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Avatar f tn Poor soul. I had the cough too. I stopped oxycodone (daily; prescribed for pain) that I had taken for 8 years, pretty much cold turkey. The cough started around the 30th day and it was AWFUL. I coughed constantly, and it freaked me out completely. I was convinced I was dying of some awful disease. I had chest xrays, EKG, the works. All normal. The cough lasted months but it DID GO AWAY. When you take opiates for a long time, it suppresses your cough reflex.
Avatar n tn I can't breathe or talk. It's just a dry hard cough that continues non stop until I start to sneeze and tears stream down over my face. Then I usually end up having to throw up. My eyes get red and bloodshot and I start to sweat. Then finally some phlem breaks up and it finally starts to slowly calm down. It is absolutely terrifing! I have no idea what is causing it but over the last few years it's just steadily gotten worse.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the attacks are violent and I am unable to talk or do anything but cough and cough. Occasionally I start to sneeze. Other times the attacks are more mild but still involuntary. And finally, there are times when my through scratches and it feels like sandpaper or needles and I need to cough to try to relieve the sensation. It also feels like the water strips the mucous off my throat, but ice cream has also been a problem.
Avatar m tn Since then I a always swallowing. Recently in the past 2 months I have the crazy tickling cough. This triggers my face to turn red, my eyes water, I sneeze,I gag, sometimes lurch like almost vomit yet only liquid seems to pourout of my mouth, and at the same time I may lose urine.It is making me feel very anxious. My husband is having open heart surgery and I need to be there for him and not have to keep leaving the room like I have to do when the cough or itch in the throat starts.
383536 tn?1225034213 It is especially bad in the morning, and when I cough or sneeze. DH laughs at me every time I cough or sneeze because I gag so much (it's nervous laughter, because he does NOT do vomit very well). I am 30w4d and thought I would not have to deal with this anymore after my 2nd trimester, but I didn't get that lucky. Good luck to you! I hope it goes away!!
Avatar f tn I had the same worries cux i actually had the flu. But u shoukd be ok just remeber to keep hydrated and try to get some rest. The saline sprays might help reduce some of the sneezing! Hope you feel better!
Avatar n tn Almost everytime I either sneeze, cough hard, gag (gag reflex), vomit, or anything like that, my bladder seems to contract and I urinate a little. Why is that? Do I have a bladder problem or is it one thing just causing another? Please help, Thanks.
1375148 tn?1323170521 I'd I sneeze or cough everything slows down and gets fuzzy and the pain starts to increase. I than feel this awful burning and pressure behind my eyes. Which I have on a daily bases but it intensifies and triples in the amount.
Avatar f tn I also notice this pattern sometimes when I cough or sneeze, but not always, thank you for the insight.
Avatar f tn opiates suppress the cough and sneezing reflexes. so when you stop using the reflex returns with a vengence.!!!!! great job on the the withdrawal. stay strong. at day 5 are you feeling better physically? the sneezing could last a few weeks, they will get further and fewer in between. keep up the good work.
10844245 tn?1425036934 Haha, when you sneeze or cough and pee yourself a little! Oh my goodness. Totally happened a couple times.
Avatar n tn recently the symptons have got worse and the ear specialists say they cant see anything wrong. when i sneeze or cough, i get a kind of pressure pain in my left ear. sometimes when i train, i seem to trigger something, and the symptoms get worse. I cant skip due to a pressure like pain in my left ear, i feel dizzy and sick when im walking, i get pins and needles behind my left ear when i sneeze cough or raise my voice.
348629 tn?1212329273 Narcotics suppress the sneeze and cough reflex. That's why cough medicines all used to be made with codeine, even the OTC ones, until they figured out how addictive codeine is. It's so ridiculous that doctors prescribe Ultram with the wild abandon that they do based on the idea that it's not a narcotic and, therefore, not addicting, because it's all a bunch of hooey.
Avatar m tn This one is still here, and started off in a very particular spot, on my left frontal part of my head. It only hurts when I bend over, sneeze, cough, or do anything with the valsalva maneuver. If I ease into the action that produces the pain, it usually doesn't hurt. I went to my doctor a few days ago and they thought I had a bad sinus infection and gave me some medication for the infection.
6470732 tn?1439559892 Grimace (reflex response) 0 No response to airways being suctioned 1 Grimace during suctioning 2 Grimace and pull away, cough, or sneeze during suctioning Appearance (color) 0 The baby's whole body is completely bluish-gray or pale 1 Good color in body with bluish hands or feet 2 Good color all over Respiration (breathing) 0 Not breathing 1 Weak cry; may sound like whimpering, slow or irregular breathing 2 Good, strong cry; normal rate and effort of breathing
Avatar n tn Currently being treated with nebulizer (albuteroal) and gasterioal reflex meds. Have tried allergy meds also, none to little changes in the coughing and runny nose. Next step is a steroid med I don't want to use (to many potential side effects). She was tested for Cystic fiborsis with negative results. Could she have Sinus problems? Info: She doesn't run fevers, her behavior during the day is normal with little coughing, but does have the runny nose. Night time is the worst.
