I sneeze after i cough

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Avatar f tn So I gave myself a speech and I'm scheduled to see my EP anyway in a couple of months so I figured I would mention this to him when I see him, otherwise, I was going to try to stop worrying about it. Well, last night while eating dinner I got choked by a piece of rice. I started coughing and for some reason it triggered sneezing. My heart took off to the races. Tried valsava and it didn't stop it.
Avatar f tn Does this sound like a concern? All I know is that this cough has not changed much since a week after I quit the Norco, and my ribs hurt from coughing. Throat is ok though.
Avatar f tn For the past 6 months I have found myself having a choking cough for no reason then after it is over I sneeze. What is going on? Anyone ever experienced this? If so what is it and why does it happen? Any answers will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I thought I had a summer cold and took a week to ride it out with lots of rest and fluids, but then went to my doctor to relieve the cough that persisted and kept me from sleeping. Shortly after taking antibiotic, nasal spray and cough suppressant, I was suddenly experiencing episodes of coughing, then a sneeze, watery eyes and inability to breath due to a closed airway. This was very scary. This mostly happens when I eat or drink just about anything but water.
Avatar f tn My cough and sneeze headache is just awful. I can honestly say it is much much much worse this time around than it has ever been. (recap to some: I had surgery in 07 Nov, and after a long long run around long story, I have cerebellar ptosis). Anyway since this crummy cold my cough headache I noticed is bad! I used to have it mostly in the front and some in the back (lower back of head but mainly the front). Well now it is from Front to the Back of my head (top and back) all the way back.
8778737 tn?1413831023 Same thing happens to me! Every time I sneeze or cough I pee a little, its annoying, I just want it to be my water already!
237249 tn?1211293998 my neck when I cough hard. BUT don't SNEEZE whatever you do! I am telling you.....it was the worst! I still have a lump in there too, I totally "get" the speedbump thing now! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 20+4 weeks pregnant and for the past week everytime I sneeze u wee a little, why is this happening ? Is it normal ? How do I prevent this from continuing to happen ?
Avatar f tn She has been treated consistently with antibiotics through out, as there is generally only a weeks break after completing the tablets before she starts to display the symptoms again. I have just booked her into have x-rays to try to help us understand (£400). Before these x-rays, I have spent approx £1000 on vert trips and tablets... so it's getting beyond a joke! I notice that she licks her feet and grooms a lot. She is a domestic long hair but she licks and licks until areas are saturated.
Avatar n tn see i use to smoke around 6-7 ciggis per day since a year or so, i never had any problem. I was from india and i faced winters of usa i got cough n cold but no fever as such .cough got more n now traces of blood is coming with cough, but not from sneeze coming from nose. I also feel inflamation in uper respiratory track. I am pharmacist n as per my knowledge i took antibiotics for infection.And immediately with this illness i hav stopped smoking since a week as my cough n cold started.
Avatar m tn I booked a vet aptmnt today just in case since i got her at the hspca, just because i know they can be sick after they leave there. the litter i use is the non clumping crystal looking stuff, so i dont notice any dust or particals from anything.
Avatar n tn I have no trouble swallowing the water. But as son as I do i start to cough. Sometimes I do not stop until I throw up alot of clear mucas or drink milk or sode or eat something. Anything that will caot my throat and help me to stop the cough. This will happen day or night. I prefer to drink water. But it is hard to deal with the cough afterwards. I do have acid reflux and will go back this mont to see that doctor. My PCP says that it is all in my head because he does not know what is doing it.
Avatar f tn In general i feel fine, but i experience a sharp pain whenever I cough or sneeze. The pain goes away almost immediately and isnt around the area where I have the incisions, slightly lower near the pubic hairline on the right side. Is this normal? Should i be concerned? I have blood cysts removed from both ovaries, also a D&C. No pain in my body but bloated stomach and swollen feet. Thanks and Happy new Year everyone.
Avatar n tn Oh, and I still sneeze once in awhile. The other day at work, I sneezed about 10 times. I just sneezed right now, so a part of me thinks this might just be post nasal drip, but the severity of the cough tells me it's whooping cough. Plus, no medication has helped the cough. Not even the antibiotic. (I didn't finish the prescription because it gave me side effects). But I'm wondering if I should just finish it just incase the infection isn't entirely gone. Where's the forum MD?!
