How to help stroke victims communicate

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Avatar m tn For such a significant problem, there is not enough in-depth information for people to access to know how to help someone who has had a stroke, contrary to what the stroke organizations and other funded sources claim to offer. Sites like this really help a lot. Thank you, everyone!
Avatar n tn Recovery is ongoing, love and care never stop as it needs to be endless.My message to loved ones of stroke victims is to never as in NEVER give up hope and love them more than you think that was ever possible.My husband re-discovered his inner child and have a stuffed animal that give him comfort and his family something to smile about.
Avatar f tn He had a severe stroke. He was taken to a stroke center in ATL and the doctors couldn’t even tell us how bad it was. He was in that hospital for 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks I learned more about doctors that I wanted to know. We had 6-8 different General docs and 2 neurologists. Every one of them had a different thing to tell us. They took my mother on a rollercoaster ride from hell. Finally I gather all the doctors together and had to speak to them as if they were my children.
Avatar n tn it took my mom almost a year maybe a year and a half before was able to communicate with us. it took her about 4 or 5 months to learn how to swallow again. it's going to take time, but just have faith. that's all i had to rely on, my faith. and just pray EVERY day.
Avatar n tn All of these comments regarding the need to sleep post a stroke and how the brian needs to heal are very reassuring. My 98 year old Mom had a left sided stroke and post hospital discharge, has been asleep 24/7 for a week. Thank heavens we had a feeding tube put in at the hospital while she still was alert somewhet. I know we have to be patient and keep by her side to help her heal and for the people at the nursing home not to give up on her.
Avatar f tn 3 (not sure what the American equivalent is) and they are sending the diabetic team to help tomorrow. It was good that no other visitors came today and we were able to talk properly. He told me that, in order of treatment the doctors were dealing with his problems in this order: 1) Getting rid of the sepsis and chest infection. 2) Getting his blood sugars under control. 3) Sorting out the heart attack.
Avatar n tn They're going to let him know that he's paralyzed from the neck down, and ask him if he wants his feeding tube put back in (they took that out and his breathing tube out - due to the full body paralyzation that resulted from the stroke, his muscles won't be able to hold his air passage open, so they basically expected him to suffocate upon the breathing tube's removal.
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Avatar n tn The thing that has distressed my mom the most is the fact that once my dad went into distress but was still conscious, he never spoke to her. He was able to walk with the aid of two people, but was unable to communicate. I think it was a matter of about 7 minutes from the time he first collapsed until he died and didn't speak a word to her. This has been very hard for her to understand.
Avatar n tn You can read about it on the internet, and it may or may not be good for your mom's situation, but it is supposed to help stroke victims become more alert, which can help with rehab efforts. My friend who is an OT said that not being consistent in responding to commands is not unusual, and many things can affect it. Sometimes the patient knows what you are commanding, and is trying, but just can't get the brain to do it.
784382 tn?1376934640 That's what they do! They are around to help with anything our Spirit wants. Try it! Just ask them to help you experience the presence of your Grandma. And give it a little time. Make sure you're open and you're paying attention to subtle little things. That's your test. Raphael is your Archangel. You can ask him for guidance- re: health issues. Have you been Praying? There's an Echo. Your Prayer will be answered soon!
1323357 tn?1274826939 Because by blurring your vision, you are reducing the amount of information that is being received by your visual cortex. This goes to show, yet again, that DP is to a large extent dependent on your environment and how you experience/interact with it. It simply proves, yet again that DP is not a mental condition that is somehow beyond your control. With DP, it can seem very tempting to stay in bed all day, not shower etc every day, to just let yourself go a bit.
429155 tn?1205676864 45 tried to sleep with the help of a sleeping pill, 45 mins later got woken up. Got up went to see Dr, gave me a prescription for Zimovane, ( a sleeping pill ), but I went to the chemist and got some Kalms and Zinc Capsuals instead, my trust of tablets of any kind is at an all time low ( now why would that be ??.. ). It's now 17:30 have one or two minor flushes, back aches a bit across shoulders, maybe being hunched over this darn computer, hey!!!!
Avatar f tn If I remember correctly, the ability to understand but not speak of write it specifically "expressive aphasia." It is considered a major cognitive finding in Neuro Trauma patients and is pretty common in coup contrecoup brain injuries. This is very specific to a lesion or lack of blood flow in Broca's area of the brain. I seem to remember that many stroke victims have expressive aphasia and one of the "work arounds" was to sing what you are trying to say.