Avatar m tn After that the pain (in my buttocks, one than another - including pain when I sneeze, cough) it goes through some cycles - first I feel pain in one of my buttocks, than it settles slowly, after that pain goes in other buttock than it also settles down. No pain when I'm in still position, pain mostly occurs when I suddenly do some move, but sometimes it hurts when I simply walk (the pain is usually located in the lower part of my buttock.
1524304 tn?1326400574 this year (mostly when weather became colder) i have constant sneezing episodes and i'm having stuffy nose for most of time. years ago i had bad cough for some time and i was diagnosed allergy from newspapers. since that i think i've got ridden of that but now i'm not sure whether i still have some type of allergy or not. my nose usually itch and makes me sneeze which is annoying. some time ago i read about allergy to cold air and been wondering if that could be the problem.
1926656 tn?1334973801 Not only does it feel like my food is constantly sitting in my throat, it burns. And if I cough, sneeze, bend over, or lay too flat I almost throw up! Oi. Anyone have suggestions?
Avatar f tn I was @ the neurosurgeons awhile back and although at that time he said I didn't warrant surgery at the time if I felt the same/or worse (continued) that I could come back. So I made an appointment recently. Well my appointment is for the 30th of June. My headaches have been increasingly worse as with my neck pain & face pain. I cannot sneeze or cough without it causing tears practically. Thursday I awoke with severe stabbing pains (in which I have never had this type of pain before).
Avatar m tn Ya I think the opiates suppress the cough reflex and maybe suppresses hystamine as well? I doubt that is spelled right.
Avatar f tn It's 10X better than it was, but it is there. The cough reflex is located in the brain stem, near all our primary functions (breathing, etc) This REALLY makes me face what I was doing to I was literally putting my own brain to sleep. Frightening. 2. Sneezing. OMG! When does this STOP? I sneeze at least 20 to 25 times a day. Anyone have it last this long? 3. Got my blood work back...
Avatar f tn I dont sneeze...but I get this ANNOYING cough...I didnt have that the first time...anyone else get a cough?? Its like a tickle in the back of my throat...and it goes away when I take pills (imagine that) lol ... I just need ALOT of support this time. B.c it is SO much easier to get through my day with them...but I need to stop..for my son. Please help me..
Avatar n tn I was released and came down with what I believe is the flu, it hurts to cough and sneeze among other things of course. My boobs grew 2 sizes over night and are hard as rocks also posing terrible pain but atleasy I have a lovely little boy to awe over. I hope the cold goes away soon. Anyways he was born 9lbs 14.6 oz, 221/4. Not I or anyone else including the doctor anticipated he would be so big.
Avatar n tn Episodes may be triggered by cough, sneeze, swallowing, or pressure on the tragus of the ear. (Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th Ed, p1390). It is true that if you have symptoms like this, then there are probably chances of aspirating. Bye.
Avatar m tn The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after. I notice if I catch it early (which means I carry antibiotics with me all the time) it is not as nearly as bad. Doctors have diagnosed this as Asthma, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma etc etc.
Avatar m tn I started a hacking cough on day 14, and even though it has died down considerably, every evening, I cough and hack up clear sputum (yuk). Opiates suppress our cough reflex and LOTS of stuff builds up in our lungs. It will take time, maybe months, to clear out. I still sneeze constantly too. What else....I have stomach issues--severe IBS---and have not had ANY kind of comfort in terms of my GI tract. I'm either constipated or have diarrhea...every time I eat is a new adventure...
Avatar n tn however, my symptoms became more frequent..i couldnt sneeze..cough..laugh..yell/scream without having to worry about getting the bad smell/taste. if i did get them, i noticed lying on my right side would make it go away. i also found that if i went away as well. but i still had the symptoms.i decided to see another doctor that looked at my MRI & CT scans. he informed me that i didnt have sinusitis..and that my MRI scan showed swelling in my ethmoid sinuses.
Avatar f tn (sweat, bite, sneeze/cough). To help reduce the effects of PATM I keep my armpits as dry as possible and believe me this is the hardest thing to do. I use baby powder to smear the pits and indeed they dry up and the coughing stops. But the problem is that the powder holds the sweat at bay for at most 30 mins sometimes only for as short as 5 minutes! and I have to get back to the bathroom to secretly apply some more, lol. This is the life of a PATMER, hey!