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383536 tn?1225030613 It is especially bad in the morning, and when I cough or sneeze. DH laughs at me every time I cough or sneeze because I gag so much (it's nervous laughter, because he does NOT do vomit very well). I am 30w4d and thought I would not have to deal with this anymore after my 2nd trimester, but I didn't get that lucky. Good luck to you! I hope it goes away!!
Avatar m tn Is anyone aware of a neuro/muscular disease with one of the signs being the loss/lack of the sneeze reflex?
Avatar n tn Also some allergens only cause a mild irritation and their aerosols are not big enough for a sneeze reflex to be completed. The reflex gets initiated because the nasal receptors are tickled and send out the sensation however since the irritant is not big enough to sustain the reflex, the reflex is not completed. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn I had the same worries cux i actually had the flu. But u shoukd be ok just remeber to keep hydrated and try to get some rest. The saline sprays might help reduce some of the sneezing! Hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn area with lots of closely packed structures which cause neurological deficits when damaged. Strokes in the lateral medulla can abolish the sneeze reflex but in association with other signs of stroke such as clumsiness, weakness or sensoru loss, or inability to swallow a reflex has both afferent (incoming to the nervous system)) and efferent (outgoing) components. An interuption can occur at any point, not necessarily in the brain, and block the final response.
Avatar f tn i tell them it happens to me off and on everyday. the only trigger that i notice is a strangling sensation in my throat and i began to cough and the cough always, mostly lead to the 'fit" as we all call it. i start coughing and the next thing i feel is trying to clear my throat. it is so bad that if i am out and have one, people get so scared and they want to call the ambulance. i don't like frighting people so most of the time i just stay at home. i am so tired of this.
Avatar f tn For the most part my sickness is gone, but every time i cough or even have drainage it triggers my reflex and I get sick... I hate it!! I wish this junk would go away!!
1375148 tn?1323166921 I'd I sneeze or cough everything slows down and gets fuzzy and the pain starts to increase. I than feel this awful burning and pressure behind my eyes. Which I have on a daily bases but it intensifies and triples in the amount.
Avatar n tn Almost everytime I either sneeze, cough hard, gag (gag reflex), vomit, or anything like that, my bladder seems to contract and I urinate a little. Why is that? Do I have a bladder problem or is it one thing just causing another? Please help, Thanks.
Avatar n tn Startle reflex heightened. Triggers abundant.
Avatar n tn Coughing is a good thing!!!!! The cough reflex, whether from within your lungs or in the back of your throat, protects you from having foreign material (dust, infections, smoke etc) from settling in your lungs. Coughing can be done voluntarily, but most often comes from reflexes in the airways.
Avatar f tn The cough lasted months but it DID GO AWAY. When you take opiates for a long time, it suppresses your cough reflex. When you stop, that reflex "wakes up" and dam.n. it takes its own sweet time going away. I really sympathize with what you're going through. Have faith it WILL get better.
Avatar n tn The disconnect between a constant urge to cough with no resulting actual cough illustrates the complexity of the cough reflex and suggests that, for unknown reasons, there is an anatomical or functional break in the reflex. There is some, but not always complete, degree of control of the urge and usually the urge is relieved by the cough be it reflex or volitional.
1419717 tn?1419339982 It seems to be getting worse. I gag several times a day. I'm hoping nothing tries to come up!
Avatar f tn 00am with acid reflex that blocked my breathing as if I was drowning in it. I had to jump up outta bed and I had to throw it up in order to catch my breath back. I took my acid reducers and went back to sleep, I then tossed and turned because of pain, tingling and numbness. I also had very bad dreams which woke me up early this morning and feeling very disturbed by it, but I do not remember what it was about.
Avatar f tn Fot the past 3 days when I use the waterpic, it starts to go down my throat and choke me. Didn't have BM today-took Miralax and drinking lots of water. Eating type B diet-had a little cheese and Kraft dinner-1 Tbsp Lots of L jaw jabbing , teeth sore and not clenching.still have ruq pain-moved more central. NO sleep last night-in tub for 2-3 hrs. pain eased up at end of bath but came back-extreme persistent most of night.
Avatar m tn On Thursday, stopped using acid reflex meds to see what effect has on reflux. As per normal the reflux started back up and caused misery. Restarted on Friday with two Omepersole to get on track and then will reduce to 1 cap/day. Today Monday am feeling good and will start with 1 cap/day. Will have to see how things will work out. Started Abilify on Oct 29, 1/2 cap/day in morning with other meds. Don't know what effect it is having yet.
Avatar m tn Grilled salmon w/marinate. Got AR . May have eaten too much. May have been marinade.
Avatar n tn going off the wall. keep wanting to upchuke but seems like nothing is coming out. non-productive. i keep having vomiting urges though for 3+ days now. started putting on antibact/antifungal cream again because i am starting to itch again. no redness tho. i keep scratching certain areas esp my left leg. so tired.
Avatar n tn But the problem is that since many days, I get a sneezing sensation but the automatic sneeze reflex just does not come. The issue started when a sneeze came but it just did not follow through and after that I am just unable to sneeze. Its as if my brain wont allow a sneeze! I feel fine physically. I have no pains etc. Also, it seems a few people had this issue....can anyone help me out if they have gone through the same? As far as I can see, it seems like a mental issue now.
6470732 tn?1439556292 This is really gross, but. The last few days my gag reflex had been on overdrive. I don't even have to smell anything and I will literally gag and retch, running to the nearest trash can or toilet or sink, but nothing came up. Yesterday I hit exactly 8 weeks. I went over to visit my mom for her birthday and some family came over and made dinner for her. I felt well all day long but shortly before dinner I got nauseous. I took emetrol and felt a bit better.
Avatar f tn I've always had a bad gag reflex. But lately its so much worse. I cough I gag. I gag when I brush my teeth. I gag swallowing my prenatal vitamins and a million other reasons.
Avatar n tn Two of these three same nerves also send other branches to the throat and are involved in triggering the cough reflex, gag reflex, and to a lesser extent actual sneezing. So there is at least a small theoretical basis to support your observations.
4652753 tn?1364581946 So for me drinking water helped to keep hydrated and helped to subside the cough reflex. When I laid to sleep in bed the cough went away for the most part. Also, I took Claritin which helped with skin rashes and slightly helped with the cough. The good news is when I stopped the Riba, the cough went away within a week.
Avatar f tn I also notice this pattern sometimes when I cough or sneeze, but not always, thank you for the insight.