around 18-20lbs. I thought this was pretty normal and to be honest your weight gain sounds fine. I don't think you'll put on as much weight as your dr indicated in the next few months. Maybe another 15-20lbs tops (if that). So far with baby #4, I have put on 11.5lbs and I'm only 17.5weeks.
358971 tn?1330892575 oh and i hope to lose about another 15-20 be at my "ideal" weight of 135...
Avatar f tn As it stands now I am on weight based dosing of levothyroxine. My dosage is 125mcg which is 80% of what my ideal dosage by weight is. My endocrinologist will run tests in 7 weeks to determine my numbers and upon reading all the great advice on here I insisted on a free t3 and t4 test as well. Well I have been stuck at 185 pounds since the surgery and have not lost any weight although I am barely hungry and go most days with one meal.
Avatar n tn I wonder if I stop working out so much and stop monitoring my eating if I will actually lose weight. Is it possible to gain weight from over-exercising and undereating? Like I said, I eat between 1000-1200 calories a day. Now I am trying not to go above 1000 calories. I have bumped up my workout to 60min of cardio 5-6 days a week. 3 of those days I do additional weight training for about 30-45min. Is that too much exercise and not enough calories. Should I up one or lower the other?
822804 tn?1298229902 My Endo suggested that I have my thyroid removed and I am afraid of the weight also. I am over weight. I have nodules, goiter, and hypothyroidism. I did have the large nodule biopsied and it was benign. I have small nodules that cannot be biopsied because of their size. I have been thinking about this. I am still undecided.
172023 tn?1334675884 So our current thinking on average birth weights has to adjust as women in this decade are told to gain certain amounts based on their starting weight and babies are being born at averages of 8 lbs or so rather than 5 and 6 lbs of many years ago. Right now, in the 1st trimester, my midwife instructed me to just eat what stays down. Of course I have to do this smartly.
Avatar n tn Breastfeeding does help pull in and tighten some of those abdominal muscles, and you do burn lots of calories.. some women notice overall it's easier to lose weight after weaning your baby from the breast.. that all just depends on the individual, I suppose. Okay, enough of my babbling.. again, I hope this helps.. and good luck! Like I said before.. just LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Take Care.
93210 tn?1287457826 I only had 80 pounds to lose, too, but I've gained and lost it many time over the past 25 years, and my top weight was a full 100 pounds over my ideal weight. That was the only reason they agreed to do it. They took a detailed account of every weight loss clinic I had ever attended, how much I lost over how much time, etc. As it was, I was the thinnest person ever banded in the clinic. The anesthetist had serious misgivings, as did my GP.
284738 tn?1283110419 The Board of OB/GYNs have revised the weight guidelines for pregnant women. Women that over weight should gain less than 15lbs or no weight at all and sometimes loose some weight if they are too overweight and women that are underweight should gain up to 40 pounds. Women at a healthy weight should gain between 25-35lbs at the Most. I think what he is saying is based on the new guidelines.
Avatar n tn ) Initial Weight 2/20/09 - 208.5 Weight 2/24/09 - 202.5 Weight 2/27/09 - 200.5 Weight: 3/6/09 - 196 To: Jenns28- the diet is pretty strick, but since I don't have an apetite with the adipex anyway, it's fine. I'll stick with it until I attain my goal and then my doctor has a maintenance program that I will look into.
Avatar n tn It is definately not common to gain that much. Even gaining over 50 is not terribly common. 30-45 is "common" amount of weight gain, but even that is over what is recommended, unless a woman us underweight prior to pregnancy. Women are generally poorly informed about the importance of weight control during pregnancy. It has effects both during and long after pregnancy.