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Avatar f tn You have to be strong enough for the surgery and you have to be strong for the healing process. If you are worried about clothes just buy some cheap sweatpants from Wal-mart and wear them around the house until after you heal and lose the water weight. I agree with Madge, you will gain if you just lay around and eat fattening foods for weeks and not walk to get the exercise.
473883 tn?1322856638 C because lining was thick even after losing my baby went to dr friday15th found out I have cancer in my uterus so now I will be having a hysterectomy August 29th. I can't believe i have to deal with this at 25yrs old it just seems so crazy because all i have ever wanted was to have just one child but never was able to do that so now i feel that I am giving up a part of me doing this hysterectomy I also feel I am a failure of a women and wife cause i can't give my husband a child.
Avatar f tn I am having an abdominal hysterectomy in 2 days, any advice for things I should do immediately prior to the surgery, tips to help the healing process after surgery, or anything at all? Thanks so much!!!
Avatar m tn An associate said that due to the lack of certain hormones present after a hysterectomy it may hinder or slow the process of healing of broken/fractured bones. Is this true?
Avatar m tn I am advised vaginal hysterectomy by my doctor for uterian prolapse. With whatever knowledge I have gained through internet on the subject, I feel laparoscopic hysterectomy by inserting laparoscope through Vagina would be best option. Am I correct?
Avatar f tn HI, The granulation tissue responds well to cauterization and the irregular bleeding should stop soon. Also the oestrogen cream will help with the healing process. Hence you should be all right soon. There should not be any major side effects. Hope this helps.
308998 tn?1233708502 Recovery time varies from person to person and it's good to know others have been through it and come out okay. Also, there are discussion boards where you can ask questions about the everyday healing process. NY Princess, you are right to be safe rather than sorry - I wish I had done that! Happy holidays to you both and good luck with your surgery.
Avatar n tn SO NOW WHAT !!! LOL... I so was not prepared for this long of a healing process ..is it really 6-8 weeks? AM I going AGE faster or NO because I have my ovaries and do I still need pap smears. As you can tell I am pretty overwhelmed. Beleive it or not I am actually pretty educated on Womens health as I had worked for Planned Parenthood for over 2 years, But 8 months ago I was Diag with Oral cancer of the tongue and have been going through that since Feb then I had 2 strokes in August.
Avatar n tn She actually said that the healing process will take 6 months or longer. She said some Aleve would help with the pain. She also reminded me about the major surgery and that my body just needed time to heal.
Avatar f tn I still have the lower back pain and some stinging in my left hip(not sure why that would be), but it's not as severe as a couple weeks ago. Just like jml1986 said, we are all different in the healing process. How is your appetite lately? What about bloating or gaining weight? Do you have any of that too? Take care and I will chat with you again.
Avatar n tn My wife had a hysterectomy in January of this year. We had sex several time since then. However, when I go deep...she bleeds to the point I have to wash the sheets after we are done. The bleeding quickly subsides following intercourse. She doesn't feel any pain. Lately, I don't go deep because it seems to eliminate the bleeding concern. What might the problem be.
Avatar f tn ) Take things slowly at first - rest as much as possible - drink plenty of fluids (important so you don't get a urinary infection and will also help with the healing process). I found for the first week or so at home, I was more comfortable sleeping propped up on the couch as opposed to in bed - you use a lot of abdominal muscles trying to lay down and get up out of bed.
Avatar f tn most weight gain after a hysterectomy is due to the lack of activity during the healing process!! My advice is to not just lay there. Get up and go do as much as possible without over doing it as soon as possible! Also watch what u eat while not being as active as usual. We know what puts on the lbs and what doesnt! While your laying in bed excersise your legs or mayb get some light weights to work your arms out! If your body is moving your burning calories!!
Avatar n tn ) so how are you feeling? Is the healing process going well?
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy in Oct. 2005. About 2 weeks after that, I started having a lot of problems. Just wondering if it was coming from the surgery. Heart beats extremely fast, can't think or concentrate, real dizzy, can't focus on daily chores, headache's, left arm and leg goes to sleep, body tremors, joints ache, blurred vision, jaws chatter like I am cold, can't remember. I never had any of this before the surgery and the Dr's can't figure out whats wrong. One Dr said I have a thyroid problem.
