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Avatar n tn my husband was addicted to Vicodin,Percoset ,drinking, etc. he schemed and scammed to get the pills. he often stolled scripts from drs offices and wrote his own medication. well, he finally got caught, went jail and was sentenced for 3 yrs upstate. i tried ton convince the ada to put him into treatment because he was an addict but the courts dont really care. he went upstate to Elmira correctional facility but he was still addicted.
Avatar n tn Also, vicodin will bind you up that could be your pain! That happened to me. try prune juice, lotta water, grapefruit. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I am currently addicted to Vicodin ES. I am taking (when I have it) anywhere from 10-15 a day. I have been addicted for about 18 months, hardcore for the last 6 months or so. I have to take at least 5 at a time to feel normal. The other day when I ran out, of course I was going thru horrible wd's. Sweating (palms and soles of feet mostly), agitation, thoughts, etc and etc.
Avatar m tn chocolate, benedryl, and grapefruit juice. I can't drink grapefruit juice, but the chocolate and benedryl were very helpful. Chocolate helps you produce endorphines, the benedryl helps to reduce some of the cold sweats and also helps you sleep. After taking Ambien for nearly 3 years, being able to sleep without having to take it was my first first glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. Oh yeah. I'm not sure what the juice was to supposed to do, but it was supposed to help.
Avatar f tn Diet is a big factor there, so try avoiding acidic foods and drinks like orange juice, grape juice, spicy foods, etc. I mention IC because women with IC sometimes also get vulvodynia. Get your doctors to prescribe pain medication. There are lots of different ones to try. Vicodin helped me, but it's short-lived. Best of luck. You're finding that you have to be your own advocate, but you are doing it, so keep going to you find a diagnosis and something that works for you! Good for you!
Avatar m tn Yep, been there, done that, got the t-shirt. :-) Your story is pretty much my sad tale. I destroyed my left ankle in a motorcycle accident, and now do OK, although "I had to give up the ballet." - Sorry, bad joke, but I love saying it. But, like you, I enjoyed the feeling I got on Vicodin. At first it was "a reward," for getting the yard work done, or following the wife around the mall, whatever.
Avatar m tn I took about 3 Loperamide tabs, 3 Potassium pills, and 1 Diazepam pill before bed (Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice after). Despite the meds, I could not get to sleep due to RLS, until my girlfriend started massaging my calves, and I fell asleep right away. I woke up about an hour later, and could not get back to sleep. I was almost in tears. I gave-in and took a 1/2mg of suboxone. I took a hot bath, where I remained restless, and lied back down.
1376247 tn?1278892259 ) I did throw up a couple times after they gave me some ginger ale- the best drink I had ever had, I was so thirsty- but this was a bit of a relief. The nurse actually gave me a Vicodin there-more meds- so I could sit up into a wheelchair and go to the car. Thank god my BF took good care of me; I could barely talk and was very, very out of it. It seems like they'd want to keep me around until I was at least more coherent and not puking. I was so happy when we got home.
639872 tn?1223338275 But in my experience after four days things begin to improve and you begin to take ownership of your mind and body again. To help with the withdrawals drink grapefruit juice as this helps to get toxins out of the body, vitamin and mineral supplements or a vitamin tonic, an antehistamine (drowsy) taken at night will also keep your sinuses clear, drink plenty of fluids and have warm baths and eat healthy. Ibuprofen also help with the muscle aches and fever and remember throughout IT WILL END.
Avatar n tn All the SSRI meds can cause Hypoglycemia (low Blood Sugar) which can cause night sweats. I hope the following can help. My wife and 3 of 4 kids were all on meds from Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Effexor, and Celexa. They all experienced alot of severe side-effects and now that we realize that they're reactive hypoglycemics, no more anxiety, no more meds.
Avatar n tn On a flush I take 8 onces of Extra Virgin Cold pressed olive oil and about 12 ounces of grapefruit juice and put it into a bottle together and shake it up, drink it and go to bed, laying on my right side for at least half an hour before turning whatever direction I want to sleep in. This position places the Gallbladder in the best direction to dump out its bile.
Avatar n tn Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. To reduce your doeage take it with grapefruit juice, which extends the half-life and enables the same effect with 1/2 the dose. Read some of the books by Dr. Thomas Szasz on "The Therapeutic State". Prosecuting oxycontin users is a high priority, unfortunately, and be careful always to use your own prescriptions kept in the original bottle and never take them on an airplane. It is not a good long-term pain killer.