Avatar n tn The surgery took care of that problem. After surgery it felt like my tail bone was broken and after 5 months when I blow my nose, cough or sneeze I have terrible pain going into my buttock and legs. This also happens when I bend over to the floor and especially when I pick up something while bending over. What is the cause of this problem?
Avatar m tn I have had left sided pain that feels like in my lung only wheen I sneeze. It has been over a month. I have had basic blood work, chest xray PA and Lateral, EKG told all was fine with these. I am taking anti inflam matory medication from the doctor. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas. Concerned that something is getting overlooked?
Avatar f tn i dont smoke , i have mucus problems but i had post nasal drip for like forever .im going to the doc for the x-ray tho it doesnt feel like its a chest problem . it feels like a irritation. im thinking of moving to the coast as my child has a cough too.
862981 tn?1239178528 Hello i have been suffering now for a year with what my specialist calls a migraine, It started last april when i had a bad cough,I had a very intense pain in the front and top of my head,when i bend over or pick anything up to heavy it is also very painfull,they checked my sinus,s and i took a course of antibiotics and they said it was clear but headaches not.
Avatar m tn The weird thing is I will get the pain immediately when I yawn, laugh, or sneeze and when I swallow after I yawn, laugh or sneeze. After I swallow once or twice the pain gets a little better but it pretty much stays all day. I think it may just be a muscle problem in my throat, but my doc says it’s not likely. He said the pain would most likely come from the back of my neck not the front. Now, for the last couple weeks it seems to hurt even more. The doctor didn’t find anything!
Avatar f tn I have dust allergy and i had sneezing problem, at that time I used to sneeze for 10-20 times in 1 minute. Its been 9 months that i shifted to chennai and now i have severe cough and it ends up with breathing problem. I consulted with doctors here and they gave medicines for that time and it got cured.. But after few days it will start again and then have to meet the doctor. This happened 2-3 times.
Avatar f tn it's just that my cough is worst when i'm at school, then when i release my phlegm i get better during the night as if i had no cough at all. then the next day it remains the same. I guess it's because my surroundings or the people i am with at school all of them has cough too. i do'nt know what to do now.. i drank cough medicine, it doesn't work at all. i tried allergies medicine, also didnt work. I guess, go to a doctor and just pray. it'll work!
Avatar n tn Hi. At Christmas I got sore throat for 4 days, then subsided. Soon after I got a cough with so many catahrr and worse every day. Today it's worse I cough every minutes. Do you think it's viral cough or bacterial (bronchitis) ? I cannot stop cough I triey sirup but with poor results.
Avatar m tn am just getting over a bad cold or flu - Part of it was a wicked hacking dry cough that hurt badly when coughing. Almost like a bronchitis cough. Its seems to be getting better finally - but yesterday I had one more bad coughing episode during which I actually felt a snap or pop in my right lung/right rib cage area.
Avatar f tn Im 30 weeks pregnant. And every single time that I sneeze or cough I pee a taaddd bit on myself! Does anyone else have this problem??? && how did you solvee it??? Or at least made it non embarrassing on your self?
Avatar m tn My other dogs all had this cough as well, but it eventually got better. My Cairn terrier mix had it really bad, but after two weeks of doxyclycin it is mostly gone away. Her activity level is normal, her appetitite etc is all normal, she just has this aweful cough for over a month.
392548 tn?1216614379 first it feels like its on the skin but when i try to scratch its deep inside somewhere! for me it usually happens when i have a cold or flu and when i sneeze loads or cough loads.
1853950 tn?1319678110 My stomach hurts right in the center when I cough or sneeze and it feels a little hard. I started feeling some heartburn like feeling, but very little. I also started burping every now and then. What could it be? Could It be a hernia? How can I treat this and make it go away. It's very noticeable and kind of painful, pain at about 1 or 2 every so often.
Avatar f tn because it's only when I cough, sneeze, laugh a certain way, or sometimes bend down. I've had it for 10 weeks and have had MRI (w and without contrast), CT scan with and without contrast, and seen 3 brain surgeons. All of which, including 3 radiologists strongly "feel" it's a venous anomaly, something I was born with. Monitor with same tests again in 3 months. One neurologist and radiologist thought it was an astrocytoma - very serious benign brain tumor.