Hydrocodone and grapefruit juice interactions

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1175033 tn?1492201228 Hi Stacey...thanks for posting this info...I did know that grapefruit and grapefruit juice could interact with some meds.... Many r unaware that even "natural" supplements can interact with meds...so u should never add nething to ur list of intake items unless u discuss it with ur dr or ur pharmacist....they can tell u what will have adverse reactions...or cause ur meds to be ineffective.....
1815939 tn?1377991799 What about drinking Grapefruit Juice after you are done with tx.I am taking Anxiety and Blood Pressure Meds and thats all.I really Love and crave the Ruby Red and I used to drink it all the time.Can I drink it now with having Cirrhosis?Thanks for any advice..
Avatar n tn Hi Chicky Watch out for interactions with grapefruit juice and meds. I went on Zoloft in anticipation of beginning treatment. Then read about the grapefruit juice-turns out they use the same enzyme to clear your system so you can get too much of the drug in your system and get liver toxicity. Grapefruit acts that way with many drugs, so check first, then drink up.
268911 tn?1213744781 Grapefruit and grapefruit juice may interact with Xanax and lead to potentially dangerous effects. Discuss the use of grapefruit products with your doctor.
Avatar f tn i need to know that, what is the interaction between juices of Grapefruit and Hepatitis C? is there any reactions of Grapefruit juice being taken by Hepatitis C patient?
Avatar f tn Several of my drugs (Lamictal, Seroquel, & Valium - at a minimum) interact w/ grapefruit. It's on all of the information that comes from the pharmacy and I didn't take it seriously until I got pretty toxic myself. I LOVE grapefruits & grapefruit juice and I miss them a lot. I also tend towards side effects and toxicity.
Avatar f tn thanks Research about the interaction of grapefruit juice with drugs suggests that compounds in grapefruit juice, called furanocoumarins (for example, bergamottin), may be responsible for the effects of grapefruit juice. Researchers believe that furanocoumarins block the enzymes in the intestines that normally break down many drugs. One glass of grapefruit juice could elicit the maximum blocking effect, and the effect may persist for longer than 24 hours.
348629 tn?1212325673 why arnt you suppose to drink or eat grapefruit on meds like xanx and methadome and all that i also was looking up things about the fruit and it said if your a woman that eats them yous 30 percent more likly to get breast cancer what the hecks up with this fruit from hell
Avatar f tn I read those articles too. Some of them forget to mention that the level of naringenin concentration needed is impossible to achieve simply by drinking the juice, or even by taking supplements. I've drank grapefruit juice for 3 months, and it made me feel great, full of energy, plus my gallstones stopped bothering me. Yet, as for HCV, my viral load actually grew by the end of the third month. This is when I agreed to start tx.
142526 tn?1397090672 Several organic compounds found in grapefruit and specifically in grapefruit juice exert inhibitory action on drug metabolism by the enzyme. It has been established that a group of compounds called furanocoumarins are responsible for this interaction, and not flavonoids as was previously reported.[31] The list of active furanocoumarins found in grapefruit juice includes: bergamottin, bergapten, bergaptol and 6',7'-dihydroxybergamottin.
Avatar f tn This may seem to be a silly question, but has anyone heard from their doctors not to combine methimazole and grapefruit? Online research seems to say it's not flagged as interacting but also notes that no studies have been done to see if it does interact. I was wondering if anyone's doctor had said anything? My doc is on vacation and I was gifted with a lovely and delicious looking 24 grapefruits.....
Avatar m tn M4YOU, Thank you for your help and effort, but one more question, would one or two glasses of a juice alter the potency of one or the two drugs drastically.
Avatar n tn A Potential for Adverse Events Many patients may take their medications with a glass of juice. However, since the accidental discovery of an interaction between the calcium channel blocker, felodipine, with grapefruit juice,1 it has now become evident that grapefruit juice has the potential to alter the plasma concentrations of many medications when they are taken by mouth. In some cases, this may result in undesirable clinical effects of medications.
Avatar f tn Grapefruit Warning While just a few of grapefruit’s many health benefits are described above, there is a bittersweet side to this popular fruit. Grapefruit and its juice can be dangerous to people who take certain medications. Amy Karch, RN, MS, of the School of Nursing at the University of Rochester Medical Center, an expert on drug interactions, explains that grapefruit juice is one of the foods most likely to cause problems with medications.
Avatar f tn I decided I was going to lose weight and eat healthy this year so about a 11/2 week ago someone told me that grapefruit helped with weight loss. I started drinking 2 8oz (I think) cans of juice a day for 7 days and I was adding grapefruit essential oil drops to my water. I didn't really feel different I was sweating more but I thought it was from the grapefruit working and I wasn't sleeping hardly at all.
Avatar f tn I urge you to pay attention to your cravings, esp. viatamin C, and I mean grapefruit juice, the real deal, or grapefruit. The vitamin C is what I swear helped me from Misscarring my last child. At 2 mos. the drs. said it was 50-50 chance that I would misscarry. I knew that I was hungry for grapefruit juice over crushed ice.,even a tad of salt. I drank the stuff till it wasn't even funny. I continued to carry my baby full term, with a torn placenta during labor.
Avatar n tn This is a really good question! Grapefruit and grapefruit juice actually are contraindicated with many medications...from cardiac drugs, meds for hypertension, antidepressants. It's always good to ask your doc or Pharmacist what common interactions a medication has, both for other meds and food. Without getting overly technical, grapefruit affects the ability of a certain part of the intestine to metabolize certain medications.
Avatar n tn Several organic compounds found in grapefruit and specifically in grapefruit juice exert inhibitory action on drug metabolism by the enzyme. It has been established that a group of compounds called furanocoumarins are responsible for this interaction and not flavonoids as was previously reported.
Avatar f tn Beside that grapefruit seems to be a biggy to stay away from when taking an onslot of many different types of medication.
135456 tn?1301437624 It is easy enough to consume some grapefruit and grapefruit juice except for the possible drug interactions. I talked to a pharmacist about the Nadolol my husband takes for a non-bleeding varicies and he said that grapefruit wouldn't affect this drug but would affectpropranolol which some people take for varicies. This particular pharmacist said that it is only a handful of meds that are a problem with grapefruit.
Avatar n tn hadn't heard that before...hmmm.. I know if you're taking any benzos (valium,xanax,etc) you don't want to drink grapefruit juice.. maybe some else knows? best wishes to you! I know this is hard. we're here for you!!
Avatar m tn If I take my statin in the morning can I drink grapefruit juice at night? how long between taking pills must I wait before having the juice?