Avatar f tn ) are the most common drugs found in the deceased victim ~ Even taking other medications as prescribed with Methadone can kill ~ Be wary of mixing certain herbal supplements and grapefruit juice with Methadone Methadone is Cardio Toxic ~ Insist on regular EKG's and ECG's from your doctor while on Methadone ~ For additional information on the cardio toxicity of Methadone, QT Prolongation, and Torsades de Pointes please see the research articles Medical Conditions ~ Notify your doctor if yo
Avatar n tn I just noticed about 5-6 days ago that my 2 year old son has an orange coating on his tongue. At first I thought it was from some juice or food or something he ate, but it has not gone away. He has not had any surgery or antibiotics lately, but was sick with a fever around the time that I noticed this begin. He has had some vomiting and diarrhea also, but very mild, not severe at all and the vomiting has just happened a couple of times when he was choking on some food.
Avatar n tn I still feel a bit of discomfort and pain but each day it gets a little better. Vicodin doesn't do anything for me but make my groggy and tired--I still feel pain. So rather than risk becoming addicted to the "lazy" feeling, I stopped taking vicodin after the 2nd day. The hardest thing has been getting out of bed because I have nothing to hold onto. My advice, if you know you're going to have a laparotomy, is to do a lot of abdominal resistance exercises.
Avatar f tn I know that one of the meds that im on now. you cant drink grapefruit juice with, and thats either the Vistaril or the flexeril, I cant remember which one. But I dont drink that nasty stuff any how..
Avatar n tn I urge you to check it out becausr the info, includes some food interac. Grapefruit juice for florinef (I take for low bl. pressure)? Nice my specialist, noted as one of the top in North American never mentioned that one to me. As to the rest, well, it was indeed enlightening. I was in no way surpriused by the CNS depressant, interactions, et al from "the pills" but it was the rest of it that dang near blew my pantyhose off!
Avatar n tn First off start drinking lots of cranberry juice or take cranberry pills. It may sting a little bit with you urinate from it but it is a good pain because it is cleaning you. Drink lots of water, this will help flush you out and help your kidney function. If it looks like blood flakes then it probably is just in your bladder. At least this is what I have experienced. You can also try taking garlic tablets, for they are a natural antibiotic.
Avatar f tn I was also given a stool softener for easier bowel movements which may not occur for a few days and I was put on a low fiber diet for the time being to make it easier. Stockup before hand with water, teas, apple juice, yogurts, and pre made meals or sandwiches are good for a few days but my doctor wanted me walking on the first day with assistance as to not fall. You need to walk but have assistance getting up and down walking prevents clots and breathing complications.
251922 tn?1193786078 So are you thinking how my mixed now I can just draw it out to the 2.0 mark? And that will be 200 correctly? As for exercise I want to do more but I battle CFIDS and Fibromyalgia because of that my muscles are all really tight and there isn't much energy in them, so they don't stretch like most peoples. A lot of times when I walk a mile or two I can pay the price for it big time. I have very little adrenal function so I can't tolerate much. I also never know from day to day.
Avatar n tn My ex wife had a brother that was on the police department and I used to get VICODIN from him. He was taking them for back pains and surgery and he loved them. Finally he was fired from the department for things not related to that but they don't allow you to think straight and you make some really bad decisions.
Avatar f tn Pressed gently as to get some of the juice out. Got same strong stinging sensation as with TEA TREE OIL which I also used. I put one drop but no more that 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil into each ear . Stinging in ears produced by garlic or Tee Tree Oil can be dramatically reduced by using a small amount of BRIA organic balm (produced by " BRIA Organics "). This balm is often used for babies with itchy skin . It`s much better than Vaseline by far in my opinion.
Avatar n tn Finally my OBGYN said lets do the Laparoscopy and see if I have any endo, and that is what he found...I am taking Vicodin for pain, but I dont know why anyone just wont try and treat me for Levator Syrome, you know with some Muscle relaxers just to see if it works....I think when I go to my doc on minday, I am going to ask if we start narrowing this down by treatment, and then think of surgery for endo...You said you doc did a test for blood in your stool? did she do that in her office?
Avatar n tn I did a liver cleanse and ordered a gold coin grass tincture to soften up any stones in there, and have been drinking gallons of organic apple juice. The pain comes and goes, but I've been on a diet for the past week to try to keep the pain away, I'm not eating red meats or fatty foods. Mostly all fruits and salads and fresh vegetable and fruit juices.
Avatar f tn My gastroenterologist has me on a powder called Cholestyramine that you mix with water or juice two times a day. If this is suppose to help, I hate to think of what life would be without it. I just saw her last week and she tells me that there is nothing else and I should continue to take this every day. She stated again that it is just going to take time for my system to heal. I lost over 20 pounds and have not been back to work since early November.
Avatar n tn of pure Aloe Vera juice each day. Let's put it this way, either of these healthy options wouldn't cause any more problems, so why not try them?