572651 tn?1531002957 He was surprised to see how calm I was, when he came back to the car. To this day, I do not know how to explain to him that this can happen to people with neurological problems. In my case, MS.
361662 tn?1204239310 As stated before, I am only on 2mgs per day (for about 18 months), but it is SO hard to lessen the dosage. I spend hours on the net trying to find an answer on how to get rid of this mess. I want it out of my body for good. I am praying more, learning breathing exercises, etc., driving my poor husband crazy, he can only stand so much. Only God can lead to the perfect answer. Sad, I called my Doctor the other day and He didn't remember who I was; I just had a visit with him 2 days before.
Avatar n tn Hi, you need the neurologist to confirm if you had a stroke. How did you come to having the CAD diagnosed. I had mine nearly 4 months ago I'm a whole lot better but still exhausted, get dizzy speels and have right sided weakness. I'm lucky i don't get the headaches. I often get pulsing in my ears if i don't keep my neck straight so i'm aware i'm restricting bloodflow in my arteries.
Avatar n tn Their is not mean`t to be a social mask here,I have always found people to either love or hate me,I am not normal(in fact I do not even exist),this we know. If one wants to learn how to open up a person and see what is really there, sometimes the tools we use seem unethical,but we need to understand the Psychophathology behind the genesis off "Addiction"and therefore must STUDY addicts.
Avatar f tn I need to know what is wrong with me..i use to be "normal" my whole like but when i turned 20 and had my second child i just started feeling weird all the time..i always feel out of it,when im around people i get really hot and dizzy i feel like whatever this is that is happening is taking over my life. Im not the person i use to be, i can't even go out in public without feeling like everyone is staring at me? Can anyone please help me?
475555 tn?1469307939 I can’t tell you how many people have left our movement to go to work for drug companies. While we chide them for going to “the dark side” we also feel just a bit better knowing that someone inside understands what we need. Would I like to just say no to pharma funding? You bet I would! I would like to see a day when everyone in this country can identify the risks for hepatitis b and c in the same way they can tell you how AIDS is spread.
Avatar f tn is this just something I am going to have to buckle down and test for a month? If so, how do I monitor my own side effects to decide if it is having a negative effect on me?
Avatar n tn He has awful back pain, vomiting, insomnia and paranioa . I could use advice in how to help him and how long does this process take to be cleared out of his system ?
Avatar n tn I have not been able to feel well enough to go see her today. She depends on me to come see her daily and help her communicate her needs to others. She says I keep her calm and offer a diversion to her circumstances. I think I need to slow down a little and give it a few days. If symptoms persist I will go see the doctor. Over the years I get tired of going and there is never anything wrong, feels like a waste of time and money, so I usually don't go.
Avatar n tn In the next day or two can everyone check in how they're doing? It's helpful to all of us to see how this is all going. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have started like I said to eat better and live a better life style. Presently to be honest I have no answers yet on how to bring back the zest in life. But its all up to me not the shrinks. I know what my problems are. And in reality I know what some of the answers are I just have to dig deep and find the inner strength to get up and go. Finding this strength is the toughest part since I am an easy way out kind of guy and always have been.
Avatar n tn Actually, I started taking vitamin E , Evening Primrose Oil, and magnesium to help with my night sweats and hot flashes. It seemed to help for awhile, but they were really bad again this summer. (That could be because it was a hotter than usual summer here.) Then I read it helps with fibrocystic breasts, also, so it actually helps in 2 ways. It hasn't changed the lumps already in my breasts, but hopefully it will keep others from forming. Let us know how your appt with the surgeon turns out.
Avatar m tn I have brought it back numerous times to try to get them to fix the problem, but they don't know how and they want. I purchased a mold kit from Lowes and sent it to the lab to have it analized. The results came back, with 3 types of mold. Since I have had this truck several health problems have occured along with the bugs. I have taken every kind of anti parasite medication that is on the market. Now, I am taking anti-fungal medication and the crawling is almost gone.
Avatar f tn I have a wonderful internist at a major university and she is quite open to information I bring to her, so she may be willing to help me move forward in regard to all this. She is definitely aware of my health changes and she has mulled over the concept that I have a fibromylagia, but my instinct leads me back to this all being started within months of post op.