Avatar m tn They left bothnovaries.After the healing process, they advised her she needed approximately six weeks of daily radiation treatments, and one internal a week. This, of course, killed the ovaries and sent her into menopause. The Doctor's did not put her on any hormone replacements during or after. She still is not. Her Naturopathic Doctor gave her an herbal tincture that she took for approximately a month during the radiation. It was supposed to kick the adrenal gland into producing estrogen?
Avatar n tn I was out of the hospital the same day and back to work in a week. The healing process is a little unexpected - feel great and then fatigued, aches, pains - all part of the pkg. Bottom line ? I wish I would have done it years before. It's changed my life and given me freedom. This is my personal experience.
1070971 tn?1299617710 It kind of ***** to go from one issue to another. I had the hysterectomy due to urinary frequency/urgency. Found out I had uterine prolapse. Had to remove my uterus and put a sling since after having two kids everything went south. I am too young to have these issues. I just want my life back so I can share it with my family and not think about this anymore. Anyone have the same issues?
Avatar n tn I had a partial hysterectomy on 1/13/05..because i was experiencing bleeding that lasted 2-3 weeks at a time..not that it was heavy all the time or that i hurt constantly..but my emotions and moods were one big roller coaster... i couldnt take birth control pills to control it because i have Raynaulds Syndrome.. and auto-immune disease which is increased if you take hormones such as estrogen. I had a thermal ablation surgery done a few months prior to my hyst but it only made things worse.
Avatar f tn Hello ireland2011, In general, if your adhesions are not causing symptoms you do not need to pursue surgical management. Adhesions are part of the healing process. Some people form more adhesions than others as a result of prior surgeries or infections, ...ie 3 c-sections. I hope this helps. Regards, Erich T.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering if any of you all have been put on hormones after a total hysterectomy. My doctor says there are too many risks and I don't need them...I am 38. I don't know what to expect here 2 weeks after surgery, I keep waiting for a hotflash or something weird to happen. :) What can happen if I don't take them? I've had nightmares of growing hair on my face or my voice getting manly. Are my fears real? Can anyone share their experience or knowledge about hormones?
Avatar n tn Well I be damn, I'm not the only hysterectomy-notwannabe out there. I'm 38 and I had a hysterectomy in Oct.07 , I still have both ovaries,but I have gained about 15 lbs since the surgery, there has to be something out there for us. I thought you would lose weight with the damn surgery,what is going on?
Avatar f tn Hello bberroa, Yes this is normal and may persist to 6wks or more pending on your healing process. If you had a supracervical hysterectomy you may continue to have periodic episodes of spotting. Best Wishes! godsphysician.
601370 tn?1221408885 i have fibroids and polycystic ovaries, i am going to see a gynacologist in november, can i insist they do a hysterectomy? i am so down at the mo and think im aneamic (had a blood test yesterday) i am 38, have been steralised therefore wont be having more children. the thought of going another 12 odd years with my period problems haunt me and feel this op would be the best thing for me.
Avatar n tn We're large fibroid large uterus and 2 sisks I had a tilted uterus it was giving me back problems I had pain doing sexual intercourse bleeding heavy I had so much going on it was a choice I made I was done having kids my tubes has been tied for 11 yrs so I'm not missing out on anything I am 45 yrs old so now I am I going threw the healing process. I have been emotional but I do have a wonderful family by my side. And my all mighty god he will see me threw it all.
Avatar n tn You are still very early in the healing process. It takes at least 6 months for full internal healing. Also, if ovaries were removed or they fail post-hysterectomy, then the severe loss of ovarian hormones will likely cause a number of symptoms including inability to sleep normally and fatigue amongst others. Please be sure to take it easy during the recommended time frame for optimal healing. It may be helpful to journal symptoms so you can discuss with your doctor.
Avatar n tn I had a TOTAL HYSTERECTOMY 25 years ago (pan hysterectomy) I am 68 and have been having a vaginal odor and some clear discharge for about three months. I cannot see the discharge, but asm aware of the odor. Yesterday i bought tampons and inserted one last night. When I removed it this morning, it was bloody with bright red blood. Afer i removed the tampon, I got a bloody discharge. My gynecologist is out of her office untl Monday, so hope to find out something then.
Avatar m tn How long does to healing process take to the point where you can go walking of jogging? After a month of healing is it normal to feel pain from exercise?
Avatar f tn So glad that you checked things out, we try hard to keep the guys happy but so important to recognize importance of healing first.